Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life With The Neanderthals

Jebus, I am just flabbergasted! I start to write some thing and there is so much I can't contain it. I would give my kingdom(what there is of it) for a talk show again. These are the lamest bunch of obfuscating liars that ever took a breath. When Bush took office he wasn't my choice but I didn't hate him or seriously oppose him. I honestly gave him the benefit of the doubt. After a year he was making me wonder, after two he was turning me against him and from there it has just gotten worse and worse. Even when i thought it couldn't. I reached the point that I couldn't take the wingnut radio screechers, then they soured me for good on Fox news and now I am at the point of detesting the 30%ers. While I love debate and politics and have in the past never given it or taken it personally with a regular individual, I have gone beyond even that. How unobservant and brainwashed does one have to be to find the bunch in charge admirable or even successful in any noble way.
What galls me most about the average individuals that still support them is that they have no core values. They are totally political from the word go. The Neo cons have ruined every longstanding tenet of conservatism yet they still support them. All the things they expressed righteous outrage about, from lying under oath to illicit sex(with young boys no less) is suddenly of no concern to them. They brush it off and lay the blame elsewhere. They wouldn't know personal responsibility if it slapped them up side the head. The two leading contenders of the Republican party, supported by the most Republicans have expressed many views that are counter to what they say they are all about. What is the matter with these people~!! It truly is taking on the air of a cult. What makes someone continue to believe the administration or the screechers or Faux News when they have been proven wrong, insincere or out right lying about the vast majority of things that have come down the pike? The only thing I can figure out is that they limit themselves to the propaganda and never entertain another idea. Another sure sign of cultism. They, and I include all that would defend them, are a bunch of monkeys that can't develop the skills to adjust and grow. They just go on with the same crap day after day, year after year, even when proven beyond a doubt that they were mistaken. I'll give you a break for being mistaken. We all are at times. I can not abide by the foolish. They have done what may be irreparable harm to this country but their chest puffing pride won't allow them to give an inch, even if it means diminishing their own principals. I have completely lost respect for the right. Both the leaders and the followers.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Digging Into The Dirty

There is so much muck out their it is almost impossible to keep up with. Let me throw out a few notes and get your thoughts.

One of the favorite arguments of the right is that the people that oppose them are “defeatocrats” and want us to lose the war. We are cowards running from the fight. How far spun and distorted from the point can they get.
We are sliding backwards on the war on terror. We are spending ourselves into second rate status. A big change on how we approach the problem is quite obviously needed.
First it would be good if we quit funding the Sunnis who have Bin Laden terrorists amongst them to fight the Shias. Are we supporting the Shias or the Sunnis? Why do we alternately(or at the same time) support one then another? Is this a winning plan? Is it patriotic to put our troops in the middle of it? We are funding the terrorists!!
Second we need a plan to keep more of our money at home and not buying their most valuable resource and funding means...oil. Yes we could drill for more but that won't even begin to solve the problem. Why are we not attacking the energy problem with the same fervor and financial resources we do on military death, destruction and alienation? It pays far more dividends in the short and long run. Any one that thinks we are losing and need to do something different defeatocrat though. How far spun do you have to be to believe their rhetoric? That you can't support the troops without supporting the mission someone else has ordered them to do? They won the military portion. Few would doubt that. The problem with the mission has nothing to do with them.

Interesting note from the tv sunday talk shows..
Terry Jefferies says that the Democrats haven't come up with a plan on what to do when we pull out. What happens if there is ethnic cleansing, a blood bath, other countries around their border involved? Isn't it funny when the fox complains about the hen house after he raids it. What was their plan to stop all of that? There's a bloodbath, civil war, arms and monetary support being supplied, according to our intelligence, by Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia. Worse we have given the very people we are after a training ground and the Islam fundamentalists are learning more and more every day. Why do we continue to have ANY respect for those that said we would have a quick, maybe 6 months victory when we are 4 years in. How long do you play the sucker. Yes their will probably be horrible things happen when we pull out. Should we continue to spend over a billion dollars a week and have our men and women killed while we “wait” for victory? Where is the victory, how does it happen? Sure we can talk about steps to take when we pull back or out but until radical right quit saying that nothing but their plan is proper and allowed it is impossible.

There is a debate over General Peter Paces' comment that the gay lifestyle is immoral. Obviously immoral is a relative term and depends a lot on your religion. Let's say unnatural. I think that more aptly describes it and puts the discussion on a more rational basis. He has the right to his opinion. Hopefully national policy will take place after a national discussion.

The lies the right has continued to spew on the Plame case are outrageous. Especially with the vetted proof that exists. They claim there was no underlying crime(kinda like Clinton) when we have the CIA stating she was undercover(a NOC) and Fitzgerald,who actually investigated the charge, stating, even in the Libby case, that she was undercover. The right likes to say that Joe Wilson is a liar. Really, seems he was right on the money to me. Then you get the Senate Committee hearing argument where he apparently said exactly the opposite of what he said in his editorial. They can't usually tell you what he said and the vast majority have never read it for themselves. They are just trusting Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Do you want to believe anybody that uses these people as the purveyors of the facts? I have only seen one person able to provide a link. Now I know why they never do it. The paragraph that comes after it Changes the context of the paragraph they are aiming to use. The very beginning of the document pretty much affirmed what Wilson has been saying all along.

We now know the FBI has been abusing their National, write their own warrant, Security Letters. Spying on vast numbers of Americans under the Patriot act. Using it to demand private business records, wire phones and a mulititude of other government intrusion. In the 10s of thousand it's far more than could be assumed by a reasonable person as a part of the terrorist fight. Unfortunately in the basketful of scandals this has been moved from the front of the national conversation. I think our freedom and democracy and freedom from government intervention should ALWAYS be at the top of our agenda.

Now up front is the US Attorney issue. What makes me most uncomfortable about this; what makes this unique is again the Patriot Act which allows them to appoint new people without the vetting of the congress. This was the way they were planning to do it. Their own memos state that hiring and firing was based in large measure on Bush loyalty. I don't think this is the way our legal system is intended to work. I guess lying under oath isn't near as big a deal as it use to be, at least if you listen to the right. The balance of power is wildly upset. I have said for years now..throw away the patriot act and start over again. Getting back to Real America is the primary goal.
The right always complains that government is the problem and then when they get in office seem determined to prove it.