Monday, September 01, 2008

Why I Laugh At Republicans

First day of the Republican National Convention and an act of God stops their spewing of lies and hate. You know God purposefully did this to stop the Republicans don't you? Plus all those states are run by Republicans! That makes it for sure! God wants Republicans to lose and be punished!
If that sounds ridiculous to you, keep in mind that thought when you hear the radical righters spit similar epithets. You will then understand why people are left with laughter to their self righteous pontifications against the “evil ones”.

It appears that the Palins' daughter is pregnant at 16. I had been reading in the Alaska press that there was a rumor that the most recent downs syndrome baby was actually the daughters baby. I had not heard both sides so I had not commented. I do think it would be hard to conceal something like that for too long. Lots of the evidence makes it look suspicious though.
Now we hear this, which is apparently being acknowledged.

I am sure that the rightists will use this as an occasion to talk about family and pro life and bla de bla. Of course if it would have been Chelsea as a 16 year old, or pick your favorite “evil ones” daughter, it would have been about people that can't keep their zipper up and sin and ruination of our blessed country. The have become patently predicable in their hypocrisy. In my book they have become laughable and they have not taught me or progressed me or my life or understanding or country a whit in the last 15 years. They are there to find something wrong with what I think. That's it.

I understand rightwing world better than most because I have lived among them(over 70% republican all around) and made a conscious effort to engage them for nearly a decade now. And yes IT IS making me nuts.

Why Republicans make me laugh:

They have morals and values, I have self loathing and self guilt.
They speak up in defense of their beliefs and they are patriots, I speak up in defense of my beliefs and I hate America, am treasonous, aid the enemy.

They are true patriots, who just happen to HATE paying the taxes to pay the bills that make this great country work. I guess they think they ought to be getting something for nothing.
Actually their solution to this problem truly is, you are on your own. Obama was right on the money, so to speak, on this.
I'm sorry but it is against my religion to think like they do about that.
They have read the word of God and are best friends with Jesus , they are the holders of the truth hence if your beliefs vary from them you are consulting with the devil himself. There is no doubt in their mind about the..literally...biggest unknown in all of creation.

Bill Clinton is horrible because he lied about sex under oath. It's not so bad that Bush/Cheney not only lie on item after item and have now admitted much of it but REFUSE TO SPEAK under oath. At least Bill Clinton was impeached. Could we just hear the evidence against Bush/Cheney please. Please with cream and sugar? On national TV 24/7.

John McCain is a war hero so I should vote for him. John Kerry's/Max Clelands , et al service was shallow and demeaning regardless of the medals that they really didn't earn anyway and should not inspire you to support them.

They support the troops, as they blazing point out that X number of dead troops is fewer than die on the highways or some such nonsense. Besides, they knew when they signed up they might have to sacrifice their life.
I'm thinking they don't see that as support but that's just me.

John Kerry marrying an heiress makes him a gigolo. John McCain marries an heiress and one shouldn't demean the wealthy and the fact that somebody else worked hard and they are successful.
You should pull your bootstraps, work hard, help others and succeed.. That is the American dream. Except for Barack Obama. It couldn't possibility be true for him because....because.... he's too liberal and has evil intent.

Bill Clintons secret FISA court is a threat to our constitution but George Bush dispensing with even that is just protecting our country. We must never give away our liberties under Clinton. We must give away our liberties to keep them under Bush.

It's easy, and we are quite encouraged to see the American liberal as a socialist or a Marxist but it is blasphemy to draw comparisons between the American rightist and a fascist/corporatist or anarchist.

They have no idea why drilling for more oil doesn't get us off oil. They have no idea why this is totally wasted effort. Or maybe they don't want to get off it. Maybe they have a comfort level. They hate the idea of changing things. I'm personally not at all comfortable with the whole oil thing.

Make no mistake, you can tell by the volume of time they spend talking about it, time after time, day after day, other Americans they deem to be Liberals are their primary enemy. More than terrorists, more than criminals, they hate the American liberal, make no mistake.
No issue, no silly stunt, no daily event goes by without the drawing of a connection to why the American liberal is the root of our problems. I have a special surprise for them. Never have so many done so much that endeared me to them less. I am quite proud of the fact that I will not be remembered in history as a part of their group or movement.
Notice the clear authoritarian nature to all of their pontifications and you will begin to sense the stench I smell along that path.

I've tried to play along with them and include them in my mind as relevant. I have tried even to play their game thinking that is all they will understand. It's useless. It's Fox news and Rush day after day.
When they decide to quit trying to be BMOC and get off the schoolyard commentary I am ready to listen.
When they decide enlightenment and improvement is what we both seek, I am ready to listen.

Why I Laugh At Democrats

Why I am pained to feel like a Democrat. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. We can't stop them those Republicons have us over a barrel. They filibuster us to defeat. They will call us this or call us that. Blah, Blah Blah.
Stand for what you believe in and do it proudly. At least the Republicans have that much figured out. This is basics kids. How can anyone think of you as bold and strong if all you do is cower. Could you speak out boldly and often about Constitutional violations? Could you stand up and act like you are proud to support me? Could you stop being intimidated? Are you on our team? Many wonder.
I'm at my fingertips. I'm hanging on but if the party doesn't start to resemble me I will have no other rational thing to do but decide I am not one.