Saturday, October 07, 2006

All In One On The Foley Scandal

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I got moved and am working into the new job. I find it important to give a big effort to my new employer til I am up to speed and making the full contribution. It is coming along but I still have a ways to go.

Seems the politics is taking care of its self pretty well. This Foley thing is interesting to me more for how the rightists respond to it. Few attempts, at least at the outset, to stand up and solve the problem. Lots of "comparison" wackiness. The right does that all the time and now it is becoming apparent that it is their standard operating procedure. For example: Well what about Bill Clinton and Studds and blah blah blah. Or when debating the torture situation how about, well the terrorists CUT PEOPLES HEADS OFF!
I think if you go ask the local debate coach at your high school or university I think you will find that this is not very good debate procedure. It actually shows the insight of about a 12 year old. Why would one think of what they abhor the most and compare their own actions to that? Isn't that lowering the bar pretty far?! I can tell you from doing this for quite some time now that it certainly is their SOP. The bar for American behavior and and Repuglican values has been lowered so far it gets muddy from a rain shower. I am hoping Americans are seeing through this "values" crap they spew every election and understand they really have none beyond enriching themselves.
Their other excuse, which is actually related to the "comparison" argument is ..well our guys resign, your guys run for reelection and win. Where are your values! Well, I can't speak for all Democrats or liberals. First let me say Clinton did some things politically that I disagreed with. NAFTA and open world markets have contributed to the sorry state we find our selves in today. I was opposed to Bosnia at the time. It seems it may have turned out with at least part of the desired result though. Plus he didn't get tens of thousands of Americans killed or wounded in accomplishing this goal. I can say Bill Clinton had relations with an ADULT and while guilty he did not, in the act, violate the laws of man. It was a personal issue that was the business of people concerned, not the world. He,wrongly from a moral perspective, did what many other men and women do all the time. He didn't violate the peoples laws with his act. I personally would not have voted for Studds.
The NEXT excuse they come up with is (and this was done by Limbaugh,Drudge and others) it was the kids fault for leading him on! Shit, I don't even need to debate this piece of lamery. If you can't figure it out for yourself you are hopelessly brainwashed.
The NEXT argument they use is it is the Dems at fault for releasing this close to the election. Let me join them in the gutter and wonder if Rove would do something like this? There is proof that Republicans and the pages themselves have brought this to the forefront so this argument is a part of the increasingly lameness of the bahooe debate.
The religo/political wing says that this has come from the sexually permissive atmosphere the the liberals created. Sorry but I don't know any liberals who advocate pedophilia and if any do I oppose them.
I think the party of values and morals is shooting themselves in the foot in trying to minimize this. I think the general public is able to see through something this blantant. They would be far better off saying this is not something that we support or want to represent. Nope, they have another opportunity to twist it into a smear on liberals. That is job one on the wingnut right. Smear liberals. The countrys business be damned. Personal responsibility is only something they talk about.
At the same time we have no progress in Iraq, Afghanistan or the so called war on terror.

Just a side note. We have an AM talk station in our group of stations here. Guess who is on? Yep, bunch of rightwing screechers. Just like virtually every other AM talk station in America. Proof continues to pile up that the liberal media is a fantasy. Radio operators, especially in smaller markets where most things get started, are afraid to put anything else on because the right wing populace whines so loud when other voices are allowed to be heard. It is a sad commentary on the state of our country. I am now making the point that I am "politically incorrect". Pretty close to the truth of what is happening.

Addendum 2: Steve Pearce is running an ad in our market that notes some only want to criticize or find fault with America. Mr Pearce finds that wrong and unproductive. He then goes on and states a number of things that need to be done to make America better. In other words he does just what he says he so abhors. Bwahahaha.