Sunday, July 02, 2006

Liberals Attempt To Kill Walmart Shoppers

Here is another example of how the liberal, America hating, Saddam loving, terrorist aiding, Al Qaeda helping , tree hugging, secular humanist, communist, socialist, Darwinist,drive by moonbats are trying to kill other Americans!


Blogger The Game said...

are you trying to be funny or just displaying how you don't understand anyting again...

6:00 PM, July 02, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

Game, you guys have stepped way off the deep end this time...Your time is up.

7:03 PM, July 02, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

Oh k since you may not get it...It is intended to be an adjunct to the post below it.

7:08 PM, July 02, 2006  
Blogger The Donkey said...

The Mexicans are involved. They conspired with the Miami 7 and the Roswell aliens.

9:33 PM, July 02, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

No doubt Jane Fonda and Micheal Moore play into this somehow.

10:28 PM, July 02, 2006  

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