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John Edwards

As many of you know I am a John Edwards supporter and voted for him in the primary even though he had already removed himself from the race. I wish they could have kept it as a family matter as they preferred to to. Unfortunately it makes for titillating TV and is guaranteed to get non stop coverage. Ask Mark Foley or Larry Craig(who is still in congress by the way) or David “diapers” Vitter. There's countless others that may have not gotten as much coverage.
He had an affair and lied to the public about it. He didn't want to go through it in public and neither did his wife. Unfortunately if one starts lying it eventually becomes hard to tell when one is getting the truth. I'm not denying he made a serious mistake, or three.
If his lying and mistake or three deserves wall to wall coverage then where is the coverage of much more serious mistakes and lies? I don't want to be a whiner but after a while you start to wonder. It doesn't dismiss Edwards or what he did. It's a question I asked before long before the Edwards stuff came out and it would be a perfect time to revisit it again. When do we get to the stuff that is important for the functioning of the nation and the world? I think it is a reasonable question.
I'm going to blatantly cut and paste from another web site because they said exactly what I would like to say.

David Gregory just said young people were inspired by him and are let down…and questioned whether it will have “broader implications for the party.” during the election. This week, Ron Suskind’s book revealed the Bush team knew Iraq didn’t have WMD, forged letters, paid hush money, and lied us into war. (Chirp, chirp…) Any broader implications for the Republican party there? How about instead of us buying into all the clamoring to analyze Edwards betrayal (wait, no, BETRAYAL!) we analyze the absurdity of a media culture where THIS is what passes for holding politicians accountable.
Broader implication for the party. OK, let’s talk party.
McClellan said that FOX News got talking points from the White House
Bush authorized rendition.
Bush authorized torture. Yes, that means waterboarding.
Bush authorized a war based on lies resulting in millions of innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilian deaths as well as an ethnic cleansing.
Thousands of our troops have been killed or seriously injured.
The US dollar is in the tank.
The housing/mortgage crisis has almost caused a depression.
How about the trampling of our Constitution with warrantless wiretapping?
Laptops are being confiscated at airports and the border.
Under Bush, oil companies are raking in record profits while Americans suffer.
The US attorney scandal.
A health care epidemic.
Monica Goodling
A standing ovation in Congress for David Vitter’s return.
Military TV Analysts/Generals scandal.
Larry Craig’s bathroom adventure.
And many, many more.
Would any of this have “broader implications” to the Republican party during the election if the media did its job?
Newt Gingrich STILL gets on TV every other day and everyone KNOWS he had affairs, even dumping his wife right after cancer surgery. And yet all these MSM types are wringing their hands about what this means to the Democratic Party. Ridiculous. Throw a stone in DC and try not to hit some one with a little something on the side, and that includes those in the press corps.
And they have the nerve to talk about betrayal of Edwards to the media and his wife — in that order. Why aren’t they more outraged about the betrayal of the White House to get us into a war?
What screwed up priorities.

There are reams of books and testimony from inside and outside the administration that references all of this. Yet little talk. Instead anyone who speaks up is villianized. People laugh and fluff it off when some talk of impeachment. I find it no laughing matter. The above is why you get the belly laugh when you talk of the liberal media. Huge joke. They aren't covering this stuff and it is literally more important for the US than anything else in the world. If you want to talk about the horror of lies fine but let's have a real discussion and not a bunch of flim flam, celebrity, brain dead talk. Let's get serious about lies. Let's have hearings that get 24/7 coverage by the media, that is discussed on all the talk shows 24 /7. Let's decide if the law was broken or not by methods that are legally binding instead of leaving the decision to Rush or John Boehners gum flappings. I'm happy to talk lies if that is what you want to talk about. John was wrong. Now let's get to the Administration. If you'll admit they were wrong they are the worse of senses. If messing around on you wife makes you ineligible for something you might want to look up John McCain and his first wife and the move to his fashion model, heiress wife and how that came about. Yes, Edwards fooled around and lied about it. It was wrong. He may not be the leader I had hoped for. I still support heartily the cause and purpose of his movement. To stand up for the little guy, people without a voice, and knock the big guys down a few notches. The movement continues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, I have to agree with all of that. Your cut and pasted comment evokes Keith Olbermann's segment where he reminds viewers of the transgressions of this most corrupt and despicable excuse for a Presidential Administration which is really only a puppet show with Cheney and the corporations pulling Bush's strings.
I never thought that Bill Clinton's sexual history should be made public. He should have had the guts to tell people that it was none of their damn business. It was Hillary's business not ours. I felt sorry for her and for Chelsea. Why add to their pain the pubic humiliation that followed? Why add this to Elizabeth Edwards' and her children's pain? It's despicable! I supported John Edwards in 2004. I supported him this time around. I don't know what led him to betray his wife who in my opinion possesses true inner beauty and who, despite her illness, traveled the country campaigning for him. Elizabeth looks like what she is-a middle aged mother of four who has fought a terrible illness and so far survived. Having pictures of this sexy blonde (I can't believe she was only 42!) broadcast all over with the speculation that John also fathered this woman's child can only add to her pain and humiliation, but the *&^%$ rightwing hypocrites won't care about that will they? They better hope there is reincarnation or they are going to end up being in a very very very hot place eventually! And they call themselves Christians-they're anti-Christians is what they are!


