Monday, September 01, 2008

Why I Laugh At Republicans

First day of the Republican National Convention and an act of God stops their spewing of lies and hate. You know God purposefully did this to stop the Republicans don't you? Plus all those states are run by Republicans! That makes it for sure! God wants Republicans to lose and be punished!
If that sounds ridiculous to you, keep in mind that thought when you hear the radical righters spit similar epithets. You will then understand why people are left with laughter to their self righteous pontifications against the “evil ones”.

It appears that the Palins' daughter is pregnant at 16. I had been reading in the Alaska press that there was a rumor that the most recent downs syndrome baby was actually the daughters baby. I had not heard both sides so I had not commented. I do think it would be hard to conceal something like that for too long. Lots of the evidence makes it look suspicious though.
Now we hear this, which is apparently being acknowledged.

I am sure that the rightists will use this as an occasion to talk about family and pro life and bla de bla. Of course if it would have been Chelsea as a 16 year old, or pick your favorite “evil ones” daughter, it would have been about people that can't keep their zipper up and sin and ruination of our blessed country. The have become patently predicable in their hypocrisy. In my book they have become laughable and they have not taught me or progressed me or my life or understanding or country a whit in the last 15 years. They are there to find something wrong with what I think. That's it.

I understand rightwing world better than most because I have lived among them(over 70% republican all around) and made a conscious effort to engage them for nearly a decade now. And yes IT IS making me nuts.

Why Republicans make me laugh:

They have morals and values, I have self loathing and self guilt.
They speak up in defense of their beliefs and they are patriots, I speak up in defense of my beliefs and I hate America, am treasonous, aid the enemy.

They are true patriots, who just happen to HATE paying the taxes to pay the bills that make this great country work. I guess they think they ought to be getting something for nothing.
Actually their solution to this problem truly is, you are on your own. Obama was right on the money, so to speak, on this.
I'm sorry but it is against my religion to think like they do about that.
They have read the word of God and are best friends with Jesus , they are the holders of the truth hence if your beliefs vary from them you are consulting with the devil himself. There is no doubt in their mind about the..literally...biggest unknown in all of creation.

Bill Clinton is horrible because he lied about sex under oath. It's not so bad that Bush/Cheney not only lie on item after item and have now admitted much of it but REFUSE TO SPEAK under oath. At least Bill Clinton was impeached. Could we just hear the evidence against Bush/Cheney please. Please with cream and sugar? On national TV 24/7.

John McCain is a war hero so I should vote for him. John Kerry's/Max Clelands , et al service was shallow and demeaning regardless of the medals that they really didn't earn anyway and should not inspire you to support them.

They support the troops, as they blazing point out that X number of dead troops is fewer than die on the highways or some such nonsense. Besides, they knew when they signed up they might have to sacrifice their life.
I'm thinking they don't see that as support but that's just me.

John Kerry marrying an heiress makes him a gigolo. John McCain marries an heiress and one shouldn't demean the wealthy and the fact that somebody else worked hard and they are successful.
You should pull your bootstraps, work hard, help others and succeed.. That is the American dream. Except for Barack Obama. It couldn't possibility be true for him because....because.... he's too liberal and has evil intent.

Bill Clintons secret FISA court is a threat to our constitution but George Bush dispensing with even that is just protecting our country. We must never give away our liberties under Clinton. We must give away our liberties to keep them under Bush.

It's easy, and we are quite encouraged to see the American liberal as a socialist or a Marxist but it is blasphemy to draw comparisons between the American rightist and a fascist/corporatist or anarchist.

They have no idea why drilling for more oil doesn't get us off oil. They have no idea why this is totally wasted effort. Or maybe they don't want to get off it. Maybe they have a comfort level. They hate the idea of changing things. I'm personally not at all comfortable with the whole oil thing.

