Sunday, October 19, 2008

Peaceful, Loving Christians Are Mad At Us

Well, when you put it that way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are the dumbest people I've ever seen next to my brother who likes Bush because his picture is in the Veterans' clinic he goes to, so that must mean he supports the troops and McCain must, too, just because he was in Vietnam (never mind his failure to vote for our troops' well being and his reluctance to vote for the GI Bill.) My brother, also, thinks that Sean Hannity is a journalist. He, also, brags that he has not read a book (except for school) since he was 11 years old. It is amazing to me that he was raised by the same parents as my youngest brother and I and that he got "A"s in math all through school. Some people choose to be stupid.
That would include my ex husband, too, who believes all the lies yet will insist to anyone that he is not a racist. Yet, it is totally obvious from everything he says. He even accused me of being a "white racist" who hates her own race and who indulges in "n...r love". I talked to one voter who told me that Obama is stupid and never does anything but go on tv and look stupid and never says one good thing about his opponent... and slammed the door in my face. I bet the Southern hick dimwit (who is probably a product of a union between first cousins) thinks ALL Black (and everyone, else, who's not a White Protestant Evangelical) people are stupid. She, also, probably thinks I'm a traitor to White people because I'm supporting Obama and this is what you get for judging others on anything but the color of their skin. Gah!!

9:20 PM, October 19, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

Well there's no accounting for taste. They can think I'm whatever they want. Until they are informed enough to have an intelligent discussion of whatever the subject, I really have no reason to give much respect to what they think.
Yes, I have seen logical conservatives. When I was young they use to be much more common. Until the radio talkers and such got ahold of them in turned them into political assassins. They aren't trying to work with us. They find the authoritarin no oppositon much more appealing. It's not about growth with disagreements on intellectual grounds. It's about destroy an enemy political sport. They just don't look at it as you and I do. So I take all that right wing dog food with a trainload of salt.

3:36 PM, October 20, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you know that they don't even want to hear a different point of view. It's like with the abortion issue. I've talked to voters who will say that Obama is pro-choice and they are pro-life and walk away and hang up and you can't even discuss any kind of moderate approach to the issue. I hope that some of these people listened to what Barack said about abortion in the last debate. I get sick of hearing about all the late term abortions that don't happen unless the babies are so deformed they won't live through or much past their births. No sane woman would go through 6 or 7 months of pregancy and have an abortion for any other reason. If it was to save her life or for her health she would have an induced labor or more likely a C-Section and save the baby if he/she could be saved. Re: health...McClone is full of it. There are plenty of cases where the mother is diabetic or has some condition where she tried to get through the pregnancy and couldn't without risking her life. My ex knows of one case where the mother had 2 or 3 kids, already, had had a tubal ligation, and still got pregnant. She, also, had Lupus and would have had to have gone off her medication to have a healthy baby. She made a painful choice and had the abortion and even tho every loss of life is a tragedy, I'm sure God understood her choice. It's too bad the right wingnut people who vote on this one issue and their candidates don't understand.
More often than not when I see a run down house with a McCain or other GOP sign in front, I suspect that the people who put it there are pro-life. It's just sickening and you know that they never consider that if they get their way there will be many more babies born into a country who won't have health care, enough food and clothing, decent shelter, their Constituional rights, a good education, and with clean air to breathe and clean water to drink, and I could go on and on because they keep putting greedy selfish unethical Republican conservatives in office and they will make sure of this new baby boom by also outlawing contraception. Don't these fanatics have anything else to do besides try to control other people's sex lives. Gah!
Plus, Virginia went to Las Cruces to see Joe Biden (she says he was awesome and she got to touch his hand) and there were pro-life people there with gruesome photos and a bunch of young children holding them. It's child abuse to expose little kids to this kind of thing-must give them nightmares. What a bunch of wackos! I want to go to one of their rallies and hold up pictures of Iraqi children who have been killed and injured and malnourished because of the war these hypocrites support. Oh wait, those kids don't count cuz they aren't white Christians.


2:57 PM, October 21, 2008  
Blogger Ron said...

That's what I said. They aren't even talking about the same thing as you. You are trying to look at it as an intellicual exercise. They look at it as an emotional almost religous type exercise. Black and white are their home colors.

There are radicals on both sides. The thing that is unclear to,especially younger republicans, is that the radicals have completely taken over their party. Now that people see what it stands for in it's radical element it is being Republicanism is being rejected. I remember when the dems were in the same place. Nothing like 25 years of rule by the other party to fix the other one. Time for those to the left of center to step up.

11:31 AM, October 23, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was in Wendy's last night and heard enough of the conversations around me to realize that I was surrounded by a whole bunch of Republicans-probably from out of state- who I believe are here to canvas for McSame and Scary. They weren't very nice to or about the crew either-in other words they were MEAN NASTY REPUBLICANS. And there I was in my "Save The Wolves: Save the Planet" cap with the Obama button on it and my purse covered with Dem buttons.
One of these wackos had a shirt that said "Bitterly Clinging to My Guns, Religion, and My Constitution!" Oh, yeah, clinging to the Constitution Bush and Cheney spit on-but they don't see this cuz they're all crazy FAUX News fans. I wanted to tell him that it was the stupidest shirt I ever saw, but managed to keep my mouth shut until I was out the inner door and said "Stupid people." at which point I looked behind me and saw one of them and the shocked look on his face. Y'know there are many times when I'd really like to have The Maniac with me to see what he'd do and say. LOL
Was canvassing in Precinct 22 yesterday and there were so many McCain and Pearce and Tingsley signs it was sickening. It's one thing when they are in front of the houses of rich people or at least upper middle class people, but in front of homes where poor people live? Many of them are Hispanics and sadly many of these people who know what it means to be discriminated against are voting against Obama because of his color. He's not gonna win here, but at least I am sure he'll win the state and the country.
Hey, did you know that part of the job of VP is to be in charge of the Senate? I guess, my Political Science prof had it wrong, but then, so did my copy of The Constitution or maybe Palin can't read through the neo-conservative spit on it to see what her job description is?


3:40 PM, October 23, 2008  

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