Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Thoughts Before The Election

I got a call this morning from, of all people, the National McWar campaign. Quickly the words William Ayers came up and quickly I hung up. I don't want to hear about Ayers. I have researched the topic and made up my mind. If they would have spoken on something that I found enlightening I would have listened. They get beat about the head with a hammer on this issue. It clearly turns people away from them but they keep saying “Ouch” it feels so good. Go ahead and provide an amusement park for the cult. We are busy trying to survive. We don't have time for games.

As far as the Acorn thing goes, just visit this site. It pretty much covers anything you want to know. Yes I am opposed to anyone fooling with the cornerstone of democracy. Regardless of party. The fact is there is far more to complain about than just Acorn or more accurately, some of their less than honest workers. When the rightists start complaining about ALL of it then I will join them. Until then it only appears to any clear thinking person as party over country.

The liberal label has turned into a proud stance instead of a smear in view of what so called conservatives have brought our country. So now it is time for a change of semantics. Now the buzz on the right is “socialist”. Redistribution of wealth, it seems, is a horrible thing unless it is redistributed upwards. That appears to be legit. No to me. Trickle down has been proven not to work. Don't believe it? Turn on the frickin tv. Check your retirement fund. Try to by or sell a house. Check this.
Here's some economics 101. Our society and economy is consumer driven. That means our economy is successful if people buy things (good, logical and totally valid arguments can be made for savings but neither is happening now). Before that can happen people need money to spend. When the top 20% have 85% of the money....well, that's not going to work. Call it socialism to be opposed to that economic theory if you wish but it isn't working. Am I saying we should have giveaways? NO!! I am saying it is time to start raising wages. The top needs to be compensated less and the bottom need to be compensated more. They earned it! If they don't, find somebody else. Good paying jobs are valued. When people work hard and the result is not reward but survival it is no wonder that people become “lazy” or hopeless or fail to grasp the value of hard work. Compensation is skewed to a dangerous degree. ANYBODY that thinks their contribution to success is 50 or 100 times as valuable as someone else in the business is a narcissist(let alone greedy). If the bottom 50% were awarded 25 to 50% more of the money one would see not only a huge boom in the economy but a growth in the savings rate too. It would also revalue work and the values we wish to support in this country. The cry of socialism is just people being fooled by the rich so they can rob them blind. You are a wage slave.

Finally something that makes me angrier than anything. Why is it ok for the rightists to hate our government with a passion, show disdain anyone to the left of Dick Cheney(most USers) and then call me and others America haters, unpatriotic, unproud of our country, whatever when I have a complaint? Why do they have the clamp on patriotism(they don't) and my complaints are called unpatriotic? It's nonsense and someday I pray they will understand why people find them irrational and their smears insincere.


Barbara at Mahablog had a post on spreading the wealth around. Making note of TRs 'A New Nationalism" which I have been trying to spread around for a while now, its worth a read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Acorn-what hypocrisy since this is coming from the same people who stole the last 2 elections and the first one in Florida. Guess, they know all about voter fraud.
Am doing GOTV now. Lists often aren't up to date. I even had one deceased person (only 2 wk in this case) and how awful it was to talk to the widow who hinted that she was NOT for Obama anyway. All I could do was to apologize for disturbing her at such a time. We help to remove the names of people who have died, moved, etc. from the lists when we canvas.
Speaking of GOTV, met Diane this week. She seems very nice, intelligent, etc. May not run into her again as I'm in and out like most of the volunteers. She can leave my tapes with one of the coordinators who wiil get them back to me. Thanks to both of you.

4:32 PM, October 17, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

Well it seems Obama is fighting back on the vote stealing charges. All election issues should be taken seriously. Why they don't want to talk about the reason we had a US Attorney scandal is beyond me if they are good patriotic Americans.
Dianne is good people. That she gets along with me so well makes her a pretty special person to me.:-) Thanks for the use of the tapes. Since I am again in serious job searching mode It's comforting to have a copy. It helps a lot if people can hear what you do.

3:40 AM, October 18, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: the tapes, I'm glad you have a talk tape now. Hopefully, it will help you get another talk show. Glad to hear, also, that you are moving to CO-FINALLY!! It will be good for both you and your kids.
Re: Dianne-Yes, she seems like a nice person-be NICE to her! (Don't know what you told her, but wonder why you didn't mail the tapes back a long time ago instead of asking her to give them back to you'll be taking her to meet Ginger! :-( )

8:52 PM, October 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me clarify that...hope you didn't tell her anything too bad about me and that she didn't read any of the many things I regret saying on the blog, etc. I really do wonder why you would impose on her this way just to save a few dollars in postage. That is so uncool, Ron! :-(

3:14 PM, October 23, 2008  

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