Sunday, March 09, 2008

Proving To Be The Idiots They Are Thought To Be

This site: Obama who

Is posting Obama smears left and right. Totally stupid ones. The more ridiculous the more likely it is to be here. They have a story from "The Globe" tabloid about Obamas gay lover, the Enquirer story about Obamas ties to terrorists and other stuff that only buck toothed, urine stained, skidmark underwear wearin, people would believe without further verification.
If you sign up and comment...well lets just say they moderate the comments so you can say whatever you want to the blog owner and it will never make the site. I wrote something on nearly every post. It actually turned out to be fun because you don't have to worry about anybody reading it but the scum that is posting this stuff. Go do it...enjoy

PS: The enquirer story matches what I told you about linking Obama to terrorists in a post some time ago(see below). I and many people are on to them this time and know exactly what they are going to do. I know where to find their play book. They aren't getting away with it.