Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Ya Say Real America?

There's lots of comments about just what is Real America and just who are Real Americans these days. The political world comes down to semantics again. Sueprize, Sueprize, Sueprize. I actually think it is definable. I know the knee jerks on the left when one says that but I'm about to give it a try. Noting the title of this blog it seems I may be pretty much required to say something about this. I guess first it is necessary to describe what I am talking about and some examples of the problems we face when I say Real America. That way if you wish to be critical you can be critical on valid grounds.

First the things I think necessary for Real America. Second some thoughts behind those points. Third how I see it being portrayed today.

1. At the top I would have to say that it is someone that respects the Constitution and the ability to disagree and advance our country through the Constitutional system within checks and balances.
That it can be changed through and only through those checks and balances.

2. Someone that is in favor of government of by and for the people. Supports a republican form of government - the state derives its power from the people.

3.Believes in rules by the majority with rights of the minority protected.

That's about it for me. Beyond that go for it. You are a Real American in my book. Giving a wide but deliberate course is what it is all about when you are a Real American in my book.

1. When the Constitution is violated, especially by someone specifically charged with protecting and defending it, they should be charged, the evidence seen and adjudication given. From Nixon on(I know this much cuz I was there) nobody, I mean nobody in our government(at least at the executive level) pays for crimes or Constitutional violations. Republican or Democrat. Gee, I wonder why they keep doing it? The world of no accountability is not sustainable. I know the right is already crying about wasting all our time and creating divisions with criminal prosecution of this administration. Three words. Bill Clinton investigation. Wasting time on what? Showing the world that we are not that kind of country. As far as division goes. Only 20 some percent of the people like his work at this point. Large amounts of that 70 some per cent, when shown the evidence, would likely understand the problems we have to deal with right now. Do you support the 4th or 1st amendment as proudly as you support the 2nd ? If not do you find the 4th and 1st amendments less important to our societies survival?

2. Well ,as both sides know well, this is more an ideal than a truth or a fact about how it happens right now. Those that support it should be having discussions on how we fix it. I guess that would include me. Let's just start with one thing. At the start of this nation the free press was vital to our country and it's formation. The equivalent to that today is individual citizens and groups on the internet. All the big media is a for profit enterprise. They will do what makes money. They have few if any egalitarian issues. They, for survival as a entity, may try for an acceptable amount of accuracy but they have no agenda right or left. They will cover and print under whatever plan they have to draw readers or viewers. This is the same principal at work for Bill O Reilly and Keith Olberman. As a 30+ year media veteran let me promise you I am not leading you astray on this. Big Media is basically entertainment. That's where Rush is right. That includes him, and me too should some company pick me up. Talk to each other. Their sits the truth, good or bad.

3. This too me is taken in a more immediate political sense but I think it applies to all areas, from religion, to social to cultural. Certainly polygamy for one, is not allowed but that is something that is overwhelmingly accepted both socially and religiously. While exceptions to this rule are inevitable they should be as few as necessary.

Here's the understanding I get from many on the right as to their view of Real America

“Thats to work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God.”

Well let's see. I work and do my best to accomplish and achieve. I believe in a higher power I call God.-How much you want to bet I'm not what they are talking about when the make that statement. So in my book that makes it false. That's not what they are wanting you to picture when they say real America. Huge numbers of the people they are condemning meet those qualities.

Real America doesn't have socialists or Muslims.

Well, if this is what they are talking about I'm off the bus right now. Stop. I see diversity as a strength and not a weakness. Especially as the world becomes more global. The better we understand the rest of the world the more likely we are to be good leaders(a position we have been charged with at least for a while). Socialists and Muslims and Fascists and mega church Evangelicals are welcome in my Real America. They must follow the Constitution and be no more or less subject to the laws of the land. That's the rule.

Is of the conservative/republican persuasion on political issues like abortion, religion and a nearly universal disdain for government...anytime.

Well, there's a lot to disdain and I might even agree on many issues. Some we won't, and that does not make you anti American any more than it makes you anti American for not agreeing with my more liberal philosophy. The fact that one sees government as something we the people shouldn't or can't control kinda throws a big smelly fish into the entire discussion to me. It really makes the rest of it moot doesn't it. We need to quit thinking of the government as them and start acting like it is us. That's the first small step in a mighty voyage. We will never even get started if one sees their only opportunity as the enemy. It is something to be shared through consensus.

You always agree with what the country does and support it, pledge allegiance...all that patriotic stuff.

If one is working directly for the government a pledge or oath may be advisable. I'd like to know what I am pledging allegiance to first. I would be a poor patriot and human being in my book to support my country when it devalues or ignores my morals and values. To support torture for example.
It concerns me to see overly patriotic people. Some, in my eyes, come close to some kind of deification of the flag or the country. I think that is morally wrong even in the Christian faith. I certainly see it a violation of my principals. Observe the laws yes. Agree with and support everything done in my name as a citizen...no.
Little secret, even beyond our individual morals and values the enormously vast percentage of us as a whole want America to “win”. We want to do smart, valid and noble things. We most all prefer as a country to be looked up to than looked down on. How we get their needs some discussion.
Most of us have all or nearly all our family and friends here. We have all enjoyed a way of life many others don't have and we all well know that. We are virtually all on the side of the US. It is idiotic to address someones patriotism. Especially someone that is native to this country..in the sense of being born and living an entire life or nearly entire life here, which most have.
Oh geez, does one need to go on? We all know what they are talking about and that is why it won't work.

I must say though I do think that some of those Constitutional values at the top are in violation so yes, there are people that are not adhering to my concept of Real America be they intending to or not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noticed that the "reeling murkan" from Alamogrodo made Keith's Worst Person in the World yesterday. While she may be a small minority in her actions, the majority don't seem to oppose these types until their actions actually cause them some problems.

Larry in New Mexico

5:55 PM, October 25, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went down to Sunland Park with friends yesterday to see Hillary. Long trip, but totally worth it and the wait in the hot sun to see her. :-)!!!
Pays to have friends in the right places cuz Stephanie Dubois managed to get us VIP tickets so we were right in front of the podium about 20 ft. away from her. Quite a crowd-hundreds of people- and a big difference from anything we see here in Chaves CO, especially since Virginia resigned as Chair. We were sitting on the bottom bleacher, but they put people in front of us so we had to stand up to see the speakers. Harry Teague and Jill Udall soke first and then Diane Denish came up and introduced Hillary. Several false alarms beforehand when we'd thought she'd arrived, but Oh, my God, Ron, the first sight of her was a total thrill. I screamed her name along with everyone else and we were all chanting "Hillary... Hillary..." and she is every bit as much a "rock star" as Obama and we're like "We love you, Hillary!" and she smiled and said " I love you, all, too!" Even tho she had a bit of laryngitis she gave a great speech endorsing Obama and Biden, as well as Teague and Udall, talking about how it was the Democrats who brought our troops home from WWII, who passed the laws giving us equal rights, environmental protections, etc. and how Bill balanced the budget and left with a surplus, and how it would take a Democrat again to clean up the second Bush's mess. It was great, but I couldn't get close enough to touch her or get her autograph. Did get some photographs tho.
Also, I wore the T-shirt I made that says "Sarah Palin: She's NO Hillary Clinton!" on the front and
"Scary Palin:
Pro Oil $$$
Anti: Wildlife" www.defenders.org
on the back and it was a big hit with a lot of people I met at the rally, in Alamagordo, and in Las Cruces. One guy even asked if he could take pictures of it. ( Hmm...wonder if he will make copies of the shirt. :-) Anyway, that alone was a big difference from Rozhell where anyone who dares to wear Dem buttons, peace signs, etc. is likely to get hateful looks from the locals. You are so right about many of the Alamagordo folks, tho. Stephanie has all kinds of stories about the things she hears and since she has a talkshow, among other things she hears plenty. Makes me think Otero must be even worse than Chaves. Speaking of Chaves, would you believe I could not find one book by Hillary in Hastings Friday night? Only one book by Bill and a rightwing hatchet job on Hillary were all that the store had. They have books by Obama and Biden now, but the books by rightwing nuts are prominantly displayed all over the store and to get a book by Moore or Hightower or Ivins you have to special order. I've told the book mgr. they are biased in favor of Republicans and that as a customer who is a Democrat and a Liberal I don't like it. She got all huffy and denied it but of course the Dems can all see this and if the locals don't get to see anything in Hastings, Target, etc. see nothing else and the ones with cable tv are denied Comedy Central and Link TV and your show or another like it, it's no wonder the ignorance is so prevalent. Virginia and I were chatting with a guy from Massachusetts in Hastings the other night and he, like anyone from the West Coast or east of here/north of the Mason Dixon line, can't get over the idiotic redneck mentality here-guns, fundamentalist christian black and white intolorance, and the way the people don't read and are proud of it, and so on. Here we were talking like this in a public place with people giving us hateful looks like they do cuz you know if we can't believe like they do we are supposed to keep our unchristian unpatriotic mouths shut.
Now that this rightwing Libertarian publisher has control of the RDR (already endorsed McSame/Pearce) it will be worse than ever.
Well, I really better go get ready to canvas this afternoon if I can stay awake, that is. ZZZZ...

