Monday, June 26, 2006

Fight The Good Fight

This is a good example on how important framing an issue is. Lots of people on the right, including some I have debated, say framing doesn't matter, just the facts. Their narrow thinking doesn't allow them to see how many ways one can approach the facts. Here Bernie Ward looks at the Wall Street Journals'(among others) outing of the financial records spy program. Bernie asks who should determine what the press can print. The rightie on here obviously doesn't like that frame and tries to switch it to talking points like hurts the war on terror, unamerican, blah, blah, blah. Same old stuff. Bernie won't let him of the hook so he decides if he can't use his frame of "I'm a great American and you're not" that he is going to leave.. Pretty funny stuff. Yes, Bernie was a little rude but as tired as I am of being nice to these propagandists it actually was refreshing. Not the same old shirk in a corner from the guilt, guilt, guilt-fear,fear, fear pushed by the wingnuts. This is how to show them you won't buy in to their psychological warfare.

Watch the video. The transcript doesn't do it justice.

As far as the program goes I don't know enough about it yet to talk about it. If they are doing it legally with oversight and not tracing Americans with no indication of terror connections I am OK with it. I want to know why so many Americans get swept up in all this "terrorist investigation." I am far more worried that our country, as we know it, will fall from within than from some terrorist attack. I want to watch those guys running the show. Especially right now because this cabal has given me multitudes of reasons to not trust them. I also find it strange that they are so worried that we are giving away "secrets". Any terrorist who wouldn't think his every move may be tracked in one way or another isn't worth their salt as a terrorist anyway. The President said publicly he was going to cut off the sources of funding. Rightly so. Of course corporations launder money and use offshore banks all the time to avoid paying taxes and we were never very good at getting them. Even though we all know they exist.
It looks to me like a "we are great Americans and you're not" ploy they employ so often.


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