Make no mistake, you can tell by the volume of time they spend talking about it, time after time, day after day, other Americans they deem to be Liberals are their primary enemy. More than terrorists, more than criminals, they hate the American liberal, make no mistake.
No issue, no silly stunt, no daily event goes by without the drawing of a connection to why the American liberal is the root of our problems. I have a special surprise for them. Never have so many done so much that endeared me to them less. I am quite proud of the fact that I will not be remembered in history as a part of their group or movement.
Notice the clear authoritarian nature to all of their pontifications and you will begin to sense the stench I smell along that path.

I've tried to play along with them and include them in my mind as relevant. I have tried even to play their game thinking that is all they will understand. It's useless. It's Fox news and Rush day after day.
When they decide to quit trying to be BMOC and get off the schoolyard commentary I am ready to listen.
When they decide enlightenment and improvement is what we both seek, I am ready to listen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Global Corporatists keep the masses uneducated, propagandized and in an entertainment reality. This enables them to keep taking from the public realm and the private realms of others. The old story of greed and coveting in the name of whatever. They accuse government of doing this, then use the government to do it for themselves. Modern day East India Company.

BTW, of the many things on Palin and her beliefs, one that definitely does need to be studied is her connections with the Alaskan Independence Party. Broken up nation states are easier to buy up and reorganize.

Larry in New Mexico

9:04 PM, September 01, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

Ya but after a while how hard it all this to figure out Larry? You and I aren't geniuses and we figured it out. I think that it all goes on right in front of our face and they just thumb their nose irritates me as much as anything. I tire with being told up is down and down is up. I guess repetition works for some people but it just makes me.....tired.

7:24 PM, September 02, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obi you think you could possibly use the force (of persuasion) solely against the powers of darkness (Cheney, etc.) until AFTER the election? I understand you have a problem with Democrats, but we don't need the voters who hate Bush, etc. to be so apathetic (cuz Democrat/Republican what difference does it make?) that they don't vote against McSame and that despicable woman who is his running mate.
Speaking of her, "Move over, Condi, cuz PNAC has a new poster girl and her name is Sarah Palin!" I don't believe for one minute that McCain is so out of it that he chose her. That's why no one expected it and no one can understand it. It was the neo-cons or people just like them who did it. She is perfect for them-a rightwing ideologue with close ties to the oil companies, a horrible environmental record, and not much experience. Romney, Lieberman, Huckabee, etc. would be too independent for them and so would McCain once he got elected and wasn't so blinded by his ambition. She's gonna be the perfect puppet for them cuz she already thinks like them and they will get rid of McCain somehow. Her daughter's pregnancy, I could care less about, but as an environmentalist, I just hate her. I get newsletters about the things taking place in Alaska all the time and it's not good news. I know every environmental group in the country is going to rip her apart. It's already started, in fact. Expect the charactures (sp?) of her as Cruella De Ville with a wolf skin coat standing on a polar bear skin rug.
A few facts about Palin-her husband sits on the board of British Petroleum and she consistantly favors the oil companies over the environment; she has strongly pushed for drilling in ANWR and is pushing for polar bears (who are starving and drowning) to be taken off the endangered species list because they stand in the way of drilling there, and has authorized not only aerial killings of arctic wolves in high numbers, but allowed game officials to illegally stake out at least one denning area, killing the mother wolf and entering the den to shoot four wolf pups in the head, according to one email I got.
I have been infuriated by this little piece of news since I got the recent email and then to later hear that this ***** has been chosen to be VP was just the worst. McCain hasn't been too bad re: the environment til he decided he should be President- and he accepted her as his running mate? Has Lieberman endorsed her yet? If so, I will never forgive him. It means he has totally sold out his principles.
Then to top it off, I went to canvas Sat. and asked if we could rip apart Palin's record on the environment and everyone got mad at me and said we should be positive and not assume that people care about the environment. Oh, great. One of the big things most people have in common is that we have a biological urge to protect babies that extends itself to baby mammals and birds. I know that the ads with the drowning bears will be shown, but just showing a pack with the puppies playing and how cute and playful and affectionate they are and then running the info about the kills over a still of a puppy will do it. We need to put this picture of these helpless puppies hearing the shot that killed their mother and the game officials searching for and finding their den and killing them into people's minds and have them know that it was Palin who authorized this so that the ****ing sportsmen who bring revenue to Alaska would have less competition.
The GOP plays on the emotions of voters with fear, race, faith, etc.
Why shouldn't we appeal to their better natures that include the love most of us feel for animals?
Not to mention, that this is a woman who would force a 12 year old girl, pregnant after being raped by her step-father or God forbid, her own father, to carry that child. This is a woman who lacks compassion, who is so focused on her extreme ideology, and so convinced of the rightness of her purpose, that she can't see beyond it. This is the way that Hitler was. This is the way that Stalin was. These are the kinds of people who preached about the rights of zygotes to prevent emergency contraception and chanted that we should bomb Iraq into the ground. If this wacko is President how long will it be before the planes are in the air and the bombs are dropping on brown skinned children in Iran and Pakistan who call their God Allah because, you know they don't count when you are pro-life-not the way the neo-cons are pro-life?
She can't be put first in line for Presidential succession, Ron. We have to make sure Obama/Biden win. Don't worry about the Dems's temporary move to the right. Once they have the numbers they will move left again. Bush/Cheney, etc. can be tried in an International court and get what's coming to them. Obama can start to undo some of the damage they have done, but first he has to be elected. OK?