5:27 PM, August 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone else NOT surprised about what is going on between Russia and Georgia? I'm just surprised that it took so long considering that Putin is a lot closer to Kruezchev (sp?) than to Gorbachev (sp?). Much as I despise Reagan, he wouldn't have stood for this kind of thing which is likely going to destabilize the whole region. Just another example of how everything is going to **** because the only 2 things the Cheney/Bush Administration cares about are maximizing corporate profits and tax cuts for the corporations/ultra-rich.
What worries me most is that McPain is going to use this to his advantage and the idiots in this country will fall for the fear card all over again and elect him because he was unlucky enough to get shot down in North Vietnam and get made a POW. (Granted that couldn't have happened to Cheney or Bush cuz they didn't have to go to Vietnam.) Expect to see more montages of McCains military service with patriotic music and flags flying and no discussion of the issues in his ads. At least, he'll have something different than his usual whining for sympathy votes cuz his opponent is more popular than the Beatles!


P.S. Have to wonder about the timing of this-just before the election...maybe Cheney and Putin planned it?

3:29 PM, August 14, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad you are so lukewarm about Obama. Granted you are going online to correct the lies about him, but you could be doing so much more. Like experiencing the thrill of having DEMOCRATS hang up on you, chew you out, or just give you surly answers when you ask if they will be voting for him in Nov. I have reached a point where it would be preferable to talk to a Republican who would simply tell me he/she is supporting McCain (in a civil tone), so I can mark it down and thank him/her and move on to the next voter on my list.
It's not like it's easy to call and ask perfect strangers these questions. I'm just trying to do my part to help my candidate and getting the 3rd degree from Clinton lovers and uniformed sheeple who think Obama is a Muslim terrorist who hates America or just hate him because he's black (or all 3) is really uncalled for. If, as you claim, you are used to the hate, this would be right up your alley. :-)


4:27 PM, August 15, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know if Prince wrote the song "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls."? (TLC) I looked it up and it doesn't say so, plus I looked on a list of his songs and didn't find it. I am almost positive that I heard once that he wrote it.


4:07 PM, August 16, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: previous question-found the answer myself-unless Prince used a pen name (he has had several) he wasn´t the songwriter. I love that song and it sure sounds like one he might have written. I honestly think Prince is a genius, musically speaking. He´s, also, such a chameleon-always changing his look. All I have to do to see that is to look at the album covers pictured on my Greatest Hits CD. ´Course he is a Gemini, so maybe that makes sense. :-)
Speaking of people who change their looks, does anyone else wonder what the odds were that the 3 biggest superstars of the 1980s music scene (Prince, Madonna, and Michael Jackson) would be born in the summer of 1958?


3:45 PM, August 17, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

. If, as you claim, you are used to the hate, this would be right up your alley. :-)

I have a dear friend in Roswell that is doing the same thing and reports the same thing Mara. She understands why it is good I don't do it. I don't have the self control not to call back and give it to them in spades.God bless you for your efforts.

I just call'em as I see'em.

I'm working on a post on georgia. It will probably be over by the time I get up to speed!:-) It is certainly a complicated issue where it appears everyone involved is wrong and no one is right and Osettia is stuck in the middle.

9:02 PM, August 17, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's probably not as bad as I made it out to be. I am only calling Democrats, so I'm just t'd off at getting responses I expect from the other side or 3rd Party voters. A lot of people don't pick up the phone (thanks to caller ID) or answer their doors. Most of the ones who do are for him or undecided. I just don't like the nasty tone from SOME Democrats when asked whether they are supporting THEIR Party's nominee.
This is the most divisive election I've ever seen and that includes 2004 when I volunteered for Kerry and had to deal with the idiots who bought the lies of the Swift Boat Veterans.
If you really think that you would lose control, it's probably better that you don't do it even though you know your stuff. I know I'm not supposed to argue, but I did get into it with one old lady who hates Democrats cuz her son who was a Lt. Col. lost his commission when Clinton was reducing the active military forces. It's all about HER and HER life,y'know, and the rest of the world can go to ...there are a lot of selfish people in the world.
I know someone who, if he WAS supporting Obama, would be worse than you could ever dream of being! LOL There's no way he could ever canvas and control himself, so don't get too down on yourself.
And thanks for the encouragement.


4:08 PM, August 18, 2008  

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