Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State Of The Union

Just watched the Presidents SOTU. No average American could know enough about his domestic proposals to give an informed opinion at this point. Being a person who likes to have all sides before I make a decision on where I stand I'll just say for now that many things he said are worth discussion. When it comes to terrorism and the occupation of Iraq it was (should have known) same ol same ol. We have nothing but fear its self. By far the weakest most misleading part of his speech.Just a little prediction. If you read the rightie blogs or listen to the screechers on talk radio I would be willing to bet the farm that the vast amount of their time concerning all this will be to smear and slam Pelosi and other Dems and not discuss what the President actually said. They are so predictiable and lame it is disgusting.

Ya Jim Webb! Thanks for mentioning TR and todays comparisons


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please inform us of anything good Pelosi has done during her tenure in California? Or even half good? As far as predictable, unless your head has been in the sand, you would realize the Dems have been smearing and slamming Bush and the republican party, during the whole term of Bush's office.(and before) Don't tell me you are naive enough to believe the Dem's media frenzy of mud slinging is because of altruism? The Dems have a lot to gain by discrediting this president. They still whine about their "fraudulent" loss of the presidential election. It keeps getting media attention, even though we all know it's absolutely untrue. Most Dems would rather our soldiers die to support their agenda, rather than rally around their president and our troops. After all, they think if they did that, it would mean they were in agreement with Bush's politics. What they continue to get wrong is the fact that it would mean no such thing. If they decided to do the right thing and support our president and the war effort, it would only mean they were supporting our military men and women in what they are DOING RIGHT NOW, politics aside. The message they are sending is shameful. You can't support our troops, and at the same time publicly denounce their mission to the world. You just don't get it. BTW, I am the mother of a United States soldier. He is harm's way. Every war has it's dissenter's, but not every war needs or wants those who would seek to damage the morale of our troops. they are paying your credit bill. With blood.

9:51 AM, February 12, 2007  
Blogger Ron said...

Most Dems would rather our soldiers die to support their agenda, rather than rally around their president and our troops.

But wait! Who is trying to...forget it you are a lost cause. You are typical of the most brainwashed of our country. You are drawn to the idea that the only reason an opposition or Democrats exist is to hate Bush...for no good reason except that they are the loyal opposition. It is a clear indication of how you yourself think. Narrow and achingly limited. Please keep coming to this blog and commenting..you might learn something.

2:49 PM, February 18, 2007  

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