Saturday, July 26, 2008

A New Nationalism

I've had computer, actually modem, problems lately but finally have them fixed. Thank God. I have decided I would rather give up the TV than the computer. Televison only barely reflects real life or much reality of any kind. Strange in a time of “reality TV.” Even the news, and sometimes especially the news, has little to offer. Entertainment . Cultural lifestyle. It's what they in the TV world have well in hand. Our impressions. Our identity of our cultural lifestyle. When it comes to our ideas or ideals or any real discussion it is hard to find on TV, including the news. Most so call political shows (and campaigns) are curious attempts at character assassination or personality politics. Where are the discussions of our shared goals and priorities. Of things that would truly make this a great and generous nation. That was the way we were described when I was young. Not many outside of the country would describe us that way now. You can argue they are wrong but you can't argue that most of the world would not describe us that way anymore. Probably the first two words that would come up would be bully and imperialist. Instead of talking about what a great nation we have , saying anything else is unpatriotic or something. All discussion of how we might make it better or what might be wrong is unpatriotic..... I don't care.... Call me whatever you want. Bothers me not a whit. Now can we move on to issues. TV has no idea that this is even a part of what they do. Cspan and strangely enough, some comedy is about all on TV that is anything more than pure entertainment and personality driven cultural pablum. Since liberal and conservative happen to be the big political grinding point now, lets talk about that.

I have many wonderments about the people that were formerly know as the loyal opposition. The personality focus instead of the , our universal good , type discussions have become vacuous for me. He's this and he's that instead of WE want to do this and WE want to do that is the stretching their independent spirit a little to far for me. Their hate of any effort done in the name of the people of the country except war and perpetually lower taxes is socialism to them. That to me is a RADICAL theory. They want us to do almost nothing together. They seem to think a lack of anything but rudimentary organization is harmful. Using the government as a tool to enforce compromises that will benefit the country as a whole is seen as government interference and a tool of evil power. As long as we still have a republic answerable to the people it is a tool in our hands. Today individuals, i. e. corporate heads and money often write the bills and nearly always have the largest say in how our country is run and what it represents. If I'm a socialist because I think the the government should do the things that will benefit a better, more organized society then so be it. Should the government own and run everything. No way. I believe diversity and the freedom of though and ideas is the greatest thing we can have going for us. But to take the individualism to the point the rightists have is taking it way to far to be productive for anyone BUT the individual. I guess if that is all you are living for then at least you are cognitively consistent. Somehow I have a hard time believing that is the only purpose for man..or life.

Another mystery to me is the impression I had of conservatives being fiscally prudent. Sometimes to the anal degree. I am in awe of this “new breed” that seems to have absolutely no problem and not even a mention of the HUNDREDS of BILLION of dollars that we are borrowing from China and other countries to finance a war that was at least not the priority at the time. Any of the conservatives I use to know would have cringed over that. They now just make excuses and call people names. Has their fear really overcome them that much? Is this the “new breed” of conservative? No time line means the money gets spent indefinitely. Their time line is literally “whenever”. Not what most business types really want to hear for too long. It would seem more prudent to push for a solution that will end this hemorrhage of dollars. Unless you are scared...or getting lots of the billions.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

That is the 4th amendment. What part of that is being misunderstood? No excuses. Are you for the Constitution or against it? Is that the supreme law or does the supreme law lie in the powerful men?
There is little of the conservative viewpoint that I recognize anymore. There is little doubt that the word conservative in action means something far different than it use to. While there are certainly still differences, I find the Libertarians much closer to what I would consider the conservative philosophy as it was explained to me and appeared to be for so many years than most of those that now call themselves conservatives.
We will always have differences but they have gone over the edge. They have lost their core. It is time for people to get up and fix all this. Are we going forward together as a country united in good for all of our citizens? Or is this a country of me and not we?

The New Nationalism is nearly 100 years old but is precisely what I am talking about today. It all still applies. It's the classic battle between liberal and conservative. It's the classic battle of we and me. I'm all for going back to the New Nationalism. It's the America I believe in and the one I can love. Give me another Republican that will support these principals and I'm switching sides.