Thursday, January 24, 2008

Recession? It's All Because Of Those Lazy Welfare Bums!

Here is what the right is posting as serious problem solving..Short version, give the rich and business people more money and let the poor go to hell cuz we all know the reason they are poor is because they are lazy and just want to suck off the government teat. Yep, I bet they are the ones living the gooooood life. Obviously these people have no idea what it is like to be poor or how or why people get there.
Here's the post from the right wing web site:

Remember, this is a STIMULUS package...
So why is 30% of the "stimulus" package going to people who don't pay any taxes?
How is giving them 300 bucks going to help the economy?
How does taking from the people who pay all the taxes and giving it to people who make almost no money and pay no taxes help the economy?
Then you have Dems who want more food stamps and unemployment added in...
How does that help the economy?
I know, I have to keep buy votes Dems, keep more and more people dependant on you...but for those who actually care about the betterment of this country and the SUCCESS of its people, giving more hand-outs does nothing...
They did give some tax cuts for business, yes, those evil souls who give people jobs.
If you really want to stimulate the economy, you make the Bush tax cuts permanent, cut taxes even more, and get more people less dependant on the federal government

Here is my response:
I was agreeing with you til the end. This plan is total bunkum, regardless of who's idea it is.
Bush tax cuts..ya how are those working out? Seems to me the economy is tanking. Yes, I know there are other factors but if your only idea is cut taxes then you have few ideas and have not thought this through at all. Cut taxes, over and over and over again is not a plan, it's a bumper sticker. ..

you want people off government assistance?
Give people,that are WILLING to work(I know many people and virtually none are opposed to working) jobs that pay people a decent wage. You know, reward them for their effort instead of asking them for everything and getting little in return. The redistribution of our wealth to the already wealthy must end if we are all to have a shot at the American dream. If one is willing to work then they ought to be able to make a decent living. There are fewer and fewer jobs that make it possible anymore. Two incomes are almost a necessity for a family. Thats not right. At one time(within my lifetime) if a girl got pregnant a guy could go to work at the gas station and support his family. Can't do that now.
It's not about the pittance the poor,or the lazy as you see them, get from the government that is the problem. It is the business climate that makes it impossible to work and make a decent living. It is all the low priced illegal low wage labor flooding into the country depressing the wage base. There are many factors here.
There is much to do and to just say tax cut is a total cop out used by people that are to shallow to think.