Saturday, February 16, 2008

Swiftboat 2008

Barrack Hussein Obama is secretly a Muslim. While it's not been the biggest story in the news I have noticed this at the grass roots level is quite pervasive among the republicowards. An anonymous email is all they need to decide that evil lurks right around the corner. While normal people laugh and pass it off as political theatre the cult of the right takes this seriously. This will be the 2008 edition of swiftboat and one better attack it quickly. It really isn't as tough as it might seem. Well, I take that back. One only needs to make them think. Could be a tough order for a radical righter.

Certainly there are radical elements in the Muslim religion. Just like there are radical elements of many religions and groups. Why they hate us is a topic for another time. It has little to do with religion.

Let's take their hypothesis and say it may be true. Just for a matter of examination. We need to be asking: “OK, why is that a problem”. I can promise you they will have no answer that makes any sense. They haven't thought it through. I guarantee it. They never do. It is their normal fear based knee jerk reaction. Muslim, BOO! Oooooow. They will stutter and snort in disbelief...Cuz they are the enemy and they are scary! They want to kill us all! Blah, blah, blah. And Oprah will help!

What would happen that would be so bad if it turned out he was a Muslim? Again I don't believe it. This is an academic exercise that will force them to think.
Welllll, he would aid the enemy!.... You mean like selling multi million dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim world. Like arming and training both the Sunni and Shiites in Iraq. Well hell we've been doing that for years. If you think those weapons aren't finding their way into the wrong hands you are wildly naive. Wouldn't a leader of the U.S. even imagined by them to be Muslim make them a little less likely to hate and attack us?

He will change all our laws and help them take over our country. He can't. If he should make it obvious we have a remedy. It's called impeachment.

Frankly, there are no good reasons to fear him being a Muslim any more than we fear a Catholic or Mormon or any other religion. As a matter of fact this is precisely why we have laws promoting the separation of church and state. It's just more evidence of a knee jerk reaction.

Think about it, the republicowards fear the Muslim and everyone in the Middle East, the Mexican/Hispanic and the liberal American. They hate the French, and all of “Old Europe”. They see fear and threats under every rock. They speak of how all of these people are deranged. Again, a mirror would be the most horrible scary thing they could truly see. They can not accept anything that does not ascribe to their cult of fear and guilt.

There is a church here in rightwingland that has been running an ad about a speaker(with a Christian name) that is going to give a talk on “Islam practices and beliefs”. Supposedly to give you the real picture of Islam and how they think of the west etc. My hope is that the puritans will see how much they are like them. Unfortunately I am highly suspicious. It would be quite sad and , in my book unchristian, if they were preaching hate from a church.

No You Can't!