Saturday, May 07, 2005

American Taliban

From Here:
The story of the minister who decided that people should be kicked out of church if they don't support the pResident.

Chandler could not be reached for comment today, but says his actions weren't politically motivated.
One former church member says Chandler told some of the members that if they didn't support George Bush, they needed to resign their positions and get out of the church, or go to the altar, repent and agree to vote for Bush.
A former church treasurer says she's at church to worship God and not the preacher.

Ummmm, the election's over, you can't vote for him again. Thank God we have religious freedom. A liberal society allows them to exist. The American Taliban would wipe them out if they could. ...of course they do have the true word of God ya know.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Goodness Marge That's Despicable !

OK, Now these Texas Legislators want to ban that nasty kind of cheerleading.

Edwards argued bawdy performances are a distraction for students resulting in pregnancies, dropouts and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Geez, cheerleading is as dangerous as real sex! Don't lift that leg too high!!!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Future Issues In Sports

While Congress and the sports world are both busy condemning the use of steroids as "cheating," here's something to consider. Golfer Tiger Woods and other athletes have already artificially enhanced their natural abilities "artificially" with Lasik eye surgery improving their vision to 20/15 or 20/10. More ominously, some are predicting that the time will soon come when perfectly healthy baseball pitchers and other athletes choose so-called "Tommy John surgery" which until now is performed only to repair ruptured arm ligaments, but can make an elbow even stronger than it naturally was, allowing pitchers to achieve higher velocity than ever. Other predicted enhancements include the removal, re-engineering, and re-insertion of leg, arm and shoulder muscle cells to add strength. (Wired Magazine)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Religion And Politics

Can we have politics or government with complete separation from religion? My answer is religion, yes. From spiritual or moral values, no. That is why we need a discussion in this country on what our common spiritual and moral values are. Hopefully we all try to make decisions on what we think is right. I think most people ....although fewer all the time, don't truly believe in survival of the fittest. They see our purpose here as helping one another through. They believe that the earth is Gods creation. Why, many probably believe that empathy and tolerance are good things. It's these common interests that we should put forth as a statement of what America is and the impression we want to leave the rest of the world with. In other words, our governments policy. From "The Bull Moose":

The Moose concedes a point to the right and makes one about the left.In the cultural war, the right has made a valid argument about the role of religion in politics - the left is hypocritical when it asserts that religion should have no role in politics. In truth, there is a long and proud progressive faith tradition. From the abolitionist to the civil rights to the anti war movements, religion has played a vital and vibrant role in lefty politics..............Ultimately, the fundamental question is not one of faith, but the type of faith vision. Unfortunately, too many on the left are blinded by their secularism to recognize this reality. The debate should not center on the separation of church and state, but rather a justice-based faith vision versus a power-based faith vision.

In other words, regardless of religion, the regular people that just live it and the fanatics who want to insist that no freewill is allowed.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Coffee Table.

Looks like our new station will be on 1230 AM. Kpsa will go to 1020. Our morning show will go 7 til 9 and the talk show will be 9-11. I' m trying to get organized now so this thing will flow once we get started. Right now its open to you. Pull up a seat and talk about what's important to you. Click on the comments and let me know what's on your mind.