3:59 PM, September 03, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

I know what you are saying but I have to call them as I see them. To me the first priority is to restore the Constitution. I'm ready to hold them all accountable, regardless. No more holidays for anybody. There has been plenty of time to fix or stop this. STAND UP AND DO IT ALREADY!

That said you will find that I have consistantly said that only a wildly wealthy or wildly stupid person would want 4 more years. I'm hanging in their with them to see if they live up to the ideals they profess. I will only do it so long though. ...Damn, I sound more like Bruce all the time, huh?!

11:09 PM, September 03, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, there is only one Maniac, thank God! Just try to say most of this after the election. It's going to be close which shows you how racist, stupid, and uninformed the public is. Gah!

4:02 PM, September 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Maniacs, don't bother asking how they are cuz, for a variety of reasons we haven't been on speaking terms for a couple of months. I would need a De Lorian with a flux capaciter to visit them, anyway, cuz they are still living in the 60s. Nice as they are they are still too leftwing for me and most other people.
Also, if you were me would you want to be "Miss D"?
Speaking of the other "Miss D" (or Mrs. D?), I got the hint, so no more emails. It would be nice if you would send my tapes back. I would have thought a professional DJ would be able to dub a dozen or so tapes in less than a year :-)
Here's some food for thought while you are clinging to your principles like bitter Pennsylvanians to their guns and their religion. It is ironic that you and your show are part of the reason I have become such a dedicated activist and can go out door to door or call and talk to Democrats who often hang up on me or refuse to answer the door or tell me they are voting for McCain when you consider that while I am doing this you are bashing my Party. Although, I am not putting in as many hours as I could yet, I will be soon and more as the election draws nearer. The young people who are the County and Regional field directors are putting in 16 hr. days. One of them quit her job and gave up her apartment to do this. She has worked even when she has been sick from an abscessed tooth and could hardly stay awake. There are people all over this country who are doing the same thing, and there you are...sitting at your desk at your computer going to various blogs and turning people off from voting for Democratic candidates and helping a man and woman you CLAIM to despise to beat Obama and Biden and Udall and Teague and many of our other candidates. Shame on you, Ron! The Maniac has called you a Republican many times. Please don't prove him right-OK?


