Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Faux Cartoon Network

While I respect a man who does his best to do good in the world, and that certainly defines the late Pope, I have no interest in watching hours upon hours of coverage. The combination of Teri Schiavo and the Pope have given us non stop religion on the news. I'm more into living it than talking about it. I haven't seen much news lately as a result. Tonight I watched Fox News for quite some time. I haven't done that for quite a while. Now I know why. The whole thing has finally become totally cartoon TV. The more I watch it the more I am proud to be a liberal.
It's good to hear both sides of an issue. I'm all for that but unfortunately one doesn't get the conservative side of the issue on Fox. That is unless the "fair and balanced" coverage of any issue is to turn half of America into evil, godless anti- Americans and the other side into patriotic, sensible, personal friends of God. Even if you disagree with me, watch some night and see if you can understand what I am saying. It's not hard for a "fair and balanced" person to get. If they would just get to the issues instead of trying to speak to personalities maybe we could all get on with the business of America. There's a saying I like that says: "small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events and great minds talk about ideas". The radical republicans have discovered that there are far more small minds or at least unfocused minds than great minds in America. They've taken it from policy to personality in their goal of controlling the political agenda. It's unfortunately working. As a result, with this as the new paradigm, they are forcing us that oppose them to play the same game. Then they jump out and criticize us for playing in their sandbox. Watch Hannity. He never misses a chance to tell you what his cartoon liberal is or would do.
I'm particuarly amazed at the hypocrisy of the commentators(Hannity/O Reilly) who minimized and sluffed off the Pope as inconsequential when he condemned the war and now say he was a great moral leader that the ,how dare they,evil liberals are questioning. What the hell is that! If you can't see that these guys make it up as they go along you aren't looking very closely at all. It's cartoons folks.