Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stupid Jobs That Are Easy

That broadcastin' that's easy. Why, any idiot could do that. Just talkin and stuff.

Ok, well maybe it's not for everybody.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Palins

I really haven't read enough to make a lot of comments on Sarah Palin as McWars' VP. There are a few first impressions I get though. First, the whole experience thing gets pretty much muted by this pick. It was actually the only thing that was relevant in their discussion. I became convinced that the things that Obama wanted to do and his known commitment to doing them outweighed the experience factor. I am sure others came to another conclusion.
I think in many ways it is good that we have people that are not entrenched in the muck.

Now we have Ms. Palin. There is little doubt that she is the radical right wet dream. And I am not referring to checking out her butt either. She is in the right place on all their special issues. No doubt she is the bow to the radical righters. I am much less concerned about her experience than I am her positions on the issues. If she had the experience of Biden or McWar I couldn't like this from a purely policy viewpoint. End of argument. At least for me. All the rest is just noise.
I am convinced that the best thing we can do is help them point out where they stand and what they actually believe in. Let the rightists be rightists. I'm convinced that most of the country is not there. They are far out of the mainstream and letting they themselves point it out is the best thing we can do. I encourge the righies to shout their positions from the rooftops and prove me wrong.

I just watched Palins' introduction by McWar. It just encourages me more to encourage you to let them be rightists.

I must admit that Sarah Palin does have some appeal to me. She is a populist for sure. Unfortunately she is a conservative populist. Certainly a different agenda from a liberal populist like Jim Hightower or Russ Feingold. The fact remains that she has some appeal to me. This makes me smell a...something. Not sure what it is but there is more to be known here. Speculation: They know John will lose so they are using the opportunity to set up the next round. Picking some new party leaders. Lord knows they need some fresh blood and at least by its appearance is preferable to the wingnut authoritarians that are running the show now. At the same time they keep that conservative moms apple pie/Christianist, hate the baby killers, worship the gun mentality that is key to their base. I guess what I am saying is I see her as the loyal opposition but I see common interests too. I get no clue to common interests from the radical right authoritarians. I actually felt similarly about McWar at one time. In the last year or two he has reneged on about everything I could respect him for.

The idea of Hillary supporters supporting McCain or Palin is laughable. I honestly think this was a right wing political ploy from the word go. It's insane to think anybody that supported the interests of Hillary would support the interests of either one of them. It's masochistic. Maybe vote for Nader or the Green party or something. At least that would be cognitively consistent. One would have to have no idea what they wanted to stand for to make a decision to choose McWar after supporting Hillary. Most of what I have heard is women aren't buying it either.
It's kind of like the meme of “Reagan Democrats” -What the hell is that!? Reagan Democrats? If there are Reagan Democrats then I am not a Democrat. It's a straight out oxymoron. Like the ever popular Jumbo Shrimp or the living dead, or the deafening silence. It's a media creation. It's the “liberal media” at work.

Part of Palins(I am sure somebody will quickly catch on to what happens if you “ forget” the L McCain and Pain.) case for McWar was his support for the troops regardless of the political costs. So brave, so Maverick! And the risk in supporting the troops was? What political costs are you talking about? Bumper sticker talk, three word soundbites.
She said she took on the "good ol boys network" in Alaska. I commend her and it appears she may have had some success. Beyond dealing with the oil companies in a cooperative way she hasn't played with the big boys anything like she will be required too. Not even close.
She said she took on Washington concerning the bridge to nowhere. Wow, so brave, so Maverick! I am glad you opposed that. Good for you. No big act of bravery or visionary thought though.
The risk you took?
Let the be rightists. Encourage them to talk.
Democrats helped give Palin her victories on oil taxes and the natural gas pipeline deal, over the opposition of many of Palin's fellow Republicans in the Legislature.
But Anchorage Democratic state Sen. Hollis French said it's a huge mistake by McCain and "reflects very, very badly on his judgment." French said Palin's experience running the state for less than two years hasn't prepared her for this.
Alaska Democratic Party chairwoman Patti Higgins, attending her party's national convention in Denver, said she was shocked to hear the news this morning.
North Pole Republican Sen. Gene Therriault, who leads the minority caucus in the state Senate, said Palin has executive experience as governor and is ready for the job.
"It's a great opportunity for the state of Alaska," Therriault said. "For us to get our message out in what the state has to offer to the nation."
Therriault said Palin has proven to be a quick study who people respect for what she's done as governor, such as helping fix the ethics problems in Alaska politics.
Andrew Halcro, perhaps Palin's biggest political rival in Alaska, had a mixed reaction.
"When I first heard it, I thought, wow, that's great for Alaska. Then I thought, wait, what just happened? Because of course the lack of experience does jump out at you," Halcro said.
Palin is a skilled campaigner able to make people believe in her, said Halcro, who spent nine months on the campaign trail in 2006 running as an independent opposite Palin and former Gov. Tony Knowles, a Democrat, in the general election
"You really have to have a high level of respect for Gov. Palin in the sense that she has this real ability to connect with people. And suddenly people don't think about health care, they don't think about the economy, they don't think about whatever else, education," said Halcro, a self-described wonk. "It's not about the policy. It's about the person."
Palin always saw that, he said.
"It'll be interesting to see if that recipe works on the national stage," Halcro said.
The early morning news of McCain's pick sent jaws dropping throughout Alaska, with friends waking up friends with "Oh my God, have you heard?" phone calls.
State House Speaker John Harris, a Republican from Valdez, was astonished at the news. He didn't want to get into the issue of her qualifications.
"She's old enough," Harris said. "She's a U.S. citizen."
Former House Speaker Gail Phillips, a Republican political leader who has clashed with Palin in the past, was shocked when she heard the news Friday morning with her husband, Walt.
"I said to Walt, 'This can't be happening, because his advance team didn't come to Alaska to check her out," Phillips said.
Phillips has been active in the Ted Stevens re-election steering committee and remains in close touch with Sen. Lisa Murkowski and other party leaders, and she said nobody had heard anything about McCain's people doing research on his prospective running mate.
"We're not a very big state. People I talk to would have heard something."

