Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Notes On The Invasion Of The Goulash

The political system and the dialog in our country is in such a state of disaster that I can barely stand to watch. That people would even consider what passes for thought in todays discussion is beyond my ability to comprehend. The media goes for the sensational and the useless. Much of it isn't even worth discussion, which is why I haven't had much to say for a while. I guess this is what we have been forced into though. And the fact that so many seem to be buying it is a disgrace on the United States.

I noted in a post below that every cycle the rightists run essentially a generic campaign making the same points, doing the same things, no matter who the opposing candidate is. Insert name here should be their mantra.
Now, another example with a new Jerome Corsi smear book that bears no relation to non fiction. The SAME GUY who wrote the Kerry smear writes another smear piece on the new candidate. You would think people would get wise to the fact that the right have no plan but to turn the opposition party into the friend of the enemy in your mind and enrich the richest. It is not the conservative party that most grew up with. Speaking of the smear book here is a link to the lies and verification of such should you be honest enough to have a desire to know. I am sure the rightist won't read it. From all I see they prefer to believe lies if it makes them feel correct or more powerful than thou. Truth is in their hearts not in their minds. It's faith based be it religious or political.

John McCain says it's wrong for other countries to invade sovereign nations. Say What!? Could you repeat your foreign policies again McWar? The right just dismisses this cognitive dissonance with some goulash about moral superiority and a dash of fear mongering. Who are the people that are buying this?!

At the forum the other night held by Rick Warren(I haven't seen the whole thing yet, just bits and pieces) John McCain insists emphatically, with the support of the morally superior right wing, that what we must do with evil is flatly.....defeat it!!!!!
OK this is great rhetorical flair but it has nothing to do with reality. If someone kills your mother or daughter or other family member, steals your resources or bombs your home, you undoubtedly see them as evil. Be it the U.S. or Russia or Israel or Palestinian. Yes, although the black and white, devout rightists would never admit it, often times the evil ones are in the eye of the beholder.
Beyond that when was the last time in the history of the world that evil was defeated? Is that even possible? Just who the hell does he think he is anyway, God almighty? Jesus? I thought conventional wisdom was that they were the only ones capable of that. Such hubris. And blasphemy.
Yes we should fight the good fight and do what we can to promote things that benefit humanity. We should never dismiss those that throw up boulders in the stream of life. If we are ever to have an adult discussion on how to do that we need to start with a reality based foundation. John McWar apparently thinks of himself and our country as a deity and of course we have learned over the past several weeks that George Bush is Batman but I prefer to stay out of the cartoon world on matters of such importance. The right has, for the past several years, resorted to stock answers to everything. Answers that are worthy of only a simpleton who apparently finds thinking painful. It makes me fear for our country.

Those of you that listened to the talk show know that from near the beginning of the occupation I felt the main purpose was to enrich corporations...even more than for the oil. Here is just a hint of how much they have been enriched. Note the money that is just “missing” and it is obvious that this was a robbery of the US treasury, transferring wealth from our nation as a whole into the hands of a few. Beyond that the corporations gave us little for what they did do. This included electrocuting our troops . Yes, the money hungry corporations hired people with little to no electrical experience because they were cheap. They killed our soldiers.
Other electrical inefficiencies have resulted in over 200 fires from small to serious. Want to support the troops? Rebel against this horror.
Mind you these are people that had no bid/cost plus contracts. Mind you this is from the same people who say the government screws up everything and if we just privatized it would all be better. I bet if the generals and the troops were in charge this wouldn't have happened. At least the people doing the work would be properly trained. We wouldn't permit it.

Instead of having a well defined policy to drive us forward quickly in the national energy emergency the rightist proposes the everything but the kitchen sink method which will disburse our money and efforts into fading policies of the past instead of a policy of encouraging a focus on ingenuity and the US spirit of leadership and technology. Who's buying this crap!? John Boehner the so called leader of the right in the house encouraged congresspeople to get back to Washington and get back to work on energy. The next day he was out golfing. John McWar was in favor of the tough talk too. Of course he has missed pretty much all the votes on energy in the past year. How can anyone that is paying attention think these guys are anything but oil lobbyists paid by the taxpayer? I'll tell you who. The ones that aren't paying attention(many) OR the ones that are only paying attention to the republican propaganda machine known as right wing talk radio(far to many).

