Sunday, August 19, 2007

Don't Let The Experiment End

Many Americans continue to ignore and sometimes even support the destruction of our country's form of government. A complete upheaval of our way of life is happening in plain sight and many don't care.
Actually I think they would care but, many are uninformed, many are brainwashed into lazy thinking and yes there are a few that are true believers in the authoritarian ideal. There are lastly and most sadly those that never pay it any mind and really could care less what is happening to their country or government. Unfortunately this is a rather large group. I would say it is between a third and a half. It will take something mighty serious happening and shouting it from the rooftops to get them to pay attention. The first part of that has happened. We have a corporate cabal overthrowing our government. Now we have to shout it from the roof tops and lay the insults to the people that try to pull the “liberal” or “tinfoil hat” thing.

Here's the news:

Privatizing(corporatising) America

The Defense Intelligence Agency is preparing to pay private contractors up to $1 billion to conduct core intelligence tasks of analysis and collection over the next five years, an amount that would set a record in the outsourcing of such functions by the Pentagon's top spying agency.
The proposed contracts, outlined in a recent early notice of the DIA's plans, reflect a continuing expansion of the
Defense Department's intelligence-related work and fit a well-established pattern of Bush administration transfers of government work to private contractors.

That's right, they are wholesale moving the peoples business to the unelected, for profit corporations. I think it should be obvious to all at this point that if a corporation has to choose between profit and patriotism profit will win nearly every time. That is why they go overseas, have offshore bank accounts , or in the situation of Halliburton, have actually moved their entire corporate headquarters to Dubai.

These are the people we are entrusting much of our most important collective business(government) to.

The DIA's action comes a few months after CIA Director Michael V. Hayden, acting under pressure from Congress, announced a program to cut the agency's hiring of outside contractors by at least 10 percent. The CIA's effort was partly provoked by managers' frustration that officials with security clearances were frequently resigning to earn higher pay with government contractors while performing the same work -- a phenomenon that led lawmakers to complain that intelligence contract work was wasting money.

Yes folks their ideal would be to turn every activity in the country over to the for profit sector.

Let me note that I am not a communist. I believe that the private sector and small business in particular is an integral and necessary part of our way of life. When do things go to far though?
When you have time, here is a documentary that will put it all in focus for you.

Gonzales seen as politicizing Justice Dept

Daniel Metcalfe, who resigned in January after serving as head of the department's Office of Information and Privacy since 1981, said Gonzales, the nation's highest-ranking Hispanic official, has become an embarrassment.
"Gonzales has shattered the Justice Department's tradition of independence and has politicized its operations more than any other attorney general since the Watergate era," said Metcalfe, who began working at the agency in 1971.

Yes ladies and gentleman, the top legal agency in the nation. The one accountable for insuring the rule of law, equality and justice, has been turned into a partisan agency.

John Koppel, a civil appellate attorney at the department since 1981, said last month in The Denver Post that the agency and the government have been thoroughly politicized. He called it "a national disgrace of a magnitude unseen since the days of Watergate."
Koppel wrote, "It is especially unheard of for U.S. attorneys to be targeted and removed on the basis of pressure and complaints from political figures dissatisfied with their handling of politically sensitive investigations and their unwillingness to 'play ball'."

Interestingly enough even lawyers find their actions too disgusting to be a part of.

They said Gonzales is having difficulty finding replacements for a number of aides who have departed during the five months he has been under fire.

Commerce, Treasury funds helped boost GOP campaigns

I guess the Hatch act applies to everyone except radical right wingers.

In a separate investigation, the independent Office of Special Counsel concluded that GSA Administrator Lurita Alexis Doan violated the Hatch Act, which limits the political activities of government employees. Witnesses told investigators that Doan asked at the end of one political briefing in January 2007 what her agency could do to help GOP candidates. Doan has said she doesn't recall that remark.Violations of the Hatch Act are treated as administrative, not criminal, matters, and punishment for violations ranges from suspension to termination. The administration has not taken any action against Doan.In the months leading up to the 2002 election, then-Commerce Secretary Don Evans, Bush's former campaign-finance chairman, made eight appearances or announcements with Republican incumbents in districts deemed by White House aides either as competitive districts or battleground presidential states.During the stops, he doled out millions of dollars in grants, including in two public announcements with Rep. Heather Wilson, a New Mexico Republican in a competitive district.

The right doesn't even want to bring this stuff up. I looked over the right wing blogs and they are discussing drivel. How the media hates them seems to be the overriding theme, as it has always been. They love to chastise the victimization of America while living the role themselves.
One poster noted that Bill Moyers portrayed Karl Rove like this:

PBS’ Moyers Raps Rove as Agnostic Shakedown Artist
The Rove nemesis slams the exiting Bush aide as a fear-mongering manipulator.

Here is a link directly from the wingnut site to show you what they are so upset about.

Now, unsurprisingly if you watch it you will see that he did use the word agnostic when quoting Rove himself and did say the word manipulator. Other than that their descriptions are more interpretations of what he said rather than an exact accounting. Surprise, surprise.

As a matter of fact before he gave his opinion he showed quite a number of people praising Karl Rove. If only Fox could be as fair and balanced.

Let us assume he said just what they claim he said. How is that outside reality? I know name calling isn't considered tasteful but what else are you going to call him?

Check the book or video Bushs Brain if you are perplexed by the disdain shown toward Karl Rove.

Time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country. Don't shrink from this, stand up boldly and proudly for what you believe in and what you represent. Don't let the bastards guilt you or fear monger you into giving up your principals. This country is in a critical place in history and it is up to YOU to help save it.