Few wanted to talk about anything else on talk radio Friday. Conservative host Rick Rydell said there are some benefits to the state, but it's a gamble for McCain to pick an unknown with what he considered "questionable vetting."
"It seems almost like a Hail Mary pass at the end of a football game," Rydell said in an interview after his show Friday.
Rydell said McCain has destroyed his argument about Barack Obama's lack of experience.
But another local talk radio host, Eddie Burke, enthused on the air that he was "overwhelmingly excited" by the selection. "Alaskans will now have a chance to have somebody talking about resources, our undeveloped resources," Burke said.
Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg, a Palin appointee, said McCain's announcement left him with "a mixed set of emotions, kind of an odd sense of Alaska nationalism or pride.".....
Palin likely will be spending much time campaigning outside of Alaska. Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell also is preoccupied with campaigning for Alaska's lone U.S. House seat. The outcome of his GOP primary race with Rep. Don Young is up in the air until absentee and questioned ballots are counted in September. As of Friday, Young was up by 151 votes. Colberg would become governor if Palin and Parnell both are elected and leave their current positions.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Day Of Scribbles

I had the day off and it just happens to be the first day of the Democratic convention. You only get to see the convention if you are watching CSpan though. Thought it was time for some red meat. Some thoughts on the day:

I just saw a poll on how people think the economy is doing. 4% think the economy is “very good”. I guess that must be about how many people are CEOs or in the oil business.
Well, it looks like Al-Maliki is going to insist on a time line. A firm one. Oops, make that a time horizon. I thought if they wanted us to leave we would leave. I think that is what they are saying here, on this part of the agreement there should be no debate. But the radical rightists have anyway. That's what they do, disagree. That is why the make a great opposition party. It's also why they make poor leaders. It's pretty hard to govern something that you oppose as a core of your philosophy.

Here's a story about Joe Bidens son the lobbyist.
And here's a story about McWars' team lobbying for brutal foreign dictators.
Both sides are guilty. This stuff is pervasive in Washington. While I agree that it is something we should stand against and attempt to change both sides are guilty. To me McWars' team seems worse but the bottom line is they are both out to enrich themselves through their position in government or who they know. To me, that means if one was deciding who to vote for the decision could not be made on this issue. It's not one sided and it should all be condemned.

People are talking a lot about the polls. CNN says it's tied at 47%. To show you what kind of a year it is, the Republicons are crowing about that. This is about a high water mark for McWar. Obama has been up to 51 or 2 percent. That percentage has never said they would vote for 4 more years. It appears the Hillary people may be making a stink. These people are either moles or not really someone who would vote for Obama if Hillary wasn't running. If people that call themselves Democrats would vote for the policies promised by McWar then they were never on our team in the first place. I'm not at all worried about them.

It Stiffie Blitzer one of the more irritating people to watch or what? Glenn Beck and Kid Hannity are maddening. Blitzer is maybe worse. I know what he is going be the straight guy. Journalist, fair broker blah, blah, blah. It sounds great in theory. Maybe some could pull it off but he seems stiff and unfriendly to me. Not somebody I am comfortable with. At least with Beck and the Kid you get a feeling of who they are. I'm actually more comfortable with that. I'm fine with an idea of Fox News. I'm also fine with the clearly liberal fare like Countdown. I'm all for letting them live or die on whether they attract viewers. That's the business and we all need to remember that is precisely what it is. It is a for profit enterprise. I just got a good laugh out loud listening to Beck talk about Romney and his fear of Romneys flirting with socialism. We just can't be Marxists! Damn! How many decades ago did he go to sleep!? This is an honest look at conservatism. From a real one. I want these people to be the ones to lead us forward? Not likely. Thank You for being honest Glenn Beck. You crystalize my decision to not go your way without a fight. Stiffie Blitzer, you do nothing for me...absolutely nothing.

Wow, a consecutive laugh out loud moment! McWar is sending Miss Buffalo Chip to the country of Georgia to “monitor” something or other. Maybe we could send Michelle to Iraqi to get a Burka count.

