Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The sheeple among us:

There's a world out there where Pres. Bush can do no wrong. He's viewed favorably by nearly everyone, his approval rating is 100% and he'd win a third term, if possible, without breaking a sweat.
This is Bush's base (approx. 45% of the entire GOP). According to the latest Diageo/Hotline poll, they're older (more than half are over 55 which translates into being "very likely" midterm voters), go to church weekly, and almost all of them are white. They oppose abortion rights, and, like VP Cheney himself, they listen to Rush and O'Reilly. And while DC is abuzz with talk that the faithful are weary and fractured, the poll shows they'll be a force at the ballot box.

Obviously if you listen to the wingnut talkers they live in the same world. It's outrageous, fringe and unamerican to disagree with the President and his plans. The idea that the man can do no wrong is a quick drop into the abyss of dreamland. That would apply to anyone. Why the liberal media expects us to buy it and why some people are labatomized far enough to believe it is shocking. The best of Real America is about an open marketplace of ideas and consensus. These people have none of that. The drug addled conservative and the guilt ridden Hannity encourage singlemindedness and divison in this country, not unity. I guess it's a necessary ingredient for anyone who considers themselves a "moralist".

But darnit they are "w" Republicans wheather they like it or not! From Kenny Melman.

The President is seen universally as the face of the Republican Party. We are now brand W. Republicans. The following chart shows the extremely close correlation between the Presidents image and overall ratings of the party. President Bush drives our image and will do so until we have real national front-runners for the '08 nomination. Attacking the President is counter productive for all Republicans, not just the candidates launching the attacks. If he drops, we all drop.

He is also the face of America overseas and that is something that HAS to change.