Thursday, March 08, 2007

Round And Round They Go...Let's Spin!

Darned those wingnuts! Just as soon as I decide to dedicate this blog to countering the mighty Wurlitzer spin machine they make it so obvious that even a caveman could see it!
Rush Limbaugh says the Scooter Libby verdict is actually good news for the right! They will now rise en mass to fight this travesty of justice! You betcha Rush. Here's hoping there is more “good news” down the road for you all. If a conviction of Libby is good news conviction of Bush/Cheney on gining up a phoney cause for war should be a blessed event for ya all.
The Fox spin machine says this is wrong because Libby was convicted when there was no underlying crime. They say Plame was not covert. The people that employed her, the CIA , says she was a NOC. Posing as a high level business person. Here is an explanation of the facts from former CIA agent Larry Johnson who trained with Plame and is, at least was, a Republican. Now of course this will mean nothing to the true sheeple. If it doesn't fit their spin then it is the liberal media and not to be believed. You can't convince anyone who uses that quite sad debating point that reality is evading their powers of reason. The truth could not be pursued further because Libby lied. Which is why he was indicted and convicted. If he would have told the truth Dick Cheney would be the one going to jail because he was actually the one that knowingly started all this. The Bush CIA decided the case merited pursuing asked for the investigation. I doubt they would do that if their was no crime in her exposure. It was the Bush Justice Dept. that handled the investigation. But Rush and the Fox lackeys think it is all the fault of the darned Liberals! Of course isn't everything they don't like?
Beyond that, it is the way things work. Remember a lie is a lie? Lying under oath? For example Bill Clintons blow job carried no legal penalties thus was not a crime still he was impeached for lying under oath. Of course that was just fine with them. More proof they have no core. There is a civil case pending and this is not the end of it. Hence the we spin, you decide people will have many more opportunities to display their moral relativity. And your's truly will have more opportunities to expose their lame obfuscation.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The New Conservative-Communists

Sorry for being off topic for what this blogs purpose is now but this was just toooooooo funny! From a conservative blog I go to see what the standard talkshow talking point are on the right:

They must not have a Democratic Party there...and therefore the reason China could one day be more powerful than the USA...
they don't have liberals to weaken their country.
They don't have liberals to cut military spending
They don't have liberals to take from the rich and give away as handouts.
They don't have liberals to object to programs that keep their country safe. They don't have liberals to give aide and comfort to their enemies
As they turn more and more into a capitalistic country, they get stronger and stronger...I guess they have a good hundred years before liberals start showing up to take away all the power and prosperity...Is anyone stupid enough to actually believe that if the modern liberal existed 200 years ago that we would be as powerful as we are now? There is no way in hell...

One question, what is a communist??? I'm serious, I laughed til I nearly cried. This is reactionary thought at it's nuttiest. On so many levels this is just bizzare. There has been some really wacky stuff on that blog in the past but this takes the cake. This is the sickness that infests those whos brains are throughly washed on a daily basis by radio propagandists. The great country of free market conservatives......Communist China.

The people so nice they don't do anything to keep the rich from having theirs, as much as possible, until they have it all, which is the purpose of life you know. It's the way America oughta be!

The people that keep their country safe by killing their own people in the Square and crushing dissent. You know, the way all freedom loving countries do, like America should do.

And of course since they don't have people aiding the enemy and objecting to failed government policy they can continue to fail for years on end bankrupting the country and putting the slow bleed on the military. You know, the way America ought to be.

How could someone who writes a political blog have this little knowledge of the world and political systems? How could a person that lives in this country have such a faint understanding of freedom and democracy. This is blind liberal hatred. Hating just for the sake of it. Even if you have to make stuff up. Even if you have to take what you once called Reds and Communists and the biggest threat to the planet and turn them into good guys so you can make the darned American liberal look bad.. The last group they told us was about to take over the world.
I must admit though, I wish I had what he's smokin. Can anybody tell me what the hell hes talking about here?