Saturday, November 01, 2008

Things Are Getting Pretty Scary

I just finished watching a movie on tv. I usually don’t do too many movies and even more rarely watch the fright ones. I guess since it was Halloween(and it was late) not much else was on. As per usual during the commercials I channel hopped. Towards the end of the movie I was floating between The Fly 2 and Bill O Riley.  I say this with no hyperbole and in utter, complete honesty. I felt far, far more uneasy, uncomfortable, and unhappy when viewing the big O.

I think I am about to take a vacation from the rightwing blogs again. I have had about all I can take. The sense of entitlement and superiority and total lack of the ability to project reality is just astounding. One would assume that practicing the principals of loving one another(even in the most generic sense) would be a basic to being called a good American, or even human. Regardless of religion or complete lack of it.  I have proof beyond the shadow of a doubt that it no longer applies to the people on the radical right. Scores of conservatives have abandon them because of their wingnuttery and it’s like they don’t even notice or don’t care.  Its hate everybody and everything and when it comes to reaching out to others it is totally missing. It’s me, me, ,me, mine, mine, mine. The right wing talkers have done a damnable horror to our fellow citizens. They’ve turned these people into monsters. The radical right has become something that I can barely stand to look at. They truly frighten me and cause me to fear for basic humanity. Just one example... From a radical righter that I questioned went he found a new word to associate with all the evil of the world. I questioned one of his statements:

If someone is a socialist they are not decent and honorable?????"...His response..

Yup. No ideology has caused more suffering in the history of man than socialism. Most American socialists today refuse to admit in public that they are socialists because deep down they know socialism is inhuman and evil.

If someone was for socialism, after all, then they would be for something definite, materialist, true, absolute, and clear. In a sense, the new evasive socialists are more honest-- they want everyone to fade away into nothingness like the Buddha. The older socialists desired universal immolation too, but pretended that they were for scientifically improving the lot of mankind. The new socialists do not have these illusions-- they truly worship the mystical common good, not the earthly individual good. (bold is mine)

I’m wondering what makes a hero. Isn’t it someone who sacrifices for others or for the common good? I’m sorry but their whole fucking world is upside down. You can read the above and smell the selfishness. The description of his idea of socialism and socialist doesn’t even make sense and has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with socialism unless you are him. I have no idea what or who he is talking about. In my response I never got to the Crusades or Aristocrats or Dictators who, quite likely in my reading of history, have caused much more suffering.  I guess I’m not a really smart informed guy like he is. Never fear though, I can promise you, because I have followed these guys and this one in particular, that something new will be the biggest cause of suffering or evil next year. Last year it was Muslims. These guys change root of all evil faster than a high school girl changes boy friends.

