Sunday, August 03, 2008

FORGET ABOUT OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The oil lobby is insisting that we MUST do more drilling in sensitive areas that are key to tourism dollars . But tourism dollars and the idea of preserving some of Gods most beautiful creation be damned. We MUST have the oil. Don't worry about the naysayers. It will be ok, TRUST US! Ya right. This is the dumbest method of problem solving since the war in Iraq. Remember that war was initially pushed by the same damned idiots. Oh by the way, at the time they told us that all that oil would pay for the war and a victory would bring the prices waaay down. Ya, trust you.

I've been over it before but let's do it again since they have decided that they are going to blather on.

First, their so called solution, is not going to bring prices down by any large amount. If the price gets too low OPEC just backs off. Price goes back up. Continuing to think of oil as a solution is just playing into their hand. In this game their hand is a lot stronger than ours. We need to deal again.

Conservative and liberal pundits will tell you that this is a smoke and mirrors bone head idea. So who is pushing it? One guess....Right! The oil companies. Oh yes, they will tell you they have polls that say the people of the United States want it but I can find polls that say something far different. So there!

Oil is the problem so common sense tells you it is not the answer. You don't recover from an addiction by using more of what you are addicted to. Cold turkey is the only way to do it. That is the way we must think. Oil is the past, we will be living in the future. FORGET ABOUT OIL! Even talking about it gives many a reason to feel we don't need to go forward or do it as fast as it is necessary to do it.
As Larry noted in comments elsewhere, the industry is EXPORTING about 10% of our oil right now.

If we would have gone forward with sustainable energy in 1979 when Jimmy Carter proposed to do so or in the early part of the decade when I started pushing relentlessly to go forward as a national emergency situation, this conversation would not be necessary now.
Any money or effort that goes into more oil is using money that provides only a band aid and takes away from a permanent, sustainable solution. It makes it less than the 100% effort that we must have to get this done as quickly as possible.

With the way the prices are going the oil is worth more in the ground than it is being brought up. If we leave it there it is there for any unforeseen emergency.

More drilling provides few new jobs. Sustainable energy provides new jobs, new technology and new patents for the US. More oil gives us the discomfort of hanging on.

You have seen the wind generators, you have seen the solar panels. You have maybe used biobased fuel. We are well on the way. We just need focus and determination.

Sustainable energy gives us excitement for an exciting, proud future for our country, it's people and inventive minds. I hope we will not be snookered by the people that have been wrong about nearly everything over the past 5 or 6 years. It's time to go forward and quit living in the past. If we stay stuck, the world will pass us by and our position of leadership in the world will suffer yet another blow.

Join the cause and conversation that leads us to a brighter future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
This is to Olbermann's site (MS-NBC Countdown)-story is re: Obama saying he might possibly be OK with offshore drilling. I understand why he feels the need to compromise and compromise is good, but I wish it wasn't on this. I like to consider myself an environmentalist, so I don't like the idea of offshore drilling at all. The push to drill for more oil anywhere only helps make mega $$$ for Cheney's good buddies and downplay finding an answer to the energy crisis that does not involve fossil fuels.

2:48 PM, August 03, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NRDC Press Archive: As Katrina Oil Spills Mount, Congress Calls for ...
... by Hurricane Katrina amount to one of the largest U.S. oil spills in history. ... Offshore, nearly 40 drilling rigs have been destroyed. ... -

Saw a story on the oil spills on
Countdown last week, but can't find it on the site, unfortunately. Let's just say it was bad news. Kind of makes me think I should give up eating fish, as well as red meat and poultry because who knows how toxic the fish have become now.


3:02 PM, August 03, 2008  

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