Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fear, Division, Hate...It's All A Game

The Mideast is the focus of the world again. So where should we, the United States, stand? I say we(as in we the people, screw the governments) should condemn both sides as murders and obstacles to peace. The rest of the world, from Europe to Iran to Russia should do the same. Taking sides just promotes the game and empowers those who use it to control us.

I think most people know or innately comprehend that behind the sheer veil the world is being run by a oligarchic corporate plutocracy that manipulates the world and its people to their advantage to increase their power. That's why many people see little difference in the political parties. Because in truth they don't run the show.

David Icke(who may be a bit out there on some stuff but is spot on on this) lays bare their plan with the method of problem, reaction, solution. They can't come right out and do whatever they want so they “convince” you to accept it. In other words, create a problem, wait for the people to demand action then institute what you want to do anyway as the solution. Like limiting your freedoms with the patriot act, giving ocean liners full of money to themselves to save you from the economic disaster that they engineered and so on. These people are funding and supplying both sides of almost all wars. We play right into their hands taking sides and dancing as the puppet masters pull the strings.

While governments continue to bow we the people of the world are tired of war and killing. We all know it is the most immoral, destructive thing we can do to each other. We don't want to kill each other but are pushed into it by immoral leaders and manipulators. Countries(IE: Israel and Pakistanis) will do what they must but the entire rest of the world should fail to support and rather condemn both sides as long as they slaughter each other. This goes for any conflict. This goes for people in all other countries. Taking sides perpetuates the violence. None who kill to solve their problems should be supported, they should be universally disdained. It's the only way it will stop. We must listen to the complaints of both sides in a fully open and honest way without taking sides. Then both sides need to realize that each must give up something to receive. It beats the hell out of destroying each other and possibly the world at large. The puppet masters create division to mislead and control us. Once we all realize that, and more the world over are everyday, their power falls. Quit playing the game. They've rigged it so you lose and they win every time. Change it, stop the division, force them from behind the curtain, kill their power and empower yourself.


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