Saturday, February 24, 2007

Creation Of A Bad Guy

This is one of the tackiest ,wackiest bunches of chest puffery and crap I have ever seen.
First here is the proposed purpose for this:

In late January, tens of thousands of protesters marched in a Washington anti-war demonstration.....
A small group of demonstrators managed to spray-paint the steps on the west side of the Capitol. Capitol Police said the writing was cleaned off quickly.

Now here is “the plan”:
WASHINGTON — Iraq war protesters are planning to converge on Washington next month and several organizations, including the POW-MIA group Rolling Thunder, are banding together to protect sacred ground for Vietnam War veterans.
The rally March 17 against the war, organizers say, is to get under way in a grassy park near the
Vietnam Veterans Memorial, known as the wall.
Two veterans' groups said Wednesday they fear protesters may deface the memorial, a claim dismissed by the demonstrating groups.
"We're going there to protect our memorial and show support for our troops," said Artie Muller, founder and executive director of Rolling Thunder.

Just who do they think they are fooling? This isn't at all about them protecting the memorial. It's about possibly 2 different things. 1. Jingoistic chest puffery to the point of sickness. 2. To make the protesters suspect/make them look bad.

Graffiti is a problem no matter what. Graffiti happens at 4th of July celebrations, county fairs, concerts and for no particular reason. To tar any of the groups that go to these things with the stain of the graffitier is stretching logic to it's farthest degree.The right has some groups that aren't beacons of virtue them selves; from the Tim McVeigh style militas to the KKK, Aryan groups, Anne Coulter, the list goes on. To pretend that the thousands or millions of average Americans that are marching would do anything other than take down any idiot they caught defacing the memorial shows a lack of respect for those people that is truly appalling.

How about this:
"We're going there to protect our memorial and show support for our troops," said Artie Muller, founder and executive director of Rolling Thunder.

Now I know how they would try to wiggle out of this in a debate because it certainly is their memorial. It is also the memorial of the people marching, so just who is he protecting it from? Though they would deny it if anybody bothered to pin them down, the whole purpose of this statement was to smear the protesters. You know it and I know it.
To support the troops one might try to make sure they are used efficiently and effectively. To put them is harms way for the most minimum of time possible. The “support the troops” battle is just a nonsensical, division creating scheme. How many people really don't want the best for our troops. Our fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. How boneheaded do you have to be to say any more than a minuscule number of people want America to lose? The battle they ignore is the battle over the proper way to fight those that would harm us. Either you want to do it the neocon way or you hate America. That crap is just spiddle running down their chin.
Screw these people and their attempt to dumb down the debate to such a degree. I am becoming quite insulted with the whole line of reasoning. They are doing notable harm to our democracy by proffering such puffery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron, very good timely post. From what I can tell, Rolling Thunder is not monolithic in its views, but the pro-war group is certainly in control. I do remember seeing one of their gatherings on C-SPAN about a year or so ago and the speakers were Very anti-Kerry, anti-Ted Kennedy, anti-"liberal", etc. Most of their leaders are big W supporters, even if many of their members are not. Unlike most of the anti-war activists which support inclusion, the Rolling Thunder leadership and many members seem divisive. There is a lot being said at many,many different sites about this and it keeps getting added to so you will just need to keep Googleing. I wonder if any "anarchists" will show up with the anti-war protesters again so the anit-war movement can be smeared? Also, the anti-anti-war groups are part of a larger effort called a Gathering of Eagles. Many of them are trying to get Fox News to be part of their effort, and some have even called for support from Hell's Angels. One of the key elements in distroying or at least severely damaging a nation is to get the people fighting among themselves.

Larry in New Mexico

3:03 PM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Larry in New Mexico

2:10 PM, February 25, 2007  

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