Monday, August 25, 2008

A Day Of Scribbles

I had the day off and it just happens to be the first day of the Democratic convention. You only get to see the convention if you are watching CSpan though. Thought it was time for some red meat. Some thoughts on the day:

I just saw a poll on how people think the economy is doing. 4% think the economy is “very good”. I guess that must be about how many people are CEOs or in the oil business.
Well, it looks like Al-Maliki is going to insist on a time line. A firm one. Oops, make that a time horizon. I thought if they wanted us to leave we would leave. I think that is what they are saying here, on this part of the agreement there should be no debate. But the radical rightists have anyway. That's what they do, disagree. That is why the make a great opposition party. It's also why they make poor leaders. It's pretty hard to govern something that you oppose as a core of your philosophy.

Here's a story about Joe Bidens son the lobbyist.
And here's a story about McWars' team lobbying for brutal foreign dictators.
Both sides are guilty. This stuff is pervasive in Washington. While I agree that it is something we should stand against and attempt to change both sides are guilty. To me McWars' team seems worse but the bottom line is they are both out to enrich themselves through their position in government or who they know. To me, that means if one was deciding who to vote for the decision could not be made on this issue. It's not one sided and it should all be condemned.

People are talking a lot about the polls. CNN says it's tied at 47%. To show you what kind of a year it is, the Republicons are crowing about that. This is about a high water mark for McWar. Obama has been up to 51 or 2 percent. That percentage has never said they would vote for 4 more years. It appears the Hillary people may be making a stink. These people are either moles or not really someone who would vote for Obama if Hillary wasn't running. If people that call themselves Democrats would vote for the policies promised by McWar then they were never on our team in the first place. I'm not at all worried about them.

It Stiffie Blitzer one of the more irritating people to watch or what? Glenn Beck and Kid Hannity are maddening. Blitzer is maybe worse. I know what he is going be the straight guy. Journalist, fair broker blah, blah, blah. It sounds great in theory. Maybe some could pull it off but he seems stiff and unfriendly to me. Not somebody I am comfortable with. At least with Beck and the Kid you get a feeling of who they are. I'm actually more comfortable with that. I'm fine with an idea of Fox News. I'm also fine with the clearly liberal fare like Countdown. I'm all for letting them live or die on whether they attract viewers. That's the business and we all need to remember that is precisely what it is. It is a for profit enterprise. I just got a good laugh out loud listening to Beck talk about Romney and his fear of Romneys flirting with socialism. We just can't be Marxists! Damn! How many decades ago did he go to sleep!? This is an honest look at conservatism. From a real one. I want these people to be the ones to lead us forward? Not likely. Thank You for being honest Glenn Beck. You crystalize my decision to not go your way without a fight. Stiffie Blitzer, you do nothing for me...absolutely nothing.

Wow, a consecutive laugh out loud moment! McWar is sending Miss Buffalo Chip to the country of Georgia to “monitor” something or other. Maybe we could send Michelle to Iraqi to get a Burka count.

Republicans just pulled out the John McWar didn't have a house “at one time”. Maybe we should count up how many times John didn't have one "at one time". Ya, that was back around the time of the Marxists wasn't it?

Matt Damon...That boy talented!

Some links:
Lots of talk on who is “most liberal” I think the best way to evaluate who the good guys are is to see how actual liberals rate them. Here is a link. Break it down, find your favorites and get ready for a couple of surprises. Actually I would like to see a poll by populists. A real liberal isn't too far off. I can at least stand the Republicans down to number 66 after that it drops off pretty far, pretty fast.
This would be closer to my priorities.
I think the real populists only go down to about 21 though. That's lots of work to do. Look how much higher my honest conservative Tom Coburn is. I think he is my favorite conservative. Not for his goals but because his is more like a real conservative. He also is honestly telling you what he thinks. He's not playin. I like that. I disagree quite seriously, quite often, but I like he doesn't play games. There's no con job there.
By the way, this board changes when they vote so you can keep up with trends.

Apparently the Righties are pointing out that Obama has a half brother -dads side- that lives in a hut in kenya. Here's a story on it from a more neutral media.
The Republicons seem to think that story and the story of McWars houses are some how equivient. I don't think it's a comparison, I think is called a non-sequtor that has nothing in common except that they both inculde something about houses.


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