Saturday, June 17, 2006

Special Coffee Table

A special coffee table. This one is only for those who would like to make personal attacks on those that contribute to this blog. Comments that are largely personal attacks placed elsewhere will be deleted. Let's keep it all in one place so the rest of us can have a discussion about policy, government and the future.

It's A Disaster

Gee, I didn't see any discussion of THIS in the so called liberal media. Wonder why?

Washington is failing to make progress in the global war on terror and the next 9/11-style attack is not a question of if, but when. That is the scathing conclusion of a survey of 100 leading American foreign-policy analysts.........The survey's participants included an ex-secretary of state and former heads of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency, along with prominent members of the U.S. foreign-policy establishment. The majority served in previous administrations or in senior military ranks.......

Almost 80 per cent of the analysts said widespread rejection of radical Islamic ideologies is crucial if terrorism is to be eradicated, but that goal requires "a much higher emphasis on its non-military tools."
Across the board, they rated Washington's diplomatic efforts as abysmal, with a median score of 1.8 out of 10. More than two-thirds said the United Nations and other multilateral institutions must be strengthened.......The reason is that it's clear to nearly all that Bush and his team have had a totally unrealistic view of what they can accomplish with military force and threats of force."

Some 82 per cent of participants said a pressing priority for the U.S. is to end its dependence on foreign oil. (In my book it's job one)
"We borrow a billion dollars every working day to import oil, an increasing share of it coming from the Middle East," commented former CIA director James Woolsey.
"In Saudi Arabia, billions are transferred to the Wahhabis and like-minded groups who then indoctrinate young people to hate Shiites, Sufis, Jews, Christians and democracy, and to oppress women horribly."......

Almost 62 per cent identified Saudi Arabia as the premier incubator for terrorists. (Maybe this should be the central front in the war on terror?)
It has helped halt the flow of money to terrorist networks and now has 30,000 troops guarding its oil fields, but Saudi leaders have been slow to move against extremist elements inside the country, says the report.
Asked what presents the single greatest danger to American security, nearly half the analysts said loose nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Only 4 per cent said Iran.

Friday, June 16, 2006

How Sad Does It Have To Get

Watching the news clips on the war "debate" today was a true lesson in tolerance. I watched actual members of our U.S. Congress, grown men, issuing the same hateful silly rhetoric that the wingnut talking heads spew. No statesmanship at all. Yes our government has now turned into Rush, Sean, Anne. You know it by heart by now. Cut and run, white flag..fear, fear, fear, guilt, guilt, guilt. So sadly disgusting. We should not have to put up with this in our country.
If only we could encourage people to be curious. Just what is John Murtha or other Democrats ideas on the war and terrorist problem? Why don't they see Iraq as the central front in the war on terror? Why do they see it as a distraction from the war on terror? Are they cowardly and want to cut and run or could their possibly be another way? Nobody on the right is curious. It's pure intimidation.
We certainly know what the right thinks should be done. How many people know what various people on the left want to do? I mean besides political slogans like "cut and run" which would only be reality in the narrowest of definitions and the narrowest of minds. Why is that?

My take? Part of the blame certainly rests with the Democrats for not being more forceful and doing the things it takes in our society to get attention. Russ Feingold knows how to get the medias' attention. So does John Murtha. The rest of them must speak boldly, take actions that get attention and step up to the plate. Get behind these people!
That is the smallest of the reasons however. Number one is the complete control of the media by the right. I am talking about the lazy people media. Radio and TV where you only have to listen or watch. The written media is a bit better. That is not useful when we have so many people who refuse to read.
Radio especially is totally dominated by the right. Only their message gets out. On TV they make a bit more of an effort to be balanced but the fear instilled in them by the right of "liberal media" makes them to feel guilty to pay much attention to what those "America haters" want to do. They have been guilted and induced to fear just as much as the general public. I would like to think the media is a watchdog on our government. It use to be. Sadly it has become less so for a dozen years now. How else do you explain the endless daily obsession with a blow job , oh and lying about it for Gods sake! Weren't there missing white women or runaway brides back then? Now we get far less to matters of Constitutional impropriety, use of "independent contractors", government corruption in awarding contracts and on and on.
Many like our favorite conservative on this blog know very little except what the right tells them about these issues. His comments prove this to be true.
There is also the matter of demographics. I noted a poll the other day that showed that the supporters of our current government were largely under 40. Think about that. Think about what the political landscape has been like in the last 25 years....They have been fully propagandized.
Let's note that the ONE Democrat that was accused was removed from his position in congress. Not after conviction, after evidence points to guilt. Did the right do the same with Tom Delay? No, they actually CHEERED him upon his exit from congress. Bunch of crooks and liars cheering, no matter what the reality is. That is partisan to the bizzaro degree. What is even more bizarre to my mind is that so much of the country actually buys this stuff. Critical thinking skills are desperately lacking in this country.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Coffee Table

What ever is on your mind..hopefully it's more than snark and snipe. I'll be out for a day or two.
How about KKkarl Rove?
Although it is too late a long time ago to make me a Bush supporter I actually think the pResident has made some better moves lately. What do you think?

Monday, June 12, 2006

A New Plan?

From the NY Times:

President Bush gathered top aides at Camp David here on Monday to calibrate the best way forward in Iraq during what the administration described as a critical juncture, following the death last week of the most-wanted terrorist in Iraq and the final formation of a unity government there.
The meeting was as much a media event as it was a high-level strategy session, devised to send a message that this is "an important break point for the Iraqi people and for our mission in Iraq from the standpoint of the American people," in the words of the White House counselor, Dan Bartlett.

A break you mean we are going to quit baby sitting them and start rebuilding and spending our money on America? If so I say kudos, keep going forward. They need to know that Iraq is not the new American welfare state and they need to get their act together and quick!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Here is a good piece for the latest on Iraq.

Dem Poll

Sundays Des Moines Register had a Presidental poll for the countrys first caucas.

1. John Edwards
2. Hillary Clinton
3.John Kerry.

Yes, it's way to early to mean a lot but interesting none the less. More here.