Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Which Pair Of Glasses?

For a little perspective here is something for you to think about. From AFP News:

BAGHDAD (AFP) - More than 100 employees of Iraq's ministry of industry were kidnapped by gunmen north of Baghdad as they left work in a brazen reminder of the country's dire security situation.....
The mass-abduction came on the same day that the executed body of one of deposed leader Saddam Hussein's lawyers was found in the capital. No further details were immediately available on the spectacular kidnapping which resembled similar incidents in the past in which ordinary civilians as well as Iraqi army and police members have been snatched en masse.....On June 5, 50 people working for long distance bus travel companies in central Baghdad were kidnapped by gunmen dressed in ministry of interior uniforms in broad daylight. Only 17 out of the group have been released since.

At this writing this story has been hard to find in the so called liberal media. Now, my question. If this stuff was happening AFTER our pullout do you have any doubt that the wingnuts would be blasting this information from sea to shining sea? Why is it not worth mentioning while we are there but a big deal if we are not? The answer? Politics drives these people, not reality.

A way out? Might be one here.


Blogger Jim said...

Excellent point!

10:02 PM, June 21, 2006  

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