Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been spending time reading and commenting on other blogs to get perspective and in a wait and see mode since the election. I am interested if the right will shift their rhetoric. The answer to this seems to be no at this point. I still see them calling a majority of Americans unamerican troop haters, Saddam lovers et al, at least among the squakers and bloggers. They are still trying to defend the rich and the multinational corporations while demeaning the poor and underpaid. They are still moving the target for the war and moving the blame. The newest to blame is apparently now one of their own..Gen. Casey. How many times can one point out reality and have it denied by the radical right. How can their fantasy be penetrated? I am not sure it can. Those that are remaining are on the fringe but have no idea they are. They still think they are a part of a great American movement. They have no idea that their ideas were given a chance and failed miserably. Excuses, Excuses , blame somebody else, usually Clinton, draw analogies that are totally meaningless to those who use an ounce of thought. ...like 40,oo0 people die in car accidents. All this has been debunked to the satisfaction of all but the most wingnut of righties.
Thanks for hanging with me and special thanks to those who comment and add more stuff for our reading. You are the ones that I really appreciate. I'll have more posts soon. Happy New Year to everyone. Here is hoping the real world, especially in America is able to move from division and despair to unity and hope.


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