Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'll See You And I Call

I have been at a bit of a loss as to what direction to take with this blog. I wondered if things would change with the election. It looks like the radical right is going to beat the dead horse to a pulp. Their rhetoric is exactly the same. It is time to kill it once and for all. Enough with the propaganda and the misleading positioning, even outright lies. I will be dedicating most of my time on this blog to the media and message fight. It's time they said something intelligent and thoughtful or just shut up. If they can't do either then their ignorance and bluster must be exposed for what it is. That is what we will do.A good example of their mind game can be shown in the recent Nancy Pelosi plane dust up. After slime and exaggeration to their usual shameful degree we find that it was actually the Sgt. At Arms that recommended the plane and the size because of security concerns for the 3 in line to the Presidency. Even the White House through Tony Snow professed this to be a far bigger adue than needed. But even being untrue as originally claimed it served its purpose. First they planted the desired feeling(rich,entitled,abuser of power) and attributed it to Nancy Pelosi. This is a regular wingnut trick/trait. They create an enemy because the right has no idea how to operate unless they puff their chest and tell you just what they aren't going to stand for. Once the desired evil traits are decided upon they spare no effort to twist every detail to fit their profile. Even though the truth was quite different than all their original puffery they still planted the seed. If they get the mighty Wurlitzer to make the claims, you(or at least their base) ,will hear it enough that you believe it as true. This even if there is ever barely grain of truth to anything they say. It turns into conventional wisdom. It's called creating your own reality without consideration of merit. They deal with politics the way they would support their favorite sports team. They think it is all one and the same. They focus not on plans or answers but on the ”enemy”. Of course any enemy they may have will just be an adjunct to going after the primary enemy. The one they literally love to hate. This of course would be the American Liberal or socialist or whatever label they decide to apply. Under their varying definitions of what constitutes a conservative or liberal, a liberal, for them, could be anyone who is for anything from peace to paying taxes to public schools to universal health care. It's time to call their hand on a regular basis. We may never get them to lay their cards on the table but we can expose the hand they are holding.. (to be continued).