Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stalinists In New Mexico

Here is a letter to the editor in the Alamogordo Daily News.

An ordinance is being considered by the Otero County Commission that would invade our privacy, if adopted.The ordinance, presented at the Sept. 20 meeting, would require anyone talking or writing about a World Heritage application to give a full report to the county commission and to the public of what they said. Anyone who was caught not reporting could be subject to a $300 fine and 90 days in jail.
The county commission should protect our right to privacy by rejecting this ordinance.

It references a proposal to make White Sands National Monument a UN World Heritage site just like....

Carlsbad Caverns National Park - New Mexico
Chaco Culture - New Mexico
Everglades National Park - Florida
Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Tennessee and North Carolina
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Hawaii
Independence Hall - Pennsylvania
Redwood National Park - California
Statue of Liberty - New Jersey
Pueblo de Taos - New Mexico
Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming and extends into Montana and Idaho
Yosemite National Park - California

Of course since the letters UN are included the wingnut radical right Republics(obviously opposed) are putting on the tinfoil hats and looking for the black helicopters. It requires a post of it's own to fully flesh out. Maybe later.

Right now the issue is why do they even imagine they can propose something that would fine you for speech. You and I both know this violates the first amendment. If this is true, I am about to go to war with the county commission. I will speak about it..alot to everyone listening. I will not report to the county commission. I encourage them to arrest me. We can have it out in court. Please inform everyone you know what these people are trying to do and how radical and unamerican these wingnuts have become. I am spreading this information as far and wide as possible. Thanks for your help and support.