Sexual dalliances are scandals and disqualifiers and even impeachable for Democrats and just a bad thing for still sitting Republicans like Larry Craig or David “diapers” Vitter.

They rightist will tell you if you don't like it you should move somewhere else. Another non thinking comment full of bravado and little else. Just how would one do that if they were so inclined? Can you show me how one would make that possible? Remember most don't have tens of thousands of dollars to put into the enterprise. More rhetorical flourishes that are not grounded in reality and don't even attempt to solve the problem. Sorry folks but we are stuck with each other and that saddens me greatly.
Frankly I'm not thrilled with the Democrats and much of what they are doing right now. It's just republicon lite. You have to give the leaders of the right credit though. Their propaganda machine has made millions of US citizens believers in jumbled hyperbole and simpleminded goulash. They have made ignorance, anger and war, false bravado and fear fashionable. They have made them bow to the rich and sneer at the poor...good Christians all they will tell you. It's all beyond my belief. I fear greatly for our country. I see no way out.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you aren't thrilled with the Democrats, but Republican Lite? How mean can you get? I'm not too inclined to bash the Democratic Party, itself, but then I have always been a Democrat and will be loyal to the end, probably. It's the Republicans who have backed the TX Mafia in everything and held them accountable for NOTHING that have earned my ire.
Much as I would like to see a 3rd Party candidate have a real shot (Dennis Kucinich being a great example) I can see that's not going to happen without some REAL campaign finance reform-something McWimp was for until Cheney and the rest of the right wing facists and religious nuts scared him into rolling over.
I noted that quite a lot of the info you give is shown on Countdown. A lot of the people I talk to who are well informed watch the show and the ones who aren't...well we both know what network they are likely to be watching.
Re: the smear book...saw some book smearing Obama written by one of the SBV for Lies at a local book store and picked it up and turned it around and set it down so the front cover didn't show. I do that more often than you'd believe, esp. if The Coultergeist is the author. LOL


4:23 PM, August 18, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

Well Mara, with all the evidence there is the fact that there hasn't been impeachment that tells me they are a big step off where I'm at. The fact that they fail to turn back our Constitutional violations and even vote to expand warrantless spying AND give immunity to corporations. What would you call it? Ya I know 60 votes blah blah blah. Even if they don't have the votes they could be standing up and proudly proclaiming the positions. They aren't. They are being wimpy. If I just blindly follow them no matter what they do or stand for I am just as bad as those I criticise.
That is the problems with the brave new right. They have not much in common with what would have been know as conservative earlyier in our history. Kinda like the new christian. I for the life of me can figure out what they have to do with christianity. It's not like I learned it in the Methodist church anyway. Today I am no specific religion. I use my God given resources and a higher power to decide those kinds of things.
I have been watching Countdown for years. Since they were about 6 months in. I'm in the media. I pay pretty close attention to that stuff. I even mentioned it on the talk show a couple of times.
Funny, I do the same thing with those books.

7:41 PM, August 18, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do? Cool! Re: religion-I started off RC, converted to Protestantism, and am attending Universalist Unitarian services occasionally now. I like it that in UU all religions are valued and people of all faiths are welcome. I don't think that the Creator belongs to white Christian evangelical Protestants, but the latter sure seem to think so. Just like they seem to think the Constitution should be amended so the requirements for President and VP include that ONLY white evangelical Christian straight men can serve. (Speaking of straight men, how many of them do you suppose cried when Portia de Rossi married Ellen? LOL)
Re: the Democrats, I understand you being disenchanted, but I think the main problem we have is that the media won't be the watch dogs and force our government to do what is right for the country. The Dems are at a disadvantage because they have such a slim majority and refusing to vote for them is not going to improve the situation. I, also, think we need to have campaign finance reform so that all candidates get the same amount of money and an even playing field, election reform that prevents the GOP from stealing any more elections, and term limits. The desire to keep their seats for decades has a lot to do with this, too, and when the media will help the fascist pigs in this country cry that Democrats are traitors who don't support our troops and hate America if they call for impeachment of the war criminals in this Administration they are justifiably afraid to stand up. Dennis Kucinich being the exception, but much as I'd like to see him in the White House it won't happen cuz the sheeple can't handle the truth he speaks.
Color me a pragmatist. :-)

