Friday, January 11, 2008

They Want To Kill Us All Damn It!

I am quite despondent that not only have I lost my party but there is no intelligent loyal opposition left. I can't even count on them.

Entitled Death and the moonbat, here's another great example of how the radical right uses wedges to split people and set them against each other, be it pro, anti war, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, left or right. It's all a war with them. Divisions r us gop. I believe in God and have a strong spiritual base. I have little to do, or desire for religion though. It is a highly personal thing to me. If it makes you a better person I say go for it. I say this because I am not intentionally defending atheists in this posts. I just want you to look at how narrow minded these people are. (Winger in italics, my comments in standard). Click the headline for the original post.

....People who do not have a religion have no comforting philosophy about death, whether the philosophy is an immediate ascension to Heaven, resurrection on Judgment Day, or reincarnation. All they’ve got, when thinking of death, is plenty of nothing. For that reason, while it is human nature to fear dying (otherwise, how would the species survive?), the atheists among us have a particularly well-developed fear of death.

Or maybe they don't fear going to hell or it's equivalent like the religious do. Please go ahead with your particularly well developed fearful argument that they want to kill us all.

I think this fear of death has a significant impact on the war against Islamic terrorism.

Well of coouurse!

First, the atheists, who tend to the secular, anti-War Left, do not take the Islamists very seriously. They know, of course, that Islamists can and do kill, but they keep thinking that, if we in the West could just strike upon the magic formula of apology and empathy, the Islamists’ hostility will magically cease.

Either that or they think that if we left them alone to develop their own countries and governments. Countries that represented their people instead of ours, they would have so much to deal with that they wouldn't have time or the need to worry about what we are doing.

Part of this willful obtuseness is almost certainly the fact that, historical evidence to the contrary, atheists simply cannot understand a culture that is not only unafraid of death, but embraces it. They can’t wrap their minds around the fact that a few groveling apologies from an uninspiring middle aged woman parading in pink is nothing compared to the allure of luscious virgins draped around you in an eternal Paradise. Atheists, staring fearfully at their post-death nihilism, are incapable of grasping how strong a draw those nubile virgins are to men steeped in a culture that celebrates dying and the rewards of death.

Maybe historical evidence to the contrary they remember that Japan started running darned short of Kamikaze pilots at the end of the war. It wasn't because we killed them first. If you would like to justify insanity as a movement I guess that is your right but you might want to consider whether it is a movement or if something more juuust might be at play here.......Over here, please open your envelope. “obtuseness” and everything. I bet they learned that one from Bill O Riley.

Second, the secularists utterly fail to understand our military. Thankfully, our military is not a culture that is steeped in or embraces death. It is a religious culture, though, with the majority of military men and women embracing some form of Christian faith. Indeed, 40% of Americans in the military describe themselves as Evangelical.

“the secularists utterly fail to understand our military.”
I love how rightist always tell you how YOU think. Even if you explain yourself or deny it they know the truth is only as they see it. It truly is ALL in their head.
The military is a religious culture? We believe this? We want this? No cussing, drinking, sex, killing, coveting et al allowed if you are Evangelicals. How stupid does someone have to be to think like this wingnut? All talk and no action works for only a short time.

Christianity, of course, doesn’t encourage suicide, but it is a religion with a comprehensively realized theology about the afterlife. For those in the line of fire, that theology may not diminish the fear of dying, which is often an unpleasant process, but it must bring with it a more comforting view of death than the void atheists face. In other words — and feel free to correct me here — I’m supposing that, while our troops do not want to die, they have a philosophy that supports them as they contemplate the possibility.

Wait....... Wait!!!!!!!! So now you are moving to saying our military is filled with people who can die bravely because they are content with what awaits them???? Isn't that the whole argument you just moments ago made AGAINST the “Islamist” and why they should be greatly feared? Have you pasted the 8th grade yet? Do you ever leave the envelope?

And just as the atheists on the Left cannot recognize how fiercely the Islamists embrace a martyr’s death, creating a complete willingness to die to achieve that Paradise, so too are they incapable of recognizing that many, if not most, of our troops are more sanguine about the inevitability of death than the average atheist. Indeed, it’s probably the fact that they are sanguine that helped them enlist in the first place. People who fear death too much wouldn’t expose themselves to the inevitably increased risk that goes with military service.

Actually you are willing to give you little argument that swims in cognitive dissonance in the very same paragraph! You've now twisted the logic so far that it no longer exists.

It’s this inability to bridge the gap between their own beliefs and the beliefs of others that leads our secular Leftists to don their silly pink clothes and try to save adult men and women from freely made choices that the pink-clad non-believers would never make for themselves. At one level, you have to appreciate the anti-War crowds’ kindness in trying to save others from that which they fear the most (assuming that they are indeed motivated by that goal); at the other level, you really have to worry about their complete inability to imagine the mind of the “other,” and to recognize that people guided by religious beliefs (or the absence thereof) make choices and get to abide by the consequences.

Well, one would have to agree that atheists feared death more than the religious to accept any of this as valid. Then you would have to believe that atheists make up a large percentage of the left. Only someone who could not bridge the gap between their own beliefs and the beliefs of other could make such an absolute statement, then build a separate argument about terrorism out of it. I think they call it “reaching” in the real world. Or maybe “straw man” would be more accurate. Create something for the express purpose of knocking it down.

Beyond that, what is in the above rightist paragraph is a mystery to me. I guess you need to speak wingnut better than even I do to translate it. I know the people on the left understand that the people killed in these conflicts are not the only ones effected. As a matter of fact it is likely harder for those that go on living without their loved ones. The people on the left also understand that applies to both sides, or all sides. I know the left understands lowering the bar to the level of those we despise is the undoing of humanity its self.