3:33 PM, September 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, are you too busy trashing Dems to answer me or just ignoring me?
Update: spent Friday night helping with phone banking (about 80 calls with 2 good conversations with McCain supporters who were willing to check out the website and one guy who said he is a Vietnam vet, McCain is a Vietnam vet, and the latter is the one that can be trusted to take care of the troops not Obama. So of course I said is it supporting the troops to keep them in Iraq for 100 years or to refuse to sign the GI Bill. He refused to listen-still voting GOP and hung up. One caller-Obama's pro-choice and we're pro-life so we are voting for McCain and hung up.
Saturday-Pinata Fest-helped with Voter registration, etc. for a couple of hours in horrible heat. Then did door to door canvassing for 4 hr. One lady said she would not vote for Obama because among other things she does not like his middle name.
Sunday-another 3-4 hr. of door to door canvassing. One lady said if he is elected he will open immigration and let the blacks from Africa flood into this country and take it over. A very sweet old lady but she loves to watch Rev. Hagee's show.
Tonight-training for Precinct Captains
NM is crucial to winning the election. Some of us get that which is why my Reg. coordiantors are working themselves to death. I worked for hours this weekend, numerous other volunteers, including The Donkey and his family, worked for hours this weekend in the heat. One lady has high blood pressure and still worked like crazy in the heat and sun when it was making her sick.
Did you use your time and your talents and your intelligence and your ability to be able to absorb and give back info to defeat the candidates you despise or help the ones you're voting for? I hope so.
Peace NOT Pearce!

5:48 PM, September 08, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you even read this? Why don't you say something? Scared?
Suggestion-go get deputized to register voters in O County and register a bunch of Obama supporters. Won't take you very long.
Do you want to help Palin to win? Look up her rotten environmental record...
Sarah Palin's record on environment is abymal
Rick Steiner (Prof- Univ of Alaska)
Guest Columnist
Do it for the polar bears and the wolves, Ron...have a heart, unlike Sarah Palin!

4:22 PM, September 11, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I see that McCain has a slight lead over our future President due to WHITE voters. Makes me sick. 40 years since King's speech and too many Americans still must judge their political candidates by the color of their skin and not by the content of their characters and not in WV, only.
Obama would win in a landslide if he was White. No one would believe the lies about him being Muslim and a Black Panther wannabe except the die hard Republicans and the rich who want their frigging tax cuts.
I have been accused of n... love for supporting him. I have talked to someone who refuses to believe Obama is not a Muslim no matter what I offer to prove that is a lie. I have heard how "we don't need that Black BOY in the White House" from a liberal and boy that makes me wonder what the definition of liberal means to some people. Supposedly this was a joke. Do you think it is funny? I think it is sickening. "Boy" is just about the most demeaning thing you can call a Black man.
I have heard that if he is elected he will open the floodgates for immigration from Africa. People who think like this aren't always hateful. Quite often they are just ignorant. Sad, isn't it?

4:23 PM, September 12, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

Sorry I'm slow to respond. I read a lot, ponder, then post. I sent you an email some time ago(months) to see if you still had the same address and didn't get a response. Let me know. Send an email or something.
I'm not as liberal as the maniac nor as conservative as the republicans. I must admit to not being as excited about Obama as many but have no problem with voting for him. I put a bumper sticker on. Beyond that I must admit to not being nearly as excited about him as others. I won't say why here because you might accuse me of helping the other side. I am not going to support Democrats or Republicans right or wrong. The Republicans are nearly always wrong and in no way have I ever encouraged anyone to vote for them. The Democrats have been wrong enough that they have drifted from my principals quite a bit. Enough to make me question my status as a Democrat. While the republicons keep the mantra about how liberal Obama is, part of my problem is he is not liberal enough for me. Certainly better than McWar though. Go to the post called "a day of scribbles". Down the post there is a part with links. Go there and see how progressives rate the legislators. Nobody knows a progressive like a progressive.
There is certainly racists still in this country. I think, while hate may have something to do with it, it is a result of fear more than hate though. They are scared of black people. Don't ask me why. It's a foreign concept to me too. I'm just telling you what I have observed.

