Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate

The VP debate is history. I first noticed that Ms. Palin got rid of most of the accent and the girlish tone. A big plus in being taken seriously for her. I think she did alright. Frankly, that didn't suprise me. I thought Biden did a great job of rebutting the half truths. The right is clearly upset about that. I noticed the after debate spin by them was trying to bring them back again by claiming that Biden was wrong on many facts. We will see.
I thought Palin was at her worst on the war and peace issues. It was radical right bumper sticker slogans all the way. If she insists on not looking back I would like to know how they plan to prevent war rather than fight more. No plan at all from that side. They want to keep fighting and fighting and fighting. They think that is patriotic or something I guess. I must admit to the fact that their frame is in another world from mine on that issue. I don't get it at all.
Bidens knowledge of the Constitution was far superior on the powers of the VP issue. I think that would be the one place he undeniably whipped her. She had none of those moments. I liked Bidens answers so I think he won. She did an acceptable job for the crap she had to shovel though. In stylistic ways, better than McWar did. Which brings me to this.
When polls are taken on who won these debates I think most people don't score as a debate coach. I think style can play a role. The main thing for most is if they hear answers they are looking for. With polls for both debates showing a win for Obama/Biden it bodes well for the next election. I'm thinking the people agree with us. They've seen the failure of people who hate government to lead it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron, of course it isn't really a debate. The MSM kept saying that Palin held her own or how well she did. The insta-polls showed Biden clearly was seen as the winner and as more knowledgable. Wasn't surprised about Palin's nastiness, all the while smiling, or her evasivness. But one thing that needs to be pointed out is that her winning personality on stage is really nothing but a Beauty Contestant Performance. Lots of auto-smiling, shallow answers with a good dose of doing in the opponent. Lots of auto-smiling MSM talking heads could relate. Beware of people who smile too much. Also, one of her quotes in closing about Reagan talking about free men had nothing to do with national defense or defending the Constitution but was part of a speech Against Medicare.

Larry in New Mexico

11:27 PM, October 02, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

Agreed larry. Now she's calling Obama the terrorists know, the bill ayers thing. Wonder if they'd mind if we see who held fundraiser for them. Bet we could find someone offensive..guarantee it. Like I said, with the shit she had to shovel, ok. In the real world, notso much. At least she didn't do the mean ol grandpa shouting at clouds that McWar did.

9:34 PM, October 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be surprised if we suddenly have a "foreign" incident to take the attention of off the economy. My other big concern is what W will do after the election between say Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Larry in New Mexico

10:47 PM, October 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have been off blog for a while due to Internet provider problems at the RPL. Also, canvassing this wk.
Biden so won the debate from the little I saw of it, but "Scary" should have been an actress. Unfortunately, she seemed to think she's Frances McDormand and the debate was the film "Fargo". ("You betcha!") She is more effective at lying than Dubya is. She can do it with a straight face and usually a smile where he often gives himself away with his body language or you can see it in his eyes. Probably that means he has some kind of conscience and she has none. Also, she is pretty good at not answering questions like Reagan was ("There you go again!") He was an actor, too, and half senile in his second term. Personally, I think McCheney has lost it, himself, and he seems to be sick. I don't care what his medical reports say. If elected, I would bet that he will have to resign for health reasons, making "Scary" President and how easy is it to sneak INTO Canada these days?
Things are so so here. The Repugnants keep sending their trash with its lies to my 18 yr. old who is a registered Ind. voting straight Dem this year. Our response-taking it to the Obama coordinators so our side can report to the higher ups what the lies are. :-) Even when I wrote to the GOP and went into the local HQ to tell them to take us off their lists they keep doing it. Gah!
Saw the stupidest signs recently. A yard covered with GOP signs had an NRA one that said "I vote." and "I shoot, too!", plus one that said "Say No to Osama bin Biden!".
Ron, people with that kind of mentality should NOT be allowed to own/operate firearms-right?
Gotta go.


4:53 PM, October 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palin is toast now!! Did you see her face when McCheney defended Obama (increased my respect for him a tad)? LOL Plus, there's Troopergate and the TEN GOP/4 Dems on the panel that found her guilty of misuse of office. Next up should be an investigation of the illegal staking out of the denning areas and murder of the wolf puppies in Cold Bay. She should be impeached in Alaska and I am sure that she has cost McCheney the election now.

3:51 PM, October 11, 2008  

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