Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Republican Debate

Ronald Reagan is the front runner. They all seemed to want to be him instead of themselves. For some reason they seem to think that a guy that was old when he was President 25 years ago is a model for the world today. I don't get it, but if they want to live in the past I am betting the American people will show them the error of their ways.

It was interesting to note that in an audience full of Republicans and right leaning independents the crowd was notably in favor of ending this occupation(they called it war) and bringing the troops out.

They were all dying to talk about immigration. They really believe they have an issue there and they may be right. It is a big issue. Who has the best plan on either side is still up in the air though. The rights argument appears to me to focus around anger punishing Mexicans and not any positive vision of what can be done for Americans.

Mike Huckabee sounded more like a member of the Christiban than even Brownback did. There was lots of God talk. They love to wear their religion on their sleeve.
This isn't the first time that Mitt Romney has come off to me as quite pompous.

They were all happy to bash Bush. I guess only Republicans are allowed to do that? Here is an interesting piece from Glenn Greenwald on that very issue.
There is no way I will vote for any of those guys but should America vote to continue to support failure here is how I would rank them after the debate tonight.

McCain-He's lost the mojo he had in the last election but he seems to at least have some kind of common sense even if I disagree often times. I give him credit for being a grown up. A rare commodity in the party. Also he has proven he is ready to work across the aisle.

Ron Paul- This guy is right on the money on so many things but after exploring his record I couldn't see him running the show. The John Birchers have been giving him 100s for years now. At least he has integrity. Unfortunately if you want the government to do anything besides defense you are going to be disappointed with him.

Rudy- Probably the most truly moderate in the field. He's way too in to being the hardcore tough guy for me though.

Duncan Hunter- Sometimes he says stuff I agree with almost word for word. Unfortunately on most stuff I couldn't disagree with him more.
What's left is those that are truly dregs.

Mitt Romney-What a flip flop con job flake. The hope is that he would flip flop in the right direction if America insisted.

Tommy Thompson- Goofball. May have some ideas but not an image I think America wants to project to the world.

Tom Tancredo- One issue and angry and mean about that one.

Sam Brownback- Probably a nice man but one of the most likely to mix religion and politics.

Jim Gilmore- Why is this guy here?

Mike Huckabee- Totally disgusted me with every single thing he said. So bad he scared me.

Of course we have Fred Thompson who is about to join the fray. I saw him give a speech on CSPAN the other night. He looks like a combination of much of the worst of all of them which means he will probably be the nominee.