10:59 AM, September 14, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a short note. Have tried 2 X to leave a longer post and accidently deleted them. Sigh!
Emailed you Defender of Wildlife's new ad. Watch it and tell me that you want to do anything to help that b*tch get elected. Obama might not be as liberal as we'd like, but he's a sight better than someone who supports American fascists which is what Cheney and the rest of the PNACers are in MY opinion. We can NOT let McWhiny get elected. You know we have a history of political assassinations in this country. How long will he last before some rightwing nutcase takes him out and makes Scary Palin President?
RE: emailing you...I got tired of being asked to return to the blog when I felt that under the circumstances it was better to go my separate way. Problem is that even tho I tried other blogs I missed this one and its format. Miss the old days when Dedanna, Donkey, etc were here to talk to whether you were or not. It's nice to have some place to air my opinions now that local conservatives have killed the only liberal talk show we had by refusing to sponsor it. So much for free speech.
Re: more emails-not a good idea. I have no wish to antagonize the other "Ms. D"-y'know? Why did you feel the need to "out" me? Not one of your better ideas. Better to let sleeping dogs (or cats) lie.

Peace NOT Pearce!


3:31 PM, September 14, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I see that you are choosing not to answer my posts again...could this be why with an occasional post from someone else, there are only 2 people on this blog and usually only one?
Anyway, not doing much on the political front these days as I have a cold that is going around. Just as well, that I don't hang around HQ and make everyone else sick (literally, not the way I make YOU sick). FYI, our HQ is off the beaten track, so to speak, while the GOP's is on Main ST. in the old Denny's-lately The Cover-Up Cafe. Most appropriate and what do you suppose they are covering up?
Another tidbit-The Obama/Dem HQ was closed on 9/11 out of respect for our fallen heroes, but the local GOP HQ was open for business.
Skimmed over your post re: Palin and her husband-God, I am so sick of the sight of her face. I can't even watch Keith's show cuz I just end up chanting nasty things at her-y'know?
How is it that you didn't put anything about her rotten environmental record in it or McCain's hypocrisy in agreeing to this when he has repeatedly opposed drilling in ANWR? It's a good thing that I am here to talk about it. You've never struck me as someone who is especially concerned with animal rights, but you claim to love dogs. How then can you like someone who sends officials out to chase their cousins through deep snow and shoot them from airplanes? How can you stand the thought of someone dragging weeks old or even newborn pups from a den and shooting them in the head at close range?
How can you find anything to like about this bi*ch?
What are you like the idjits at the convention who wore buttons calling her "the hottest babe from the coldest state" cuz she was in some beauty contest? Yeah-she's Miss Congeniality with an AK47 in her hands. Something tells me that except for the Ewes, more women than men are gonna hate Scary.


4:32 PM, September 17, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, please send my tapes back sometime, OK? I miss the show, even the reruns. :-) If something happened to them, just say so. If you need me to send you postage, I will. You can look my address up on-line or in your Roz phone book if you still have it. Apt. 34
I heard that there was a big protest in Alaska-anti-Palin and 1400 people. Biggest one in Alaska's history. Also, the wolf shootings are being talked about on MS-NBC and other networks now, and lots of people have seen Defenders of Wildlife's ad. Got the greatest thing from a friend re: a feminist named Eve Ensler's speech (?) about how awful Palin is. TJ, our Chair, sent me one from Gloria Steinam, too. Guess, the other feminists will do Hillary's work for her cuz I haven't heard her say anything about Scary yet.

Peace NOT Pearce!

