Sunday, May 11, 2008

Living On The Edge Of Reality

This story takes a look at the inevitable racial overtones to the race and the upcoming West Virgina and Kentucky primaries.

Neil Gillies, an Obama supporter who runs a local environmental nonprofit group, glumly recounted the gibes that his wife, a schoolteacher, hears regularly from her students. “They’re convinced [Obama] is a Muslim, a terrorist, a guy who’s coming to take away their guns,” Gillies said. “It’s just sad.”
The LAT talked to a farmer, who voted for Bush but regrets it, but who appears more than a little reluctant to vote for the presumptive Democratic nominee. “Obama,” the farmer said, “just doesn’t sound right for an American president.” The president of the West Virginia Coon Hunters Assn. told the Times he rejects Obama “because of, you know, who he is.”

We need to let these people go about their merry way. If one is convinced that Obama is a Muslim yet still had a Christian pastor for the last 20 years. Celebrated all the rites and customs of a Christian....well, these people are not rational. They have every right to free speech as the rest of us but I don't need to care. They don't pass the threshold for reasoned debate in my book. The cognitive dissonance allowed by these types is truly a rainbow of convenience and lazy thought.

I wrote some time ago that they were going to connect him to terrorists, or more properly, those they consider terrorists. They have already linked him to University Professor William Ayres(just shows you how the liberals are poisoning the minds of our youth!) and now Hamas.

Hamas is Sunni, Hezbollah is Shite. Al Queda is Sunni, Iran is Shite. Saudi Arabia is primarily Sunni and Iraq is primarily Shite. This is the religious war that is going on. We have no stake here. I have no interest in being a Muslim nor a desire to advance or destroy their religion nor any of its sects. This is not our fight.

Hamas has gained status and respect in the Muslim world. They have done this by providing services and help for their people. They are likely rightly hated by many but they are a lifeline to others. These are things we need to understand to win the war on terra. They hate us because they see us as vastly overbearing, enforcing our will on them. They see giant outside corporations(could be French or German or Russian or US) coming in and profiting from resources that are suppose to be the wealth of the people of the country. These are their real complaints of the people in the middle east.
On the positive side there is this story out of the Yemen Times. It talks about the illegal immigrants going from Yemen to Saudi Arabia for jobs etc. They compare it to the US-Mexico situation. See apparently the Saudis just shoot you. They speak glowingly of the burdens we face and the grace with which we face them. Can we be at peace with these people or do we just have to kill them all? By getting back to the roots of what made the US admired and acting like a leader for good I think we can make progress. If we decide that certain people that represent large populations can not be talked to and will remain enemies until they buckle to our aut-thor-it-tie then we reinforce everything they hate.

Let your knee jerk when you hear Hamas or Al Queda. As a great unknown person said-"When your only tool is a hammer everything looks like a nail."

You may think they want to "take us over" . Even if they truly thought this it would be comical. They could NEVER get US citizens to accept their lifestyle anymore than they are accepting ours. They can't kill us all.
Do we need to be aware of threats and danger to our citizens? Absolutely, I just think that our current policy is not only not producing dividends, it is taking us backward.

So live in fear of the terraist if you want but I am ready to fix the problem. You are about to be left behind.