12:23 PM, October 26, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Know what you mean on all of this. I am so sick of the attitudes of all these holier than thou Christian Fundamentalists who practice hate and intolorance when God is Love, who support war for profit when Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and who think the sum total of Christian values is to oppose abortion and gays. Not to mention them preaching about supporting the Constitution they spit on and bashing Liberals while talking about honoring our forefathers who were LIBERALS. They are the worst hypocrites I've ever seen and I'm also sick of hearing the word socialist all the time from these ignoramuses when their leaders are fascists and why did we fight/defeat the Nazis if we're going to let Karl Rove and Dick Cheney be in charge of the country now instead of the people?
Local store that caters to teachers and is on Main St. now has a poster in the window comparing Obama and McSame on social issues like gay marriage and gay pride, etc. This is supposedly hunky dory cuz it's all factual, but God forbid there'd be anything about McCain wanting to bomb Iran which will kill babies there and his willingness to give to the rich instead of the poor. Who will provide health care for senior citizens, children, and veterans should be considered a family values issue worth listing on a poster. How about who will really fund No Child Left Behind and not use it as a way to shut down underperforming schools in poor neighborhoods after not giving them the resources to compete with schools in wealthier districts (all leading to the eventual privatization of schools which will surely be evangelical brainwashing facilities to strip children of their individuality and create ultra-conformists who can only think in black and white.) It would just be unthinkable to display a poster in a teacher's store that would outline the candidates' positions re: eduation-right?
Did you ever see that movie "V for Vendetta"?
Really agree with that part about how:
People should not be afraid of their government:a government should be afraid of its people.
If McSame wins, expect the revolution to begin Nov. 5.

11:09 PM, October 27, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! No posts since 10/20...tell me you aren't too busy talking to The Game to look at your own blog. If I remember right you had company last weekend...hope you remembered to send my tapes back to Roswell w/Dianne.
Did you see the 30 min. ad Obama did? I only got to see clips of it on Countdown. The word on MS NBC is that it was well done and one to tug the heartstrings not one with a lot of facts and figures.
Did you see the speeches Bill Clinton and Obama gave in Fla.? Oh, my God, they topped their Convention speeches. We have it now for sure and who the heck got polled if McCain is gaining on Obama? Yeah, sure if you mostly poll religious wackos, gun fanatics, ignorant rednecks, multi-millionaires, and white supremecists, McCain will be ahead in the polls. If enough people saw the ad and the speeches we will win in a landslide.
Loved the line about the GOP saying Barack is a socialist cuz they checked so far back in his history they found out he shared his toys with other children in his kindergarten class and once split a peanut butter sandwich with another child. Bill laughed so hard he cried.
Man, I would love to see the two of them together in person.
Anyway, check out the interview with Obama (Eric Bates) and the article re: whether the GOP will steal this election, too, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Greg Palast in the 10/30 issue of The Rolling Stone.

11:16 PM, October 29, 2008  

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