Speaking of people in the White House, I'm psyched that Biden is at the top of the VP list-my first choice for Prez-all that foreign policy experience is something we desperately need after the
TX Mafia destroyed our reputation in the world and set American diplomacy back decades-and Condi who helped thumb the U.S.'s nose at the rest of the world was a lousy pick for Sec. of State. Hillary could be Sec. of State, tho, with Bill as Ambassador to the U.N. That would be a dream team.
Did you see Keith's comment last night? Way to sock it to McRant!


4:53 PM, August 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that the media on MS-NBC, at least, have been suggesting the same thing I suggested before that McCain might choose Lieberman to be his VP. I hope he does cuz the rightwing nut cases who are anti-semitic will have brain meltdowns--will they not vote and help a Black candidate win or actually vote for an Orthodox Jew? The first scenerio would help Obama a lot. On the other hand, wouldn't it be something if McElderly won, died of old age in the first 6months, and the minute Lieberman became Prez he had a sudden change of heart and changed his political affilitation back to DEMOCRAT and chose (former VP AND President)
Al Gore to be his VP? :-)

3:32 PM, August 20, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Ron!
Did you watch Countdown last night and see the comedian on the last segment and hear his joke about Lieberman being an Olympic quality athlete who can not only balance on the beam, but kiss a** on both sides of it at the same time. LOL

4:27 PM, August 21, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you mad at me for some reason (cuz I criticized the media given that you work in the communications industry?) or just too busy to post?
Anyway, had to tell you that 2 of the guys I work with have turned out to be big Obama supporters and predict that he will win in a landslide. Reasons- many Republicans now hate Bush and McNeo-Con has aligned himself with this Administration so completely and the evangelicals dislike him because of his past voting record. I really hope he chooses Lieberman to be his running mate. I am not personally opposed to Jewish people and voted for JL myself in 2000, but I think that a lot of the racist anti-semitic Republicans and the religious wackos who are often the same people will refuse to vote for him because he is Jewish and the die hard conservatives will refuse to vote for him because he is perceived as a Liberal even tho he has pretty much betrayed his own.

Am crossing my fingers for Joe Biden even though I hear that there is a lot of past deeds that can be dragged up out of the past by the media and since he is a Democrat instead of a member of the TX Mafia, they surely will be.

Went to a nice rally last night. It's nice to be around like minded people-helps to re-engergize me after being among the sheeple. Still seeing Bush/Cheney stickers on cars-when will these people learn? Gotta go canvas door to door tomorrow and to at least one more rally this weekend, so will be busy busy and probably not check out the blog til next week some time. (Will, also, be surrounded by a bunch of carnivores and the smell of hotdogs cooking but suppose I will manage to survive. LOL)

4:31 PM, August 22, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

Not ignoring anything but sometimes all this crap seems so useless. IE the voting machines, ignorant rightists with no core and on and on. What more can one say anymore. It should be so apparent to all.

I didn't say I wasn't going to vote for the Dems(yet). I just think they are republican lite and need a serious shaking up or there will be enough of us to start a party with a REAL focus on the people and the Constitution. Then the corporatists can fight it out for the rest of em.

3:33 AM, August 24, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seduced by the darkside (Fox News), many have been,
Obi Ron Kenobi. Use the force (of persuasion), you must, to save those you can from the powers of darkness (the neo-conservatives and religious wackos)...
(and not waste your efforts on yellow dog Democrats like me. :-))

5:06 PM, August 29, 2008  

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