4:44 PM, September 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the scoop on OT County-pro-McCain or insanely pro-McCain? Chvs CO is tres depressing, although some people have signs up. It seems that far too many of the elite Dems don't support the candidate or don't seem to. Could it be that it's because HE is not the one who is elite while McMoola is? Gosh, I'd hate to think that the few Dems we do have who are well off would have a problem with Obama's color. Meanwhile, certain prominent citizens you would expect to be supporting Udall are supporting Pearce. Is it fallout? It is sickening, also, to see how many working class homes have GOP signs in the yards. Course word is that there are plenty of them to go around as the GOP funded by the haves instead of the have nots is giving them away by the dozens for nothing nothing nothing which of course is what their candiate's platform consists of beyond smears and false accusations.
Speaking of that, did you catch the Emmy Awards seemingly sponsored chiefly by McWhiny, his despicable running mate, and their supporters telling fairy tales about how awful Obama is and how wonderful they will be for the working people of the U.S. What was most disgusting was the Born Alive group and their ad suggesting that Obama is helping to kill viable fetuses in large numbers. I don't agree with PBA, myself, but I know the number of them performed where the fetus is not only viable, but undeformed has got to be miniscule. When our representatives have supported PBA, they just about always say it's to save the life of the mother or because the fetus is so severely deformed it couldn't live. Yet, the GOP is smearing Obama in the sleaziest ad I've seen so far and I totally believe McCreep knew about it and approved it. If not him then that wacko he's running with.
Obama does have to answer to this, though. He needs to stop trying to be careful not to hurt the feeling of the pro-choice extremists and say what most of us and I'm sure he feels-that we want abortions to become both rare and rarely necessary.


6:13 PM, September 22, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didja see Bill Clinton on Letterman last night? If not, he did sorta plug Obama, but kept talking about what Hillary's policy is-like she is still running. What?!! He did remind me of what it was like to have a SMART President.
Chris Rock was on, too, and he's like "She lost!..." What was really good is that he said Alaska is like "Road Warrior" with snow and Sarah Palin shooting all the moose and holding up a bloody moose head and Michael Vick is saying, "Why am I in jail?" LOL Clinton failed to diss either McCain (was actually positive about him) or the vicious animal murderer (in MY opinion) who is his running mate. He didn't even say she was no Hillary Clinton. What's up with that?

Green Peace NOT Palin!

4:04 PM, September 23, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still no comment from the blogmaster...does that mean you are busy dubbing my tapes so you can send them back? This should prove to the Maniac that you are not a Republican if it is true that elephants never forget and the problem is that you forgot to do this until reminded to-right?
Speaking of animals, The Humane Society has endorsed Obama not McCain.
Also, Pearce has a rating of 20% on children's issues and Udall has 100% according to one website rating Congresspeople on this.

Peace not Pearce!

4:37 PM, September 24, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

I feel sorry for democrats who work hard in this right wing nut area of the country. Be it Chaves or Otero or Eddy or Lee or any other county down here. You have an impossible task. Slow people, Dem or Con. They live in the past and think waving the flag is equivalent to patriotism. They are far to status quo establishment for me. I'm hoping things make it possible for me to get out of here soon. I can hardly bear it anymore.
Sara Palin is a joke. Please tell me it's a joke.

9:42 PM, September 26, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a sick joke if it is one and not at all funny. Even Cheney is funnier than that.
SOME of us in Chaves CO are more inclined to do the activist thing and thank goodness we are meeting each other thru this campaign. I wish Lonna was still here. I know she'd park her truck right in front of the GOP HQ. Hopefully, we will have at least one rally somewhere downtown where we can have protest signs. Rozhell is a joke in other NM cities, Ron, because they do have protests. More and more, I am seeing that the good old boys represent the elite or ruling moneyed faction of our County Party and they don't like to do anything to upset the status quo-just the same old same old and as long as their own pocket books aren't affected they really don't care who wins. Meanwhile, the McCain/Palin, Pearce, and Ezzell signs are everywhere because they are handing them out like candy at a parade. Oh, goody! "Here working/middle class citizens of Roswell take a free sign or ten (without the truth- and give up any chance at health care or being able to keep your job or your home and still get your Social Security/Medicare when the time comes and breathe in all that polluted air and drink all the polluted water you can...)and the sheeple buy it. Ron, these are the dumbest people I've ever seen. Yes, the media doesn't do its job, but the truth is out there if people will bother to look at it and they refuse to. Gah!

2:45 PM, September 27, 2008  

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