I have no idea how we fix our country with them involved. You’ve got to know that if Obama wins the last month is just a warm up. We saw an entire 2 terms of Clinton taken up with this stuff. My only hope is that they are this time humiliated and disgraced into shutting their GD mouth and try to make a contribution to success and building things up instead of destruction, fear, loathing, hate and selfishness that is primary in the wingnut world. I’ve said it before and the longer things go on it becomes less of a metaphor everyday…I’m not sure they and I are even living on the same planet. I have no idea how such horrid thinking could infect people who likely have many good qualities if one met them in person. I’m sure they think they are right and doing the good thing but do they have a freakin mirror for Gods sake!? Can they stop with the hate, division and selfishness long enough to see who they are becoming and how they are acting? I hold the right wing radio talkers responsible. They’ve turned these human creatures of God or the higher power into a radical bunch of self centered, haughty little demons. Karma belongs to them. They will someday find they reap what they sow. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question re: the photo-is it the The Fly or Bill-O without make-up? Keith's reveling in beating him in the ratings and rubbing it in as hard as he can. Me-I would just like to offer to help the locals take down their McCain signs on Nov. 5. (We ought to gather all of 'em and have a bonfire, but TJ would never go for it.)
I am so sick of hearing the word socialism used by these morons-same thing in 2004 when it was Kerry-Edwards. Most of the people saying this are uneducated and don't have the slightest idea what socialism is. They just rebleat it over and over. Stephanie has talked to some of them and I said that when they say socialist say FASCIST. Tell the morons what fascism is, give the best example in modern history-Hitler, and point out how Cheney, Rove, etc. are fascists.
For sure, the Republicans aren't going to play nice and be gracious in defeat. Maybe they will spew at least some of their venom at Palin. Am starting to wonder if maybe given the state of things the GOP wanted to lose and got McSame to agree to Palin, so they could stick it to him again.
Locally, things are better than they could be thanks to Obama caring to send campaign staff here. They have done a wonderful job with what they have here which isn't much, believe me.
Had a bad canvassing experience the other day-argument with 2 Black men and a Hispanic woman-all 20 something and all anti-Obama-reasons were that he refuses to say The Pledge of Alleigence and "I don't like him!" Should have walked away before I got mad, but ended up putting my foot in my mouth in a big way.
I am just sick of seeing poor people who are supporting McCain and other Repugnants because they are ignorant and sometimes willfully stupid.
I am sick of seeing Hispanic teens/20 somethings who glare or look sullenly and resentfully at me when they see I'm wearing a shirt or a button for a Black candidate. Some of it isn't just that he's Black. Some of it is that he's intelligent and sounds like it and has dared to rise above what their own low expectations for minorities are. They're so freaking apathetic that they believe that if you're Black or Hispanic the only legal way to succeed is to be an athlete, a gangsta rap star, or an actor. They disdain anyone who reads or thinks beyond thir next tattoo or CD and doesn't use street slang. God, forbid one of the many children they start bringing into the world while teenagers should have the same chance to be President someday as a white kid does. I should feel sorry for them, but when I think of what the young people of the 60s and 70s accomplished re: social change, it p's me off that the kids around here are like this. They ought to be out beating the streets walking for Obama, but instead it's mostly middle aged volunteers like me and the young campaign workers brought in from out of state, many of us white and working our bottoms off to elect a minority candidate while these kids buy into the bul...t put out by the freaking white supremecist hatemongers to make sure we never have a President that isn't a WASP straight male. Not to mention that McSame supported the policies of an Administration that disenfranchised 10s of thousnds of Black and Hispanic voters in 2000/2004 and sat on its butt and let all those people die/suffer in Katrina because they were Black and poor and didn't count with the powers that be. Not to mention the hateful Rev. John Hagee who supports McSame while saying that Katrina was God's will and that if elected Obama will open the immigration floodgates from Africa until there's more of them than there of us, and then, God, Ron, these stupid kids do the power fist and say McCain like they did for Bush cuz they think he's a tough guy and who do blame for this? The media, the braindead evangelical churches, the schools, or just the fact that so many of them were born to teenaged parents who were probably using drugs even before they were conceived?
OK-I'm done with my rant now. Time to get ready to go canvas. One more thing, rallies for our side Wesley Clark tomorrow (11 am- 9th/Pennsylvania)and Udall on Monday (SW Aviation Blg at the airport 2:30). Email all the local Obama supporters you know, please.
McCain is coming Monday, too. I hate Republicans!!!


9:37 AM, November 01, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

When people give me that crap about the pledge of alligence I just tell them my alligence lies with God and not with man. The pledge and flag worship is just a bunch of people that aren't very good Christians worshiping something besides God. I think that it's in the 10 commandments you aren't suppose to do that. But good Christians they are they turn it into a false diety and worship it.
How anybody that associates or supports the radical right can call themselves Christians(I'm not one but was raise one so know the theology) with a straight face is such a joke. Again, if these people had a mirror and see how they look and act to other people they would hide their head in shame. I think that is why they are willfully ignorant. The truth at this point would be to hard for them to face. They must continue with their self delusion to save their overstreached pride and ego.

1:27 PM, November 01, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with you on all of that...any fundamentalist religion is sooo "1984". Personally, I believe that many people from minorities have been brainwashed into NOT supporting their own people for political office and very often this is happening in church. Religion, is too often used as a tool for lulling the poor into complacency, so they will be meek and mild and will simply accept what they get in this life and hope for more in the afterlife. Excepting, of course, those that channel their anger into buying assault rifles to kill Bambi and Thumper!! This is why the comment about bitter people clinging to their guns and religion was so right on. Karl Marx, himself, said that religion was the opiate of the masses. Dang! I shouldn't have said that lest I be accused of being an unpatriotic socialist communist devil worshiper.
Canvassed today and managed NOT to get in any fights with McCain supporters. Saw some McSame lit on one door and put my Obama & Dem Lit right over the top of it, along with an invitation to the Wesley Clark rally tomorrow. :-) What do you suppose would happen if a GOP canvasser came along and saw Dem lit on a door, esp. in Chaves or Otero CO?
Speaking of rallies, don't you ever read the comments on previous posts? Here I shared my exciting news about seeing Hillary(2600 people at Sunland Park rally)and you probably didn't even bother to read it. Sigh!!

9:00 PM, November 01, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

Well, I don't think the evangilist radical righters have been meek and mild and accepting whatever. Worse, they are being told to hate and demonize. To find themselves exceptional. It may be the "new" christianity. It's not my faith whatever it is.

11:05 PM, November 03, 2008  

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