Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Traditional Passing Of The Buck

I will leave it up to you and not identify the writer of this out of courtesy. I have no desire to smear him or her, just to point out the wacky right wing mind set.

Thanksgiving Horror: 161 Dead in Iraq

What is the response to this? I agree with people who say that we should have just went in Iraq and cleaned house. Of course, we could not do that because we had too many liberals and other world leaders saying that people would be mad at us if we were to mean in Iraq. We can't attack them on this religious holiday, we can't bomb any buildings that might have people in them...bla bla bla.I don't even want to hear from Jim or any other liberal that they never said that.That is what they do, they say something, then when it is proven what they thought was wrong and a failure, they simply say they never said it.Now they say we should have had more troops. I am getting tired of listening to these double talk people. I have said from day one we go in Iraq and kick some ass...who cares what anyone else thinks...get the job done and people will not be mad for very long.Now we have this mess still going on, and EVERYONE is the being nice thing at a time of war didn't work.So what the hell do we do now?

What? We didn't go in with "Shock and Awe"? What does he call "kicking ass"? Nuclear annihilation? Then say it. Be honest so we can be done with you. As a commenter on this post noted..we didn't quickly take Baghdad and declare mission accomplished? Gen. Shinseki , the secretary of state and other military leaders didn't say we needed far more troops? People including the Presidents father never predicted that just what is happening would happen? What f**king planet has this guy been living on for the past 5 years? Glenn Beck world or something?
To say that the President didn't do anything because of the liberals or liberal media is laughable. This administration has done exactly what they wanted. They haven't listened to anyone, including the supreme court, about anything. It has been their way or the highway all along. Everybody knows it so I have no idea who this blogger thinks he is fooling. The President has been the commander and chief and the head "decider" all along and this post just proves again that those who speak of personal responsibility have the ability to shoulder none. They will never say they were wrong but we all know better.

Update: More on the decider...decidin


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