Republicans just pulled out the John McWar didn't have a house “at one time”. Maybe we should count up how many times John didn't have one "at one time". Ya, that was back around the time of the Marxists wasn't it?

Matt Damon...That boy talented!

Some links:
Lots of talk on who is “most liberal” I think the best way to evaluate who the good guys are is to see how actual liberals rate them. Here is a link. Break it down, find your favorites and get ready for a couple of surprises. Actually I would like to see a poll by populists. A real liberal isn't too far off. I can at least stand the Republicans down to number 66 after that it drops off pretty far, pretty fast.
This would be closer to my priorities.
I think the real populists only go down to about 21 though. That's lots of work to do. Look how much higher my honest conservative Tom Coburn is. I think he is my favorite conservative. Not for his goals but because his is more like a real conservative. He also is honestly telling you what he thinks. He's not playin. I like that. I disagree quite seriously, quite often, but I like he doesn't play games. There's no con job there.
By the way, this board changes when they vote so you can keep up with trends.

Apparently the Righties are pointing out that Obama has a half brother -dads side- that lives in a hut in kenya. Here's a story on it from a more neutral media.
The Republicons seem to think that story and the story of McWars houses are some how equivient. I don't think it's a comparison, I think is called a non-sequtor that has nothing in common except that they both inculde something about houses.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Hip To Be Square

I saw McWar on the news today and in a question about his houses said there was a time when he didn't have a kitchen table or chair. An obvious reference to his POW days. This is the same McWar who criticized John Kerry , saying he was “sick and tired of re-fighting the Vietnam War.”, saying his emphasis on his military record is “clearly a tactical or strategic move.” First, I think that John Kerry emphasized his military record at the convention. After that it was the Republicons who spent all the time talking about it.

Here is a post noting that John McWars POW experience seems to be a catch all. One of the points made in the post is that this may end up doing him more harm than good. It has been my thought for a while now. If his POW experience is the touch stone for everything in his life then I certainly don't want him being the man that makes decisions about our country. If Barak Obama made the same type of references to his “black experience” I am sure there would be a howling heard on Jupiter.

From his POW touchstone to his willingness to find armed confrontation as a solution to so many of our foreign policy challenges you will find it apparent why in my book his name is McWar.

Miss Barbara, whom I just don't read enough of, has come up with another point I find quite cogent.

The dumbing down of our nation through politics and media is nearly complete. Mindblowing stupidity and 3-6 word sentences to describe an issue is the way to go these days. But hey, stupid is easy, smart is hard.

Here's a few tidbits:
Smart is elitist, and elitism is, you know, bad. So we can’t elect smart people, and instead elect stupid people, because they connect with us, and they’re more fun to have a beer with,...It’s just plain not cool to be smart.
To me, weighing, analyzing and explaining issues are inseparable from “confronting” them. You have to understand an issue thoroughly before you can deal with it wisely, and sometimes the wisest course is to leave the dadblamed issue alone. In Rightieworld, however, “confronting” an issue takes these steps:
Identify what you want to do (e.g., attack Iraq; help your oil industry buddies increase their profits).
Find or manufacture a reason why you should do what you want to do.
Overwhelm news media and the American people with blustering rhetoric about why America must do what you want to do, accompanied by juvenile taunting of anyone who disagrees with your doing what you want to do.
Do the thing you want to do.
Spend the next several months or years denying or making excuses for the mess you made by doing what you wanted to do.
Eventually, when the mess turns out to be an undeniable failure — blame liberals.
Notice there is neither weighing nor analyzing in the list above. Weighing and analyzing is for academics and women. Red-blooded Americans take the hairy-chested, Neanderthal approach and just smash the hell out of whatever is bothering them.
But, by gawd, “moral clarity” works great on television. The “morally clear” can look the camera in the eye and give decisive, sound-bite answers. People attempting to deal with reality have to explain things. They must fall back on nuance. Boooooooring.
(Ron: And hard!!!)

See how we’ve solved the energy crisis? All we have to do is drill, drill, drill and we’ll get all the cheap oil and gas we want as soon as we want it. And we’ll never have to worry about an energy crisis again. We don’t have to listen to the boring liberals and their boring explanations about science and renewable energy and technology and stuff.

Stupidity like this makes me wonder how our species survived as long as it has, frankly.

Here, Here Barbara! I think the dumbest thing I have heard McWar say in this campaign, and likely the dumbest of the entire campaign is from his appearance at the Brokeback church forum.
When asked what we needed to do with “evil” he said....Defeat it!!!! Obama gave a much more nuanced view of evil and how it was in the area of dieties to “win” that battle. A far preferable answer, and the correct one for me. If we actually succeed in defeating evil we will be the first of any species at anytime in our planets history to do that. Ya, it is a great rah rah 3 word sound bite but it is light years away from any common sense answer on how to deal with evil.

One final note, Speaking of their religious forum, now that Barak Obama has gone in front of the radical right wing fundies how about another forum at a black church. John could maybe give some of his morally clear, steely eyed answers to them and see if they found them as solutions to their problems.