Saturday, May 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

Time to catch up on the various events. Concerning the occupation. The radical right has converted to the things that use to work, proving again that they have no ability to think out of the box. It's 24/7 fear and loathing. How many people have now figured out that terror attacks will not destroy us any more than McVeigh or the twin towers. Yet they pull out the old fear chestnut again. They quickly condemned John Edwards for saying that the GWOT was little more than a bumper sticker and not a strategy. Notice they didn't take the time to explain why Edwards was wrong. They just gave a response similar to "you all want to die" or "you don't understand the threat we are facing". The radical right refuses to understand or accept the fact that their plan, if their is one, has been a failure of historic proportions. They fail to understand or accept the fact that someone else may have a different way to go about it. If you are against them or their loser tactics they just puff their chests and say you don't get it or you want us all to die. They pretend or honestly believe that they are far more aware of what is happening than their political opponents and that is why you should only trust them. If you tell them about your plans or ideas they argue for a bit and the next day they are back to saying nobody else has a plan. The right will justify their fear with the thought that the bad guys may get ahold of a nuclear weapon. If that is their fear it would be far smarter and far less deadly to spend the big portion of that 500b we have spent on gathering up loose nukes. An idea proffered by many a Democrat for some time now. If they are going to follow us wherever we go maybe we should go someplace closer to us and far more distant from them so they would have to spend big money shipping arms and equipment. We are making it easy for them and hard for us right now. Of course then we would have to beef up our security at home and they don't seem to want to focus on that unless its about stopping Mexicans. We need a national emergency plan for alternative energy not in ten year but RIGHT NOW, let me repeat that, RIGHT NOW. A national effort combining government, business, media, citizens, conservation et al. We need to be able to say screw you and your oil too. Oh wait, nobody has a plan but them so I had better quit having one.

As noted above, the attorneys scandal is an attempt to steal the election and more proof of lackeys and sycophants, not the best person for the job, proliferating our government. At the top of each agency is someone who is opposed to anything the agency does. They then fill it with yes people. How can a person who doesn't believe in what their agency does do anything but tear it to the ground. Which is exactly their goal. Remember these are the people that hated government and thought it had far too much power before 2000. While they have not succeeded in giving us less expensive or less government and government intrusion in our lives they have certainly succeeded in making it ineffective and the slave of big business.

I honestly have no where near enough information to evaluate the immigration bill. Actually much of congress is in the same boat at this time. Surprise, Surprise, the only ones who seem to know it all is Rushs Robots and Hattitys horseshitters. There is no way, but they puff their chest and pretend and the sheeple eat it up without a thought. I am opposed to unconditional amnesty and opposed to letting the law breakers be allowed in before people that have been following the law and waiting. I'm for making the illegals go back and take their place in line. I am for making far fewer people eligible. If it appears my position more closely matches that of the Republicans, you are right. Occasionally strange things happen. Unfortunately I think the whys between me and the Republicans are quite different. Sorry wingnuts but it appears to me you are doing it in large measure because of racism. Why do I think this? Look at how the rank and file on conservative blogs argue it. The illegals commit crimes, the illegals are dangerous(more fearmongering) and on and on. While it may be true that they are involved in crimes why must they use that as their primary point? Because they are racists. They almost as an afterthought talk about jobs for Americans. How unamerican is it to say "jobs Americans won't do"? I can think of few things more insulting. Even the illegals would be doing it for free if the big business oligarchy could find a way to make it happen. Americans will gladly do, and use to do, most of those jobs but they refuse to be a slave or get screwed by big business. Now big business has found a way to say f you to the American worker. We all know they are just a bunch of lazy bastards on welfare, right? Talk about hating America!

Well, that is enough for now. I am sure you guys can comment on this. Go for it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fixing The Election

Well, I have been watching this for a while and I have figured out what is going on with this Attorneys scandal. It's all about fixing the election. I know this has been speculation by some for a while now. I have waited until I am reasonably confident what is going on.
Here is a little of how it works from Greg Palast who happens to have some actual Karl Rove emails.

Here’s how caging works: letters were sent “Do Not Forward” to voters at home addresses. When the letters were returned to sender (”caged”), the voter’s right to vote was challenged. The letters, however, were targeted at African-American homeless men, students — and soldiers send overseas — all legal voters who, because they were shipped to Iraq or for other reasons, were not at their home address. BBC obtained 50 ‘caging’ lists with 70,000 voters including large groups of servicemen.

There is far more of which I don't have time for right now. Briefly though, guess who headed up this operation? Tim Griffin of the new attorney in Arkansas. Isn't it also interesting that Karls good buddy is in a "Hillary" state? Think of the implications of that for a minute.
When you run the show with the people that investigate voter irregularities and are a partisan crook....America and Democracy could be cooked.
I notice nobody has said much about this but I think this is the big story right now. I especially think so because the right(this is why I go there) is so adamant to claim this is a non story and how the liberals are so silly to even mention it. They are doing their best to avoid it like the plague. They don't want to talk about it. Watch this story. I will try to print more when I get the time.

Update: fixed the link. Republican response? know, all together now, LIBERAL MEDIA!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Fear Based Solutions

Digby has a very worth a read piece on the right wing fear mongering and how it has actually helped the enemy. Something many of us have been pointing out for some time now.
Here's his summary but read the whole thing here.

Basing your decisions upon your stated enemy's threats and taunts and holding fast so they can't yell "psych!" is not a foreign policy --- it's a WWF advertising campaign. It isn't real and it doesn't address any real problem. The US is the most powerful country on earth and the Islamoboogeymen are not going to take over our government and make us all wear burkas and pray to mecca. Really. Sophisticated thinkers would find solutions to the real problems of islamic fundamentalism and energy dependence and Israel and all the rest rather than launch invasions as PR exercises, but this is what we are dealing with. Marketing is the only thing the Mayberry Machiavellis know. This isn't some scripted TV "throw-down." It's a serious and complicated challenge and we desperately need to get some people in power who don't depend on "Jack Baur" for their policy prescriptions. Every single day these jokers continue with their little playground game, they make things worse.