Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lovin' The Liberal Media

It's a little good news in the political sea of crap. I am happy to see that Mike Malloy will be back on the radio again. Mike was the night host on Air America until recently. He was the one I listened to most regularly. While I also liked Randi Rhodes I haven't listened to Air America since Mike has gone. Mike is a little more liberal than I am on a number of issues however there are so many places where he is right on the money. He is not afraid to lay it out in black and white. He is just the kind of fighter I hope to be. He pulls no punches and can bulldog the right like no one else can. Randi is good too but Mikes' serious, confident but non screeching delivery and approach beats all speaking for the left these days. If the rightists want to hear what REAL liberal media sounds like I would encourage them to listen to Mike. Compare the difference between the TV networks and anything else they use as an excuse for liberal media. Maybe then they will develop something like true perspective. Yes there are those that STILL complain about the “liberal” media. I have come to the conclusion that anything that doesn't agree with the right wing agenda or the Cheney administration is the lying liberal media. Of course the liberal media are also an excuse for the blameaholics when things don't go as they planned or they get nailed on their shenanigans. The most recent example is Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania. Remember, this is the guy who famously wanted to get a shovel and go on his own hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Now Mr. Blameaholic Weldon is telling us the liberal media/conspiracy is the reason he and his family are in trouble.
In addition to blaming the D.C.-based watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and its head, Melanie Sloan (who filed a complaint against Weldon with the FBI -- in 2004), the cabal (according to Weldon) now includes: former President Bill Clinton; former CIA official Mary McCarthy; former senior Justice Department official/9-11 Commission panelist Jamie Gorelick; former national security adviser Sandy Berger ("I know what he stole -- I know why he stole it!"); and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
Here are some of the case details coming NOT from the liberal media.
Yes ladies and gentleman. These are the wingnuts in charge of our country. These are the people calling the liberals crazy.
Even Rush Limbaugh has moved on from “liberal” media. Seems he now uses “drive by media”. I have no idea what that is suppose to mean so I can't discuss it. That is also why it is a lame moniker. Does anyone who doesn't listen to Rush know what it means?
Listen to Mike Malloy starting October 30th right here for some real liberal media. The station is actually the start of the next generation in liberal radio. They have some great people lined up. Randi Rhodes, the always entertaining Stephanie Miller and of course Mike Malloy. Read more about it here.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Coffee Table

I am getting more up to speed everyday at work and in my new home. Hopefully I am getting closer to the time I can put more into the blog again. This blog started as an adjunct or continuation of the talk show on the radio. Now that it is no more I have a question for you. What do you find interesting? What kind of stuff would you like to read? Would you like news and comment. A gathering of opinion and thought from various blogs? Straight commentary? Let me know so I can make this more useful for the readers and group we have here(if any of you are left:-).
In the meantime talk about what you wish. Let me know what YOU are finding.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land,
it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison