Friday, January 12, 2007

Random Thoughts

If you haven't been following the panic on the right lately..oh well, you haven't missed much. Now that they are out of power though they have become even more shrill(I didn't think it was possible either) and every argument seems to consist of wild hyperbole. You can tell they think that now that the "libs" are in charge that disaster is right around the corner. Funny they didn't notice we turned that corner sometime back. I guess they were sleeping in the back seat. Of course perspective is key. Stem Cell research is murder. Focusing our military efforts on the terrorists who attacked us is surrender. Universal health care is a communist plot. Raising the minimum wage never helped anybody, only hurt and raising taxes on the richest among us might ruin the economy and isn't right anyway cuz I guess they would rather pay for our war bill instead of bothering the wealthy. Heck that one per cent earned it! Not sure what they think us other 99 percent did. I guess all of us are lazy welfare bums. It is total insanity and I don't care to watch. I hear Sean Hannity has a solo show on Faux now. I read he has a segment called "Enemy of the State". Of course this will be another American nearly always. What gall he has questioning the devotion of other Americans. Who made him the "decider" and how do I get nominated?
I noticed that the Greek bombing was done by "leftists". Why are those on the left always pointed out and the radical religious fundamentalist on the right are just called "terrorissts"? No longer, in my book they now and will continue to be labeled right wing religous radicals.
Since I have sworn off conservatisim for a while and am nearing parity at work I hope to blog more..really! Thanks for hangin in..if you did.