Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things Mama Forgot To Teach You: Two Sides To Every Story

I'm the kind of person that is curious. I read conservative blogs on a somewhat regular basis. As long as I can stand it and then I take a short break. I need to know what they are saying and I want to know the mentality of their thought, how they think, what they think and why. That's why it gets tired for me pretty quick sometimes. They are so unabashedly, immovably entrenched in their thinking that they work against the common good. Seems voter fraud and apparent stealing of the election is the big rage now. Gee, some of us have been hollering that or something similar for quite sometime now. They laughed it off and came up with all their special facts on why we had no facts. Maybe they can relate to how you felt now? Don't count on it, empathy is some french word or something apparently because its back in a dark dusty corner from what I can see when visiting our radical right brethern. It appears we are only suppose to take it seriously when they have a complaint. I even saw someone bold enough to infer there were few if any questionable tactics on the right. Brain scrubbed clean as a whistle. It seems they dismiss the most undeniable fact in all of history. The fact that there are at least two sides to every story. Being a beliver with that good ol authoritarian mind set that they are I guess it is understandable, but how in the hell do you deal with that? As a matter of fact some of them are so 'Individualist' to do things in common or for the common good is anathema to their thinking. They don't want to solve problems together as far as I get it. Just leave me alone is a battle cry for them.
Believe you me I am a great believer in diversity. I think it is the lifeblood of our country. Be it politically, socially, culturally, you name it. Their individualism seems to come from fear more than any ultimate desire for a better world or patroitism or some other virtue. I see lots of fear of everything you can possibly imagine on my journeys to the right.

What inspired me to this post?

Marshall Art is one I can usually stand a little longer than the others sometimes cuz Marshall has his days when he actually makes sense. I get the sense of and understand it as something well intentioned, whether I agree with his way of going about it or not. Then there are times like this when I wonder if hes losing that grasp on rational problem solving:

This thread at Sister Toldjah's reminds me of a discussion I once had somewhere regarding the fact that some people just shouldn't vote. That's not to say that I think the average American should in any way be prevented. Of course not. That would be wrong. But if there was some way to convince idiots to stay home and stop pretending like they know what they're talking about, that would be great. It would mean absolutely no Democratic votes of course, but if that's what has to happen, then so be it. In other words, if Dems really want to display their patriotism, they should stay home on election day. That one selfless act on each of their parts would be regarded by me (at least) as a true indication of patriotism unlike anything they could ever show by voting for Obama.........But as the link to Sister Toldjah's blog clearly shows, as well as the links from that post of hers, the depth and breath of stupidity amongst Obama supporters is the stuff of legend.........I could go on. Believe me, I could. But the question might be, what of you rightwingers? Surely there are rightwing counterparts to those you mock? And I'd say, get your own blog, ya loser! But seriously, if you put two chimps in a booth and they voted, the one who punched Johnny Mac's ticket is, by virtue of his choice, the smarter chimp. And it's not because the chimp is well versed on economics or foreign policy, but rather, considering their penchant for throwing pooh, they see Obama for what he is. But truly, more stupid than those highlighted in Sis' post are the educated and political of the Democrat community. They see Obama for what he is but their hatred for the right leads them to deny it or ignore it or to pretend it isn't true. And what is Obama? For all his sorry policy positions, his alliances, his world view, he's simply wrong for this country. Don't be stupid.

He was begging for a response with all that.

Well Marshall it's certainly easy to find semi bright or dumb people in this country but I'm called unamerican when I say it. It means I hate my country.

Here's some more dumb people

For being someone I consider bright you do miss the obvious sometimes. Like the fact that there are two sides to every story. Being a conservative is fine but deciding I'm dumber than a monkey because I'm voting for Obama is a bit over the common sense line isn't it? Hyperbole much?


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