Thursday, June 30, 2005


The Zogby poll says impeachment is more of a possibility than one might imagine. We need a Democratic house of course to get it started but it may have more support than most think. Look here. This poll was taken after the Presidents' speech. In the other poll also after the speech the Presidents' approval rating went from 43% to 42%. This is what happens to the guy who is a "strong" leader who won't listen to anybody or change his mind in the face of new situations. I never understood the "strong leader" thing anyway. Fewer people in the world and the U.S. are following than anytime in modern history. That sounds like a failure of leadership to me. On a grand scale.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bush Speaks

The pResident who doesn't look at poll numbers decided it was time to rev up the war again. I looked at Townhall for the wingnut is one.

...I thought he did a nice job of connecting 9/11, Al Qaeda, and the War in Iraq again for those who don't see the connection. Of course, some of them will never see it, but he's got to keep saying it, and it's good to hear for those who may have supported the war and are now having doubts.

You mean he lied again...or was he lying when he said there was no least until he forced it. Yes he does have to keep saying it, at least until he comes up with a more plausible lie.

I love the part where he said: "Some wonder whether Iraq is a central fight in the War on Terror. Among the terrorists, there is no debate." How clear is that? Perfect, simple, Bush declarative sentence. You think we're not fighting terror in Iraq? Well, the king of terror thinks we are. Nice.

You mean Osama is in Iraq!!! My God, last I heard he was in Pakistan or Afganistan. If it is the central front of the war on terror it's only because we are there. If we go back to finish the job in Afghanistan it would soon move there. At least at that point we would be fighting the real terrorists. Is the war on terror over if we "win" in Iraq?

It's easy to forget all the things that have been accomplished in Iraq and Bush lists them so we can remember that last year at this time, we had just turned over sovereignty and there had been no elections or Iraqi government or Constitutional convention, and there were certainly no Sunnis who were getting involved in writing the Constitution.

At what cost? Next time I hope the grown ups are in charge so we can have a more targeted, effective and less costly battle, blood and treasure.

No plan for pulling out. Good. Wrong message to troops, Iraqis and enemies. Some specifics about how things are improving on the ground (Operation Lightning), but not sugar-coated (admitting there are not enough who are ready).

Gee they had a military but Dick decided to disband it. Maybe shouldn't have done that. Weed out the bad guys and sign up the good guys. That would be too easy though.

He connects Libya, Iraq, Lebanon and other reforms in the Mid-East, which some folks will hate, but it's hard to deny when you lay it all out like that.

Libya was talking with the British before the war started because they weren't happy with the way the Italians and French were handling the oil. Muhamar did it for money not out of fear. What about all those countries we have heard are sending terrorists. Saudi, Syria, Yemen and on and on. Hmmmmm, not so hard to deny after all.

Finally, I like it that he appealed directly to the American people to show the troops that they support them by sending a letter or flying a flag on this July 4th. Bush does best when he's speaking directly to the American people, and asking them to literally support the troops is an effective way to ask them to back him in the war in Iraq. And I think it will work, at least during this Fourth of July week.

Yea, we support President Bush and our troops. Like they are one in the same. Not in my book, and he can filibuster til he can't hold it any longer and I don't believe it. Do fly your flag and send a letter though. That was his only good idea.

The power of simply asking folks to help out is potent, especially when it comes from the President.

Coming from this President I'm not so sure. Not when he accomplishes his goals like this. I support smart ideas not disastrous ones.