Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate 1

Obviously everybody will have their own spin and take on the debate. I thought that the economic part was roughly even. When they got to foreign policy I thought that Obama trounced him. All of which is contrary to conventional wisdom. McCains “just doesn't understand” was highly condescending and I found it personally insulting. The McCain foreign policy points sounded just like wingnut radio. Most of it has already been thoroughly debunked. The idea that the Sunni Al Queda would establish a beach head in Iraq shows little knowledge of the facts. To think that the Shia country with the Mahdi army and Badr Brigade would let them come in and take over is wild fantasy. We are the most powerful army in the world and we are still fighting 6 years later. If you made the argument that Shia Iran would take over you might have an argument worth debating but Mr. Foreign policy making that gaffe is sad. Its just wingnut radio talking points for the low information, uninformed voter.

I was glad that Obama brought up the Bomb, bomb Iran thing about McWar. There was a couple places, from what I believe in, where I disagreed with them both of them. Overall I am more sure than ever that I will be far more comfortable with Obama as my President and face of my nation than McWar.