Friday, October 19, 2007

Coffee Table

Please consider signing this petition to stop the preemptive attack on our constitution. I know that all the writing and calling and petitions and marches have done nothing. I have pretty much given up on that tack myself but we really need to do SOMETHING to save our constitution. Go here

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Living The American Dream

Once again back to the land where all problems are someone elses fault and the solution is to do........nothing cuz I've got mine!

(from another blog) This is my response to:
You know what..I'm okay with this, almost.If congress was going to get rid of the AMT and therefore CUT about 200 million dollars a year of failed liberal social programs that create a permanent underclass of government dependant losers, I would say go for it.
....this is the place where many of you burn my ass. You are SO HATEFUL of poor people. I know your knee will jerk and you will say I just don't understand what you are saying but you should look at your self again. After watching you and others here for sometime now I can no longer buy that. You would say you hate the liberals or the liberal principals that fail and cause this, right? Nope, your theory always includes them getting up off their ass or how they are lazy or cons or losers or criminals or minorities(immigration). For someone who inevitably works with them I would think you would know better. You find them a scourge not someone to be lifted. Yes, again, I know that you work with and try to help some of these people. Kudos, I do wonder if some of this comes from your personal frustration on the seeming lack of an answer to this problem.

There are things in nature that dominate over others. There are animals at the top of the chain and animals at the bottom. Some are more skilled than others and some are skilled at different things than other. These are inevitable facts of all living things. Nature, according to Darwin sorts this out with survival of the fittest. We humans are suppose to be a thinking higher order. In this lies the morality in which most liberals look at the poor people. To put a survival of the fittest mentality to the human race seems a bit less than civilized to most liberals. Social Darwinism is unacceptable. For our lives to have value we should care about others, have a sense of community and add to the stream of life. That is a liberal mindset. For a conservatives life to have value more is based on individual achievement being the key. There lies the crux of our differences. Yes, there are lazy people that suck off the teat of the government(us). There are also wealthy people that do the same thing.

The fact is that with differently skilled people we need to have a diverse economy. The end of the unions and industrial capability is not only a national security problem, it is a huge economic and social problem too. Many people who could do that work made a good living that was far preferable to the alternatives. It takes certain skills to do that work and it takes certain skills to be a Nasa rocket scientist. All of those people contribute to the capability and vibrantness of our nation. When we import low priced labor, bring down the wages of laborers and ship good, American Dream jobs, overseas. ..that is bad policy. It leaves the poorest among us few options toward a good life. A possible solution would be for us to take the lead in alternative energy and new technologies. Smart and mechanically skilled(all segments of the population) people would be necessary for the development and manufacture of the products.

I and, I am sure, nearly all liberals, agree that lazy people should get off their ass and go to work. As noted above a contribution to community in general is a liberal golden rule. To think one persons experience or life should match that of someone else is idiocy. We all need help in different areas of our lives. Is the way we are trying to solve the problem now the best way? Maybe not. I know some things that have happened(as noted above) will make it a harder problem to solve. We might want to start buy throwing away the shovel.

By the way, do you know what welfare programs and entitlements for the poor cost as a percentage of the budget? If you consider Social Security and Medicare/medicaid as a part then much of it. Take those two out though and it is 2%. About what we give to foreign countries in financial aid in a year. If you love our country you MUST care for the people in it because they are the country.