Sunday, July 08, 2007

Saving The Planet? How About Just Saving America?

As I am sure you know, Live Earth was this weekend. It amazes me how full of venom and the radical right is on this. I am sure as the sun rises that the talking points people are pushing the sheep to oppose anything that they didn't frame or that they can't take credit for. The idea that concern or belief in global warming is some kind of left of center thing is laughable on its face. How can these people act so stupid and how long will it take them to realize that the whole world is just shaking there head in amazement,regret or disgust every time they open their mouth. I went to checked on the righties at one of the few rightie that allows comments on blogs. They still don't have an idea that the world has passed them by on this issue and darned near every other one. They will insist that you are wearing the "tinfoil hat" if you point out that they have been reduced to a cult.
I'm guessing these must be the same people that believed the noted scientists and corporate shills that insisted smoking was not harmful after the evidence was in. I have no doubt whatsoever that they are the same ones that insisted (and many still insisting) that there were WMD in Iraq. Yes, they believe what there is no evidence for and diss something with mountains of evidence. This is a factual description of living in their own little fantasy world. Most rational people see that but you would be amazed if you got in a conversation with a radical republican. Not only do they think they are right, they still imagine that they and their views are still in the majority! They love to throw around the word "delusional". They should look it up sometime.

From Webster:

a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary.

As far as global warming goes, I have no way to know for sure but the arguments of the people that say there is make dozens of times more sense to me than "we are in a cycle" or whatever other hogwash they proffer.

Regardless it really doesn't matter whether there is global warming or not. The steps we need to take to fight it are the same steps we need to take on many other fronts from new technology to sustainable energy, to jobs and on and on. The rest of the world is moving forward while the radical republicans(the vast majority of republicans period) want us to do nothing or be laissez-faire and sit on our hands while the world leaves us in the dust. These people are harmful to our country and the rank and file radical right have no idea. They are in their Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Anne Coltergiest bubble that they apparently never venture out of. It is so much more fun if they can think of themselves as heros fighting the scourge of liberalism. THAT is the one and only mission of each and everyone of them, regardless of the truth or the consequences. That, according to aboved mentioned heros makes them a hero too. It turns my stomach.

See you at the barricades.