Friday, April 13, 2007

Hi Everybody

Ouch, I'm not doing to well here am I? I have started many a post. They all go on so long that I never finish any of them. I am just so astounded that there are still people out there making the same tired worn out argument on things that were dismissed long ago. The same ones that are trying to twist history and are preparing to blame any war(occupation) failure on the liberals.
The idea that the terrorists will follow us home. We all know that nothing is stopping them from an attack on America right now. We certainly aren't stopping them from coming here by spending all our resources in Iraq. The fact is they are getting everything they want with Bush's "leadership".
They have succeeded in getting a live action training ground, and likely in some instances, actual training from the U. S.
The Bushies have angered and emboldened those in the area potential terrorists would come from.
The larger world populace has turned against us in America.
We've decided that our freedoms and liberties must be limited further if we are to win.
We've spent hundreds of billions of dollars and depleted our military and military equipment.
There is more terrorists and terrorism, not less.
Al Queda has been turned into a world beater by the fear mongers, giving them "street cred".
Maybe Osama is smarter than they give him credit for. Maybe he waited til Bush was President because he knew that no one could more perfectly benefit him than Bush.
The question is always asked by the wingnuts...When we leave, then what? Excellent question, lets talk about it. How do we adjust our strategy to a winning one in protecting the American people? They won't answer that question though because they want to keep doing what we are doing. I guess they enjoy being losers. They think they are going to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat....that is their only plan. Yes I have ideas and so do many in the Democratic party. Too bad they don't want to do some give and take on them instead of ignoring them or pretending that nobody else has a "plan".
Just one of a growing mountain of things that perturb me these days. As I have said before, I love political debate and usually don't take it personally. It is getting ever harder to hold on to that feeling. The ones that are remaining on the right seem to insist on demeaning and hating anything I say or do. The only argument they have is that I am a liberal, or a socialist, or a terrorist sympathizer et al. Little discussion of ideas and much degradation. How long can you not hate people that hate you and promote their hate to others? They see me as their enemy as much as any non American you can mention. How could one help from eventually taking the same position especially when they won't enter into an adult discussion of differences? I am a rather slow to anger person, especially when one talks of personal relations. I must say though that I no longer have time for the sophomoric antics of the wingnuts who should be adult enough to know better. This country will move forward without them. They will eventually alienate everyone except for their little self righteous cabal.