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Wow! I don't have boots tall enough to walk through this manure but we'll give it a try.
This sound bite from Fox noise channels Britt Hume suggest it's time some things be said about him.

HUME: That sound bite from John Murtha suggests that it’s time a few things be said about him. Even the “Washington Post” noted he didn’t seem particularly well informed about what’s going on over there, to say the least. Look, this man has tremendous cache among House Democrats, but he is not — this guy is long past the day when he had anything but the foggiest awareness of what the heck is going on in the world.
And that sound bite is naivete at large, and the man is an absolute fountain of such talk, and the fact that he has ascended to the position he has in the eyes of the Democrats in the House and perhaps Democrats around the country tells you a lot about how much they know or care about what’s really going on over there.

The response to this outrage from the so called liberal on the “panel” isn't even worth repeating. There is an indication of how serious they take a compelling alternative at fair and balanced.

Let's just take a look at what John Murtha may do on a day to day basis in his position. First he likely gets emails from thousands of constituents and non constituents daily. As a congressman, especially one with some seniority, he would talk to the leaders of government and policy on a regular basis. He is chairman of a defense appropriations committee. He undoubtedly speaks with defense and military people on a regular basis. He has recently been to Iraq. He spoke with the the leaders of the current government.

Brett Humes claim of naivete on the part of John Murtha is certainly that of Hume himself. How dumb does he think we are? Does he have the idea that we can not examine truth? That we are going to assume that he knows and can cognate at any higher level than we ourselves can? What kind of lazy brain or brainwashed would you have to be to even begin to think that Brett Hume could have any more insight as to what's happening in the world or Iraq than John Murtha? Now you may disagree with John Murtha but to say he is naive and has no understanding about what is going on in the world defies logic.
I could not myself defend every action or policy position of John Murtha. To dismiss what he says with a screed like Humes is propaganda in its purest form. This is intentional propaganda. The aim is to create doubt in the mind. Even when those that oppose Murthas plan face the fact that it was a ridiculous thing to say there is still a bit of the stain that won't go away. They beat on this fallacy for a while and then move on to the next one. Even though they turn out to be largely or all fallacy's the stains have gotten deeper each successive time. Now they have given permission for people who can't cognitively dislike or argue with him to dislike and distrust him. The fact that it is all cognitively dissident worries them not a whit.

Cognitive dissonance is the perception of incompatibility between two cognitions, which can be defined as any element of knowledge, including attitude, emotion, belief, or behavior; in other words, it is the uncomfortable tension that comes from holding two conflicting thoughts at the same time. The theory of cognitive dissonance states that contradicting cognitions serve as a driving force that compels the mind to acquire or invent new thoughts or beliefs, or to modify existing beliefs, so as to reduce the amount of dissonance (conflict) between cognitions. Experiments have attempted to quantify this hypothetical drive.

The theory of cognitive dissonance was first proposed by the psychologist Leon Festinger in 1956 after observing the counterintuitive belief persistence of members of a UFO doomsday cult and their increased proselytization after the leader's prophecy failed. The failed message of earth's destruction, sent by aliens to a woman in 1956, became a disconfirmed expectancy that increased dissonance between cognitions, thereby causing most members of the impromptu cult to lessen the dissonance by accepting a new prophecy; that the aliens had instead spared the planet for their sake.[1]

As one of the commenter's most aptly summed it up:
Liberalism or Conservatism are absolutely meaningless. The only useful scale for measuring Government is whether it gives it’s citizens Liberty or Tyranny.
Are we more free than before 911 or has the government usurped that liberty and replaced it with restrictions on our lives? I think the answer is self-evident. You think nothing of surrendering your liberty for the illusion of safety but, I implore you to look at history and see, that it has never been for the benefit of the People. It only benefits Tyrannical governments.

The fact that these people seem to value freedom and democracy so much yet are so willing to had it over out of fear is astounding. The fact that they think they can militarily impose American style governments, culture, society, values on the people of the mideast and call that freedom creates no dissonance in their mind at all.

Fox News perpetuates misinformation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This needs more investigation. Apparently, some of the MSM are not mentioning the GOP connection although CBS News did. Ron, also, the India train bombing occuring as it did shortly before scheduled India/Pakistan peace talks does not bode well on several fronts.

Larry in New Mexico

2:06 PM, February 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Larry in New Mexico

2:16 PM, February 20, 2007  
Blogger Ron said...

Larry, I noticed that first story earlier somewhere. The part that really gets me is that he was a freakin government contractor!!
No only that it was homeland/defense stuff by in large. And also providing aid to the enemy! Who's in charge around here!?
Note also that would be our tax dollars he was being paid as a private contractor. Those tax dollars that we all know they cherish and would never spend friviously or foolishly.

5:21 PM, February 20, 2007  

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