Thursday, November 09, 2006

Coffee Table

Talk about the election. What you think will happen now or whatever else you want.

The government is us; we are the government, you and I. ----Theodore Roosevelt

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Notes

The night is not over at this writing but some very positive things have happened. The Madrid/Wilson race is way close. Our future VP Bill Richardson got a big win as did Senator Jeff. Richardson won my former home county of Chaves 57-43% and my new home of Otero county 58-42%. As a matter of fact from what I see Richardson and Bingaman both won in every county in the state.
Iraqi Vet Joe Sestak got rid of nutcase Curt Weldon and America is a bit saner place. Rick Santorum is gone which moves the needle even further toward sane. Sherrod Brown is the new senator from Ohio. Brown is a true populist and excepting Feingold maybe my favorite person in Washington. The people are big winners with this victory. JD Hayworth of Arizona is out. A true neo con who desperately needed a different profession.
Among my former state homes is California. I have a little background in that state. Unfortunately it looks like far right John Dolittle will win. McNearney looks like he has a shot to unseat Pombo which would be a very good thing. Mark Foleys seat in a very Republican area of Florida went Democratic. Full on neo con Chris Chocola is out in Indiana. As a matter of fact 3 seats in Indiana turned Dem. A VERY red state...useta be. In my home state of Iowa Democrat Bradley took a seat that opened up when radical rightist Jim Nussle retired to run for Governor. Nussle lost big to Chet Culver. Hello Iowa! I love you!!!! Dem. Nick Lamson takes terrible Tom DeLays' seat in Texas.
Among the ballot measures all 6 states that had a proposal to raise the minimum wage passed it.
Overall good news but now it's time to step to the plate and solve some problems. Let's hope they can do it or all this will be temporary.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Right Wing Roundup

Shorter Rush Limbaugh: Whatever happened 10 years before is still relevant today. Nothing that happened in between is worth mentioning.

Shorter Anne Coulter: Even if Democrats win they lost and when they do they will they will do all kinds of crazy stuff. You should be scared like I am.

Shorter Bill O Reilly- There is no moral outrage in the opposition to the war. People just don't like it because we aren't winning.

Shorter Mark, whos pearls are before swine- Even though it was all black democrats who endorsed a black republican it is the democrats who are the race baiters and separators.(no really, this is exactly what he says! read it.)

Shorter EH -The liberals don't run as paragons of moral virtue so it's not fair.

Shorter Freedom Eden- It's ok for us to criticize you but you are a hypocrite when you criticize us.

Shorter Villans Vanquished- I don't care what the liberal media says. I know the truth and Democrats are troop hating terrorist lovers.


Billmon notes that the Saddam verdict may have more angles than supposed.

Bob Geiger talks about the plan for security the radical right keeps saying the Democrats don't have and why few have heard about it.
He also has the weeks editorial cartoons.

Crooks and Liars notes Devil Dick Cheney (yes rightist, I called him a name..kinda like Dick Turbin..Shut up) says he's not likely to appear if subpoenaed. It was horrible for Bill Clinton to even think about it but I guess this is "different".

Digby and Tristero have been on a roll this week here is one about ...The cakewalk that was suppose to be Iraq.
Note: I have already read the right trying to poo poo this article and call it a political tactic. They still can't debate the truth or the facts. Oh well what's new. Nobody falls for that crap anymore anyway except for the big sheep 30%.

Sadly No has Anne Coulters jailhouse program.

Josh Marshall has more of the idiocy of the "liberal media".

Carpetbagger Report crushes the myth of the strongly loyal Bush.

Finally, Glenn Greenwald notes how there are people who want to kill you...very specific people and only the radical rightist can save you! It's gotta be true it was on a "news" channel!