Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving-Coffee Table

Government is not the problem. Bad government is A problem. Many issues we face today scream for federal leadership: education, health care, corporate corruption, fair trade, election and campaign reform, security,… Only government has the ability to organize and lead on these problems. The free market cant lead on anything except the pursuit of individual profit. The benefits deriving from the FM to the country as a whole are collateral, coincidental, erratic, and often too slow in arriving. This is a nuanced assertion. Government shouldnt be the tyrranical absolute arbiter of all problems(even with the consent of the governed), businesses have rights and valuable insight. But without government leadership on broad scope issues, you dont really have a country, just a well armed free trade zone catering to the needs of the wealthy and powerful.

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Blogger Ron said...

Hi everybody. I've been working on a podcast. I have one created and ready to listen to. I am working on finding a host etc. I tried our media but I never could make it work...and I am not totally tech stupid. Oh well the search continues. I'm pretty excited about it. Hope to get some audio for download soon.

11:54 PM, November 24, 2006  

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