Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm Back!

Sorry about the lack of posting lately. Computer has been down. About drove me crazy! Lots to write about but I have a few other things to do first. Nice to see you all conversing in my absence. Good to see those of you we haven't seen in a while too. My first post will be concerning terrorism and the possible loss of our constitution because of the scaredy cat wingnuts. Man it's good to be back! Talk to you soon.

Monday, August 07, 2006

What Is The "Mainstream" Saying?

This poll comes from a Republican favorite, Scott Rassmussen who consistantly polls higher Republican numbers than most other polls. With that said it seems America is discovering the sham.

Thirty-nine percent (39%) of American adults approve of the way that President Bush is performing his job as President. Fifty-nine percent (59%) disapprove. Those figures include 20% who Strongly Approve of the President’s performance and 43% who Strongly Disapprove. Today’s reading is three points below the monthly average for June (see full month trends and demographic breakdowns). The past five months have produced the lowest Job Approval Ratings of the Bush Administration (see comments on comparing Job Approval numbers from different polling firms).
The President earns Approval from 37% of government workers, 45% of entrepreneurs, and 40% of private sector employees.
number of Americans identifying themselves as Republicans slipped nearly a full point in July to 32.8%. That’s just a tenth-of-a-point above the lowest percentage recorded in the past two-and-a half years.

Election Fraud?

Just another warning to keep your eyes wide open:

The Republican Party has a new voter registration project in Fresno. It involves luring people to sign a LEGALIZE MARIJUANA petition and then re-registering them as Republicans. ......Then, she says "is it OK if I register you as a Republican?" "What?!?" I say "yes, I do mind! What are you doing?" She says that if I register Republican she will get an extra 10 cents. But, I complain, "I don’t want to re-register." She explains that this is just to update the records for the County Clerks office. I repeat that "I do not want or need to update my records." I am repeatedly told that it is OK and that they just want to update my voter registration records. She also tells me that she is working for the Republican party, being paid hourly, and that the ploy about the "10 cent bonus" was not accurate.
This Republican party employee goes on to tell me that she is there to attract people to the table that is set up in Fresno’s Courthouse Park, and that the legalize marijuana petition is just a prop. She confirmed that there is no ballot initiative to legalize marijuana............I also went back to Courthouse Park today to see the Republican Party project was again in full operation. They seemed to have different approaches to different groups. To white men that looked like they might be attorneys, they asked if they were registered to vote. When Latinos walked by they would throw out the legalize marijuana angle.

OK, I hear you saying..bfd..if they don't vote republican what have they gained? From the comments:

The reason they're doing this is to inflate the number of registered Republicans in the county so that when they alter the voter counts on election day to try and retain control over the Senate and House it won't look as suspicious. Check out the Florida county by county numbers from the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections. Also check out the Ohio numbers from 2004. One county registered 80% Democratic for no good reason voted nearly 80% Republican. It was a consistent trend in almost all of the rural Democratic strongholds. It was as though the voting numbers were literally swapped. Hmmm. Only evidence of a tamper were the unexplained exit polls and the bizarre discrepancy in the registration numbers compared to the voter turnouts. Since they can quickly destroy the electronic evidence on site that only leaves covering up the voter registration numbers for a completely undetectable crime. Watch the election this time very closely and remember what I posted.

Am I just paranoid?

They pulled this in Pennsylvania and several other states in 2004. They switched the polling place as well as party affiliation.

Anyone playing election shenagians like this is highly suspect. Nope. I'm not paranoid. I am worried for the future of Real America.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Insurgents

Americans that oppose the occupation and Bush policies are now being called "insurgents" by the wingnut right.

This morning on Fox News, Newt Gingrich claimed there is a “legitimate insurgency in Connecticut, which needs to be met head on,” made up of people who say Iraq “is so hard, it is so frightening, it’s so painful, can’t we come home and hide?” Gingrich said that if the “insurgency” wins, “it will be the beginning of extraordinarily important period in American politics, and in American history.”

Demonization as politics is in full throat. Now instead of cut and run it is come home and hide. Does America realize that the right can't debate their policy on it's own merits. Turning other Americans into the "enemy" is the divide and conquer. It ..sorry but this has to be matching perfectly the way Hitler took power. How long til average Americans are arrested for opposing Bush policy? How long before they are held without trial because they are considered the enemy? Oops, they've already tried that. Please beware of this my friends. These people look more and more like they have non honorable goals everyday. The extraordinarily important period in American history is happening right now. Will we continue with freedom, liberty and justice for all or will we fall? It's up to you.